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The Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN) program is a 36-unit advanced nursing program that prepares professional nurses for leadership and management roles in nursing practice, education, and research with the authority to shape the nursing care delivery system of the future in all health settings, both local and global.

The program comprises of courses from nursing and other related disciplines intended to develop advanced theoretical knowledge in a selected specialization. It utilizes nursing theory and research as a scientific base for nursing practice. Faculty, administrators and staff provide full support in preparing the graduates of this program to take on leadership roles as administrators, teachers, and consultants themselves in the nursing discipline.

The MAN program offers the following three areas of specialization:

  • Nursing Systems Administration
  • Medical-Surgical Nursing
  • Maternal Child Health Nursing

MAN graduates belong to Level VII (Post-Baccalaureate) of the Philippine Qualifications Framework (PQF), and are also recognized under the ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework (AQRF).

The program welcomes all interested BS Nursing graduates and professionals.

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In line with the university’s mission and vision, the Institute of Nursing-Graduate Studies (IN-GS) seeks to produce nurse leaders who are principled, research and service-oriented who can help shape the nursing health care delivery system of the future in all health settings both local and global.

To achieve this goal, the IN-GS seeks to develop research-oriented nurse leaders who are committed to the development of the nursing profession and the health of the community in general. It specifically aims to:

  1. Enable nurses to take on leadership roles in either clinical or academic institutions;
  2. Empower nurses with the knowledge, skills, and values that will respond to the continuously changing health needs of society; and
  3. Enhance nurses with the use of evidence-based nursing research in the safe practice of their profession.

Upon completion of the program, MAN graduates can:

  1. Serve as leaders to facilitate improvement in the health care delivery in various setting;
  2. Design system changes to impact the delivery health care in advance practice;
  3. Build networks and effectively communicate with the interdisciplinary health care team, professional colleagues, community leaders and policy makers;
  4. Innovate new learning to real work health challenges;
  5. Be part of a group as change agents;
  6. Evaluate, update, use, and / or develop information, and knowledge resources for use in delivery, and / or  coordination of care in diverse settings for individuals, families, communities and population aggregates;
  7. Use advanced assessment, diagnostic reasoning, evidenced-based interventions, and evaluation skills for improving client health outcomes and changing health system issues;
  8. Integrate principles of ethics, interpersonal processes, genetics cultural diversity, and respect for human beings into their advanced practice;
  9. Support quality, evidence-based safe and cost-effective health care;
  10. Advocate health care policy to influence nursing practice, research and education in the health care system;
  11. Analyze the structure and interdependence of healthcare system elements and issues using critical thinking and data analytics to formulate innovative system designs that improve healthcare delivery through qualitative and quantitative analytical methods to measure outcomes;
  12. Demonstrate the use of scholarly inquiry to evaluate current knowledge from nursing theory, nursing science and related disciplines to inform and/or initiate change in nursing practice and education;
  13. Translate knowledge, theories, models, and research from nursing and related disciplines in the implementation of evidence-based nursing practice and education; and
  14. Critically appraise research and synthesize research and evidences.

The Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN) program of FEU-INGS prepares professional nurses for leadership and management roles in nursing practice, education, and advance research with the authority to shape the nursing care delivery system of the future in all health settings both local and global, which may lead to any of the following major tracks:

  1. Nursing Systems Administration (NSA)
  2. Medical-Surgical Nursing (MSN
  3. Maternal and Child Nursing (MCH)
Program curriculum

The MAN degree requires completion of a total of 36 units – nine (9) units of which are basic courses, 15-18 units of major courses, three (3) units for elective / cognate courses, and 6 units of thesis writing. A full time MA student can enroll a maximum of 9 units per semester and is expected to complete 36 units inclusive of thesis writing and a comprehensive examination.

Teaching-Learning Approaches

The graduate studies program of the Institute of Nursing offers comprehensive and excellent experience and understanding of scholastic and hypothetical contexts which are transformed into research-based academic undertakings.

This specialized program prepares the professional nurse to execute leadership skills in the improvement of health care delivery through research as they prepare to decide on cases with appropriate approaches in various settings. Specifically, the program will be delivered using the following modes:

To handle the diverse requirements of graduate studies, the courses allow learners to propose innovative changes to impact the delivery of health care through academic and research endeavors. They are also updated on current innovative information regarding patient care while applying critical thinking skills and evidence-based nursing in aid of decision-making for patient care. This method is embedded on the academic model of the university where critical, philosophical, and innovative thinking is promoted. 

Through this approach, the students evaluate the health outcomes of care based on research evidences and executes sound ethical reasoning in the delivery of care. In addition, students are given in-depth practice on the application of legal and ethical principles in patient care across cultures.

The courses under MAN are delivered using both synchronous and asynchronous discussions with the aid of the learning management system or Canvas. Traditional classroom lectures are done during official class schedules, while additional learning materials such as article readings, videos, and other modes of instruction are made available in Canvas.

Likewise, extended consultations and conferences are arranged through Canvas. The courses are explained using blended instruction through modular activities and integrated concepts where students are given opportunities for mentorship through various auxiliary activities in the department. The students are also required to have group discussions and outputs with their faculty members and graduate studies colleagues through consultations and discourse.  

Assessment and Research Work

The completion of courses under the MAN program is determined upon complete submission of requirements. The program will engage the students to develop innovative design using qualitative and quantitative methods of research as form of assessments towards the end of the program.

Prior thesis writing, students must undertake the comprehensive examination which determines their aptitude in synthesizing their understanding and learning throughout the program through a publishable research article or a pragmatic essay. It also addresses issues arising from the healthcare delivery system using critical thinking skills with research evidences as support.

This research output or essay can be developed further in their thesis writing, which will serve as a final requirement for awarding of the degree. Through these assessments, students can create excellent publishable research papers that will empower them to heighten the nursing practice as a profession.

MAN students must complete a total of 36 units of coursework including six (6) units of thesis writing.

  1. Official and original Transcript of records (TOR) showing good academic standing
  2. Photocopy of diploma
  3. Two (2) sealed recommendation letters from current/former employers or former professors
  4. One (1) page, single spaced essay indicating reasons for taking graduate studies.\
  5. Satisfactory performance in the Graduate Level Test (GLT)
  6. Honorable Dismissal (FEU graduates need not submit)
  7. Photocopy of license
  8. Photocopy of NSO birth certificate
  9. International Student applicants need to secure necessary visas and undergo English Language Assessment.

  1. Graduate studies applicants must present their Transcript of Records (TOR) and photocopy of diploma to the Admissions and Financial Assistance Office (AFA)
  2. After initial evaluation, they will be required to take the Graduate Level Test (GLT) except for FEU graduates.
  3. After results verification of the GLT, Graduate Studies applicants must submit requirements to the AFA:
    1. Original Transcript of Records
    2. Honorable Dismissal
    3. Two (2) sealed recommendation letters
    4. Photocopy of the diploma.
    5. One (1) page essay stating the reasons for taking Graduate Studies
  4. The Dean/Department Chair/Program Head will perform final interview and
  5. The applicant is then advised to return to AFA for the letter of acceptance and
    enrollment instructions.

The university offers several scholarship programs for professional nurses from the government and FEU alumni as well.

Tuition fee discounts: 25 percent for FEU alumni and 50 percent for government nurses.

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