Guided by the core values of Fortitude, Excellence and Uprightness Far Eastern University aims to be a university of choice in Asia.

Far Eastern University provides quality higher education through industry-responsive and outcomes-based curricular programs.

FEU produces globally competitive graduates who exhibit the core values of fortitude, excellence and uprightness.

FEU promotes sustainable and responsive research, extension, heritage and environment stewardship towards national and global development.


Fortitude - A Tamaraw is characterized by fortitude. Moral courage and strength of character allow Tamaraws to persevere and achieve more than is expected of them.

Excellence - A Tamaraw is characterized by excellence. The FEU academic community is committed to perform to its fullest potential thus creating a culture of excellence.

Uprightness - A Tamaraw is characterized by uprightness. Full development of morality and integrity is among the primary purposes of FEU as an educational institution.