Institute of Law

Institute of Law


Legal Education for All
IL prides itself in providing quality legal education at an affordable cost. The task may seem challenging, but the Institute endeavors to be a law school that is a haven of the working but deserving class.

The reengineered Bachelor of Laws Program leads graduates to specialize in litigation and other related practice areas. In 2003, the Institute teamed-up with the De La Salle University Graduate School of Business to offer The MBA-JD Dual Degree Program, which is the country’s first post-graduate dual degree program in business and law.

The program was developed to prepare students to approach problems from different perspectives and was designed to provide students with the understanding, knowledge and skills necessary to excel in two interrelated disciplines.

Institute Dean: Atty. Melencio Sta. Maria
Program Coordinator: Atty. Viviana Paguirigan
Program Coordinator: Atty. Ronald Chua

Institute of Law (IL)
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