Digital Literacy, Effective Communication, Critical Thinking – Student-Centered Learning Program

The DLECCT-SCL (Digital Literacy, Effective Communication, Critical Thinking – Student-Centered Learning) Program is the flagship teacher engagement program of FEU.  It introduces the FEU teacher to the teaching philosophy, preferred teaching methodologies, and the FEU teaching culture.  It is a required program for anyone teaching General Education at FEU.  The program runs for either a summer and half a semester (21.6 units), two half semesters (24 units), or a whole semester (24 units). A faculty member who successfully completes the DLECCT-SCL program will get DLECCT-SCL certification which can be indicated in the faculty’s curriculum vitae and which gives the faculty eligibility to teach general education subjects at FEU. 

Duties and Responsibilities of Faculty Participating in the DLECCT-SCL Program

  1. Inform the faculty about the purpose and content of the DLECCT-SCL Program, the expectations of the faculty, and the conditions by which certification for successful completion will be granted; 
  1. Provide the faculty with proper training facilities, venue, and program; 
  1. Remunerate participation in the DLECCT-SCL as a teaching load, based on the assigned rank and rate and on the standard unit assignment for the DLECCT-SCL program;

Duties and Responsibilities of the Faculty Participating in the DLECCT-SCL Program: 

  1. Attend the DLECCT-SCL program regularly and diligently; 
  1. Abide by the specific rules of the program relating to participation, presence, punctuality, preparation for the program, and submission of requirements; 
  1. Give equal attention to teaching and training in semesters where participation in DLECCT-SCL is assigned alongside a teaching assignment; 
  1. Return of service of 54 units of teaching (paid) to be completed within a 24-month period after completion of the DLECCT-SCL program. Failure to comply shall create an obligation to reimburse FEU the amount equivalent to the individual cost of the training program. 
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