Student Development

Ground floor, Nicanor Reyes Building
telephone number: (02) 849-4000 local 287
telefax: (02) 735-8684

Lenore Delos Santos 
Director, Student Development

Formerly the Office of Student Affairs, Student Development (SDev) envisions a dynamic support unit that is responsive to the diverse needs of the students through the creation of learning experiences for students’ holistic development. Towards this end, SDev implements the following programs:

  1. Student Organization Activities and Research (SOAR)
  2. Circles of Leadership Influence Program (CLIP)
  3. Leadership Succession
  4. Student Off-Campus Engagements (SOCE)
  5. Student Welfare Programs

Recognized FEU organizations
Academic Year 2019-2020

Student Government
• FEU Central Student Organization (FEUCSO)
• FEU Makati Student Council (FEUMkSC)
• Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance Student Council (IABF-SC)
• Institute of Architecture and Fine Arts Student Council (IARFA-SC)
• Institute of Arts and Sciences Student Council (IAS-SC)
• Institute of Education Student Council (IE-SC)
• Institute of Law Student Council (IL-SC)
• Institute of Nursing Student Council (IN-SC)
• Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management Student Council (ITHM-SC)
• Masters in Business Administration (MBA) Student Council |IABF| *
• FEU-IE Graduate Studies Students’ Association |IE|

Business, Management, & Law
• International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences (AIESEC) |University-wide|
• Business Information Technology Society (BITS)|FEU Makati|
• Business-Oriented Student Society (BOSS) |FEU Makati|
• Central Bar Operations (CBO) |IL| *
• Enterprise Management Society (EMS) |IABF|
• Hotel and Restaurant Management Society (HRMSOC) |ITHM|
• Institute of Internal Auditors Student Chapter (IIASC) |IABF|
• Junior Marketing Association (JMA) |IABF|
• Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA) |IABF|
• Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA) Makati |IABF|
• Junior People Management Association of the Philippines- FEU Chapter (JPMAP) |University-wide|
• Organization of Junior Finance Executives (OJFINEX) |IABF|
• The Entrepreneurship Club (E-Club) I University Wide I
• Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) FEU – Chapter |ITHM|

Design, Science & Technology
• Mathematics Society (MATHSOC) |IAS|
• United Architects of the Philippines Students Auxiliary (UAPSA) |IARFA|

Discourse & Governance
• English Language Circle (ELC) |IAS|
• FEU International Students Organization(FEUISO) |University-wide|
• FEU Scholars’ Society |University-wide|
• FEU Sexuality and Gender Alliance (FEU SAGA) |University-wide|
• Interdisciplinary Studies Society (ISS) |IAS|
• International Studies Society (ISS) |IAS|
• Oratorical and Debate Council (ORADEC) |University-wide|
• Political Science Society (PSS) |IAS|
• Young Educators’ Society (YES)

Health, Behavioral, & Environmental Sciences
• Anti-Bullying Core Group|University-wide| • Biological Science Society (BSS) |IAS| • Drug Abuse Prevention Core Group|University-wide|
• Medical Technology Society (MTS) |IAS|
• Peer Counselors*|University-wide|
• Psychology Society(PSYCHSOC) |IAS|
• Red Cross Youth Council (RCYC)|University-wide|

Multi-Media & Creative Arts
• FEU Literary Guild (LITGUILD) |IAS|
• Film Society (FILMSOC) ** |University-wide|
• League of Advertising Students (LOADS) |IARFA|
• Literature Society (LITSOC) |IAS|
• Communication Society (COMSOC) |IAS|

Multi-Faith Formation & Peace Pursuits
• Bread Society International |University-wide|
• College-Y Club (CYC) |University-wide|
• FEU-ACP3 Peace TAYO |University-wide|
• FEU Muslim Circle |University-wide|
• Student Catholic Action****|University-wide|
• Young Women’s Christian Association(YWCA) |University-wide|
• Youth for Christ (YFC) |University-wide|

Performing Arts
• FEU Bamboo Band** |University-wide)|
• FEU Boosters|University-wide|
• FEU Chorale|University-wide)|
• FEU Cheering Squad-Dancers|University-wide)|
• FEU Dance Company|University-wide)|
• FEU Drum and Bugle Corps(DBC)** |University-wide)|
• FEU Theater Guild (FTG) ** |University-wide)|
• FEU Guides**|University-wide)|

• The FEU Advocate |University-wide)|

• Tamaraw Volunteers (TAMVOL) |University-wide|
• TAMVOL Makati |University-wide|

*Under Guidance and Counseling
**Under President’s Committee on Culture
***Under Athletics Department
****Under Human Resource Division
*****Under President’s Office
******Under Graduate Studies

  • Nicanor Reyes Street, Sampaloc, Manila
  • Tel No: +63 (2)-87777-338 (trunkline)

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