BS Accountancy

Level IV accredited by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA)

Accredited by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants 

In our quest to be a Center of Excellence in Accountancy education, we will continuously develop and transform students into becoming a relevant accounting and business professionals who can contribute changes in building strong business organization.

To achieve this, we are guided by the core values of Fortitude, Excellence & Uprightness, committed to:

• Create competent professionals capable of making a positive contribution to the profession and society;
• Prepare the students for the Certified Public Accountants (CPA) Licensure Examinations; and,
• Assure students of the opportunities for employment in various businesses, including government agencies by strengthening industry partnerships and linkages.

Student Learning Outcomes

• Achieve technical competency in the following areas: financial reporting, management accounting services, audit and assurance, legal framework in business laws, strategy risk management, control & governance processes, advanced accounting and taxation. The competency is at the level as defined by the breadth and dimension requirements for the future CPAs as prescribed in the CPA syllabus.
• Acquire the essential skills pervasive to a CPA’s work that include critical thinking, oral and written communication, creating solution to business issues and problems, and informed and adept in latest business technology tools.
• Develop enabling attributes to become future accounting professionals who will serve as agents of societal change.

Admission and Retention

The following policies for admission and retention shall be effective School Year 2014-15 and apply to all incoming freshmen and transferees entering the school in that school year.

  1. All incoming first year shall be subject to the University’s admission requirements, as administered by the Admissions and Financial Assistance (AFA) office.
  2. Students pursuing a degree in Accountancy shall be enrolled initially in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Major in Internal Auditing program (BSBA-IA).

To be eligible for admission to higher studies in the BSBA-IA program, BSBA-IA students shall pass a qualifying examination to be administered by the Institute after they have taken Fundamentals of Accounting Part 2, and that the weighted average for Fundamentals of Accounting Part 1 and Part 2 should not be less than B, to be eligible to take the qualifying examinations.  Those with weighted average for Fundamentals of Accounting Part 1 and Part 2 below B should be advised to shift to another program or major.

The qualifying examination is usually scheduled near or at the end of the 2nd Semester in the second year of the curriculum.  Students enrolled in other BSBA majors who have completed 12 units of Fundamentals of Accounting Parts 1 and 2 may take the examination and be admitted to the BSBA-IA program if qualified.  The result of the qualifying examination is final and not subject to appeal; no retakes are allowed.  Non qualifiers shall be advised to shift to another BSBA major.  Non qualification after this first qualifying examination is a permanent disqualification from the BSBA-IA program.

The nature, coverage, format, type and qualifying standards for the qualifying examination are reviewed regularly, and may vary.  Appropriate guidelines will be issued at least three (3) months before the date of the examination.

  1. To remain in the BSBA-IA program the student must meet all of the following requirements:
    1. He/she must not have accumulated total failure of 12 units in any accounting, law and taxation courses.
    2. No subject in (a) above should be enrolled in more than twice; a failed subject in (a) above, must be passed on the second attempt.
    3. Pass a comprehensive examination at the end of each academic year covering all major subjects in the year level for the academic year; unsuccessful examinees may be advised to shift to another major, re-enroll some courses, or retake the examination.  Students not meeting the grade requirement in (a), above, are barred from taking the comprehensive examination.
  2. All 4th year BSBA-IA students who have completed all course requirements shall be eligible for graduation with the BSBA-IA degree.  To be admitted to 5th year BS Accountancy, the student must pass a written comprehensive examination to be taken at the end of the 4thyear, BSBA-IA; non-qualifiers may retake the comprehensive examination any number of times until finally qualified for 5th year BSA
  3. To qualify for graduation with the BSA degree, the student must pass a comprehensive written examination at the end of the 5th year; non passers may retake the examination any number of times until finally qualified; students who fail for the third time shall re-enroll at least 6 units of 5th year subjects as recommended by the Dean or Associate Dean.  Passing the written comprehensive examination is an absolute requirement for graduation.
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