Community Extension Service (OCES)

The OCES is an offshoot of the Office of Student Affairs and Community Services (OSACS). The OCES is now an entirely separate office from the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) to involve FEU’s administration, faculty, teaching and non-teaching personnel and alumni in the flagship projects and other community projects and activities.

The OCES serves as the main bridge of the university to the larger Philippine community and society. The OCES epitomizes the core values of fortitude, excellence and uprightness within the context of the broader Philippine society. Extension service becomes the “application” of the academic thrusts of FEU in so far as it wishes to be of service to the broader society via its chosen advocacies and programs.

The OCES endeavors to strengthen the components of the National Service Training Program, both the theoretical foundation and service component. An average of 7 to 8,000 are incoming freshman that need to take up the required National Service Training Program (NSTP). These students undertake a general course on the components of NSTP and do fieldwork for their NSTP 2.

The OCES/NSTP Coordinating Office takes care of NSTP1 in accordance to the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Commission on Higher Education. The institutes take care of NSTP 2 which is the actual implementation of community service projects.

NSTP Course Description
Environmental Care: Focus on Biodiversity and Water Seminar Schedule
Leadership Training and Social Responsibility Seminar Schedule

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