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Aims of the Programme

  • The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program of Far Eastern University is composed of 18 credit units of core courses in the functional areas of business   management and 12 credit units of elective courses in specialized business topics.  The program is concluded with a 6 credit-unit  thesis course.
  • Non-Business degree holders are required to enroll and pass 12 units of Pre-MBA courses before they can enroll the required core courses.
  • The MBA programme aims to train working professionals or full time students to become effective managers and leaders of business organizations operating in a globally competitive and complex business environment and meet the needs of the industry and governments not only in the Philippines  and the ASEAN Region but also in other parts of the world. Real team consulting projects ensure that the FEU MBA program is relevant and at the leading edge of business developments.

 Specifically Far Eastern University MBA program aims:

• To develop a global perspective in all candidates.  Candidates study a range of issues that emerge from the conduct of business in diverse economies, political systems, and cultures including; the policies of government and international organizations; changing patterns of international competition; managing in developing countries; and the role of culture in management decision-making.

• To develop each candidate’s strategic thinking and decision making skills.  Beginning with an analysis of industry and competition, candidates develop the concepts, tools, and techniques that are essential for accurately diagnosing and enhancing the competitive performance of an international enterprise.  The program examines the processes through which competitive advantage is created and sustained.

• To provide candidate’s with the knowledge and skills set necessary to meet the demands of the Business Education sector. Candidates must be able to effectively teach business courses in business curriculum

The MBA program is delivered in English Language.


  • Our campus has a state-of-the-art facility which is at par with other leading educational institutions in the country. Our faculty consists of academician-practitioners who have built a reputation of excellence both in education and in the industry. FEU MBA program is delivered through blended learning and digital collaborative approaches, requiring less physical presence of students in school. These learning activities can be completed without them having to quit their jobs. Independent learning is facilitated by the faculty using school’s Learning Management System.


  • MBA graduates from Far Eastern University are equipped with the necessary skills and competencies for the following career options such as business consultancy in their specific fields of specialization;  accounting and finance careers (e.g. accountants, finance managers, junior finance officers, investment managers, loans officers, marketing managers, bank managers, etc.), entrepreneurs, franchising managers,  project managers, quality control officers, general managers, human resource managers, HR managers, recruitment officers and other business-related positions in the private (large corporations, marketing, and personal business) and public sectors (government entities), academe, and in some other fields; business and business education teachers.

Institute of Accounts, Business, and Finance

Room 702 7th Floor, Accounts Business and Finance Building

Room 702 7th Floor, Accounts Business and Finance Building

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Earl Joseph M. Borgoña, CPA, MBA, LLB

Dean, Institute of Accounts, Business, and Finance

Dr. Joselito P. Tem

Associate Dean, Institute of Accounts, Business, and Finance

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