Accredited Student Organizations

For School Year 2020-2021

Peace To All Youth Organization (TAYO) aspires to be the leading youth organization in the University, driven to promote and to sustain a culture of peace by embodying its six pillars; Cultivating Inner Peace, Promoting Human Rights, Living with Justice and Compassion, Dismantling the Culture of War, Practicing Intercultural Respect, Reconciliation and Solidarity and Being in Harmony with the Earth.

Anti-Bullying Core Group (ABCG)*
The Anti-Bullying Core Group (ABCG) envisions a safe and bullying-free FEU community. It is an advocacy group that is committed to address the growing issue of bullying and provide evidence-based, preventive, responsive, dynamic, innovative, and accountable youth protection intervention programs.

Biological Science Society (BioSoc)
The Biological Science Society aims to boost interest in the different fields of biological sciences by advocating and spearheading programs that help save the environment. It aims to develop members who think critically and contribute effectively to the growth of the Biological Science community. 

Bread Society International
FEU BREAD Society (FEU Bible Readers Society) is a duly recognized organization in the Far Eastern University –Manila as a Multi-Faith student organization. It is an organization which aims to create a group of individuals who are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to help those in need and are-through the values students learn from the Bible-always ready and willing to extend a helping hand. The organization take steps to persistently pursue the development of the youth regarding their spiritual, mental, and physical growth, as well as striving to enhance their morality and personality.

Business Oriented Student Society
The organization that equips Business Administration students to be academically excellent, socially active, and conscious about the changes in the corporate world. It promotes the value of learning and the joy of camaraderie through academic activities to contribute to the academic excellence of Business Administration students.

College Y Club 
College Y Club, consistent with the university’s 2020 aspiration, aims to empower the young to take increased responsibilities and assume leadership at all levels towards the achievement of an equitable society.  It fosters dialogue and partnership between people of different faiths and ideologies, recognizing different cultural identities and promoting cultural renewal by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and striving for spiritual, intellectual and physical well-being of individuals and wholeness of communities. It seeks every opportunity to grow spiritually, mentally, physically and socially to become proficient in Christian democratic leadership to serve God, country, and fellowmen in the best possible way. 

Communication Society (CommSoc)
The Far Eastern University Communication Society, formerly FEU Mass Communication Society, is a premier academic non-profit organization of Communication students in the Institute of Arts and Sciences. Founded in the year 1995, the organization is the home of communication students dedicated in serving the Green and Gold community guided by the organization’s core values – integrity, academic excellence, creativity, nationalism, and professionalism. 

Drug Abuse Prevention Core Group (DAPCG)*
The Drug Abuse Prevention Core Group (DAPCG) envisions a healthy and drug-free FEU community. It advocates drug abuse prevention by promoting campaigns that will deter non-users of illegal substances and helping users overcome their addiction through referrals for treatment. DAPCG  also provides an outlet for former drug rehabilitation patient to share their experiences and be part of the drug abuse prevention advocacy.

English Language Circle (ELC)
The English Language Circle is an academic organization that caters to English majors. It aims to help develop the intellectual growth and capabilities of the English majors by designing and creating significant projects and activities that will enable them to leave a mark on all spheres of life as potent communicators whose advocacies exhibit dauntlessness as they represent their nation, beliefs, activism, and self-identity. 

Enterprise Management Society (EMS)
The Enterprise Management Society envisions to be the leading student-run, business-oriented, academic organization in Far Eastern University – championing the transformation of students both in action and vision into the future leaders of the corporate world and the modern society imbued with the core principles of excellence, meritocracy and sustainability. 

The Enterprise Management Society empowers, inspires and connects students to relevant opportunities that advance knowledge and enhance competencies through quality projects, agenda, and advocacies while pursuing excellence in the delivery of basic student services. 

Entrepreneurship Club (E-Club)
The Entrepreneurship Club of Far Eastern University commits itself to be a university-wide organization for entrepreneurial development and the leader in building sustainable business ventures and social enterprise through inclusive student empowerment. E-Club endeavors to promote entrepreneurship among the FEU students by providing opportunities for entrepreneurial education, resources and networking, incubating new business ventures, and strengthening sustainable social initiatives. 

FEU Central Student Organization (FEUCSO)
The FEU Central Student Organization (FEUCSO) is the highest student governing body of Far Eastern University founded in 1935. FEUCSO’s primary role is to promote student rights and well-being and  develop programs and activities that will cater the needs of the student body inside or outside the university. Through servant leadership, FEUCSO envisions a sustainable and proactive inclusive student development by embodying the university’s core values of Fortitude, Excellence and Uprightness.

Film Society (FilmSoc)
The FEU Film Society aspires to be the premier organization within and outside the university in promoting and upholding film literacy and filmmaking as a platform for promotion of arts and culture and social change.

Hotel and Restaurant Management Society (HRM Society)
The Hotel and Restaurant Management Society is an academic organization that will enhance HRM students to be globally competent in the skill of hospitality management through effective student-run activities.

Interdisciplinary Studies Society
The Interdisciplinary Studies Society of Far Eastern University aims to bring together the students of the Interdisciplinary Studies program to discuss, integrate, investigate, and criticize issues and problems in broad perspectives, knowledge, and skills from interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary studies and therefore, propose and produce sufficient and sound solutions that will contribute greatly to society.

Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance Student Council (IABF SC) The Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance Student Council (IABF SC) is the student government for students enrolled under the IABF.

Institute of Architecture and Fine Arts Student Council (IARFA SC) Institute of Architecture and Fine Arts Student Council aims to bring the Institute as the center of finest students amid every corner of the University. It endeavors to lead every student of the Institute in upholding their endowment which commits them in facing the realm of their possessions. The Council aspires to encourage and support the pursuit and development of new, emerging, and innovative challenges in the artistic and scholastic community of the Institute of Architecture and Fine Arts in a changing world while also recognizing and supporting their own artistic and scholastic history and traditions. The Council visualizes students that do not only learn for school but also for life.

Institute of Arts and Sciences Student Council (IAS SC)
Institute of Arts and Sciences Student Council (IAS SC) is the umbrella student organization of all the academic programs in Institute of Arts and (IAS) . It offers student services and conducts various projects, activities and community services that aim to promote holistic development with emphasis on enhancing critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, and academic integrity of every IAS Student. IAS SC also helps manage the process of handling cases involving the safety and security of its constituents.

Institute of Education Student Council (IE SC)
The Institute of Education Student Council aims to work hand in hand with the administration in creating a vibrant student learning experience, equipping future leaders, promoting student welfare, providing platforms beneficial for the student body, and enriching a spirited student organization that will enable the students to take an active role in the institute through purposeful and relevant learning experiences.  

Institute of Internal Auditors Student Chapter (IIASC)
The IIA Student Chapter – FEU aims to build awareness and eradicate misconceptions about the Internal Audit profession, not only within the university but in different institutions as well. It envisions to establish a national association dedicated to producing globally competent professionals.  

The organization is committed to empower Internal Auditing students by providing them quality projects and excellent in-house trainings, instilling in them the highest level of Integrity that an Internal Auditor must possess. Guided by the core values of Fortitude, Excellence and Uprightness, it exposes its members to external affiliations and to initiate campaigns which are geared towards deep comprehension of what Internal Audit is. 

Institute of Nursing Student Council (INSC)
The Far Eastern University Institute of Nursing Student Council is the premier organization in the institute since its establishment in 1955. The IN Student Council consistently promotes mutual understanding through social, civic, intellectual, recreational and scientific programs and activities.  

The IN SC is the prime mover of change for nursing excellence and student development and an exemplar of student leadership promoting student rights, privileges, and obligations, continuously evolving as a laboratory for leadership training. 

Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management Student Council (ITHM SC)
The ITHM Student Council aims to facilitate the delivery of learning activities with the objective of improving the quality of education of ITHM students.  
ITHM SC is the representative structure for the whole ITHM students through which they can become involved in the affairs of the university, working in partnership with the administration for the benefit of the university and its students. The organization serves as the umbrella organization of all student organizations under the Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management. It is aimed at providing services for the interest of the student in ITHM. 

International Students Organization (ISO)
The FEU-ISO is a socio-cultural organization which aims to terminate ethnic group exclusivity and bashfulness in the international student’s population. By doing so, the organization can begin developing camaraderie between the ethnically different students while simultaneously helping them to build the confidence to make them feel accepted in the local environment.

International Studies Society (IS Soc)
The International Studies Society is a student-led academic organization under the Institute of Arts and Sciences of Far Eastern University. 
IS Soc aims to bridge its genuine service towards the goal and vision of unleashing new breed of potentials. IS Soc aims to prepare in the world of work the IS Students of the two new tracks – the International Relations and Diplomacy, and the International Development and Cooperation – by providing a series of activities, projects, and events relevant to both tracks. The organized projects and events of the organization will provide opportunities for the students to learn how to communicate, collaborate, and network by participating with other tracks and collaborating with organizations from different programs.  

Junior Marketing Association (JMA)
Far Eastern University- Junior Marketing Association (FEU JMA) is the official academic organization of marketing students in Far Eastern Univeristy-Manila. It is one of the esteemed partner organizations of the Philippine Junior Marketing Association (PJMA), the national student organization of marketing students, and the official youth affiliate of Philippine Marketing Association (PMA). FEU Junior Marketing Association is an organization that leads student leaders to become competitive and effective marketers. FEU Junior Marketing Association exists to serve the marketing community as an avenue for development and practice. 

Junior People Management Association of the Philippines (JPMAP)
A national youth organization guided by the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) that caters all degree programs in the university and commits to empower its members through youth development and involvement to enable them grow from academic to professional level as future people managers and leaders of society.

Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants- FEU Makati
Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants FEU-Makati aims to be the most competent and active organization not only within the university but also in its national organization, National Federation of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (NFJPIA). The organization serves as a medium of expression for ideals and aspirations that promote and protect the welfare and interest of its members, assert a dynamic and responsible student leadership, and attain a high degree of moral, social and intellectual growth.

Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants- FEU Manila
Founded in Justice, Perseverance, Integrity, and Accountability, the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants – Far Eastern University Manila Chapter, is a professional organization established to develop its members as competent, rational, and morally-upright individuals. It is likewise instituted to promote, organize, and coordinate activities for the welfare of the students. FEU-JPIA aims for solidarity and harmony among its members through leadership and community involvements. 

League of Advertising Students (LOADS)
The League of Advertising Students is a student-centered, academic organization accredited by Far Eastern University. Guided by the core values of Fortitude, Excellence, and Uprightness of the University, it aims to provide insightful experiences and promote leadership and camaraderie among its members through participation in various Advertising activities in and out of school. 

Literary Guild
A university-wide organization that aims to promote Literature to students. It caters to writers and readers, the former to help polish their writing skill on the genre and style they pursue and the latter, to help them mold their aesthetic, literary criticism and literary appreciation.

Literature Society
The FEU Literature Society is an accredited academic organization under the Institute of Arts and Sciences of Far Eastern University that serves as the official organization of the Literature Majors.
The FEU Literature Society is committed to transforming the society through the development of dynamic, relevant, mature, and responsible writers and leaders.

FEU Makati Student Council
The FEU Makati Student Council envisions itself as an effective student government producing holistic leaders of the future and exhibiting great leadership and good governance. It represents the FEU Makati students’ interests, practice of democratic process, and promotion of both personal and civic growth, and recognizes the inherent rights and responsibilities of self-government.

Mathematics Society (Math Soc)
The FEU Mathematics Society is an academic organization that aims to be the leading source of excellence, ingenuity and development in the various areas of mathematics, information technology and data science, that will also nurture the students in the various fields of the program and create research-driven, industry-based, modern and optimal solutions for community-building through collaboration with partner organizations inside and outside the university. 

Medical Technology Society
The FEU Medical Technology Society (FEU-MTS) is the official student academic organization of the Department of Medical Technology of Far Eastern University, Manila. It envisions itself as an academic active organization that is responsive to the needs of medical technology students through creating quality projects and programs that will provide academic and non-academic services as they become professional health-care workers and significant members of the community.

Muslim Circle

Oratorical and Debate Council (ORADEC)
Recognizing the potential of the Filipino to excel in the field of debate and public speaking, the Oratorical and Debate Council (ORADEC) aims to enhance the argumentative skills of students through reasoned forums and discourses, improve the speech personality of students for professional growth, represent FEU in various inter-collegiate public speaking and debating contests in the Philippines and abroad, and promote the art of speech and communication.  

Since its re-organization in 1995, it continues to produce public speakers and debaters who are ethical, principled, competent, dynamic and service-oriented. The organization envisions to be a leading student organization in the Philippines in promoting Speech Communication.  

Organization of Junior Finance Executives (OJFINEX)
The Organization of Junior Finance Executives is an academic organization that aims to promote financial literacy and nurture socially responsible students by fostering ethical practices through meaningful outreach programs for their personal growth. It envisions itself to be the most competitive business organization. As agents of social change through pro-active student, and effective community involvement, the OJFINEX shall promote financial education and practices among its members. 

Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA)
The Pacific Asia Travel Association Philippine FEU Student Chapter is the official student organization for Tourism Management students in Far Eastern University-Manila, Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management. It consists of committed, progressive, quality focused, and service-oriented honorable students who uphold their constituents’ rights, interests, and welfare. Being the epitome of responsible and effective student leadership, it helps strengthen the link that keeps the students united through democratic and community actions. It endeavors to foster students’ knowledge, development, and excellence even outside our beloved university through various events and activities. 

Political Science Society (PSS)
The Political Science Society  is the home organization of the Political Science students of Far Eastern University. The organization aims to organize seminars and/or workshops that will nurture and widen the knowledge of the students when it comes to politics and government. The PSS also facilitates the conduct of events, extracurricular activities and community extension that serves as a way to raise awareness regarding political and socio-political issues to the community by the students of FEU Political Science. 

Psychology Society
The FEU Psychology Society aims to deliver projects, programs, and policies for the benefit of Psychology students. It serves as the liaison between the FEU Department of Psychology and the Psychology students. It caters to the concerns, opinions, and suggestions of the students which are addressed after careful deliberation and discussion and upon which a plan of action is formulated to resolve the said concerns, opinions, and/or suggestions. The FEU Psychology Society is committed to ensuring a healthy student life for Psychology majors. 

Red Cross Youth Council (RCYC)
The Far Eastern University – Red Cross Youth Council is a premier humanitarian organization of committed, quality-focused, service-oriented, and voluntary service men and women who advocate and pledge to alleviate human suffering through safety and disaster preparedness, protect life and dignity, to heighten leadership efficacy and proficiency, and to strengthen the link that keeps us united through volunteerism. The organization has been known to have deployed volunteers for non-emergency and emergency events, such as safety and disaster, blood drives, advocacy programs, first aiders, etc. The organization is under the Red Cross Youth, one of the major six services of the Philippine Red Cross, and is guided by the Seven Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. 

Scholars Society
The FEUSS the representative body of all Tamaraw undergraduate scholars, in-charge with administering aid to all Tamaraws scholarship grants, inquiries, and assistance.  

The FEUSS is founded on the principles of representation, participation, democracy, decentralization, consultation, equitability, accountability, unity, and efficiency in the delivery of scholarship services. The FEUSS envisions a unified group of scholars that will serve as the epitome of academic excellence, servant-leadership, and active community involvement. 

Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA)
The FEU Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA) is an accredited organization that advocates for LGBTQIA+ and Human Rights in Far Eastern University. The organization envisions empowered and industry-competent individuals that advocates for human rights and anti-LGBTQIA+ discrimination. It envisions a community that is engaged in a unified system that fosters freedom, equality, and diversity.

Student Catholic Action (SCA)**
SCA is a uniwide organization which aims to contribute to the formation of a just and humane society by instilling Christian Values, linking arms with various sectors, and unearthing among the youth what it truly means to be a good Catholic. It commits itself to mobilize the youth for social change, show mercy, and compassion to all humans regardless of religious faith and social status, bring Christ to the students and marginalized communities, and seek unity amidst diversity.

Tamaraw Volunteers (TAMVOL) – Makati
Tamaraw Volunteers – Makati or TAMVOL consists of student volunteers of Far Eastern University – Makati, united by their shared passion for altruism, aims to enhance and sustain the spirit of volunteerism amongst FEU students. Bonded by a common vision of enriching student life experiences and value-added learning through volunteer works, it aims to inspire the lives of people by helping them build their community and make them live sustainably.

Tamaraw Volunteers (TAMVOL) – Manila
Tamaraw Volunteers or TAMVOL is a university-wide volunteer organization in Far Eastern University, and the very first student-based volunteer organization in the campus initiated by a group of students, with the aim of inculcating among the youth the importance of volunteerism and community service in helping the nation. TAMVOL pioneered a significant amount of community service projects for the FEU community and become partner organization of various non-government organizations throughout the country. It has also produced service-oriented leaders, founders of non-government organizations, remarkable student leaders, full time workers in the field of community service and nation building. 

TAMVOL upholds the spirit of volunteerism that enriches student life experiences and develops future leaders who are compassionate, environment-conscious and community-oriented. 

The Advocate
The official student publication of Far Eastern University that serves as the vehicle of expression and information for the entire University community, promoting freedom of expression and the ideals of journalism.

The FEU Bamboo Band ***
The FEU Bamboo Band, formerly the FEU Pangkat Kawayan founded in 1966,  consists of 30 young and very talented FEU students from different colleges who play basic instruments ingeniously crafted from indigenous materials, mainly bamboo and narra, and were handmade by Professor Siegfredo Calabig. The band uses marimba (which provides the melody), the lira gabbang (a traditional Muslim instrument), bumbong (which carry out bass and chord rhythms), and angklungs (which provide melodies and counterpoints to the marimba tunes). Outside FEU, the FBB has performed in the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Rizal Park, the Ayala Museum, Malacanang Palace and the leading hotels of Metro Manila.

The FEU Chorale ***
The Far Eastern University (FEU) Chorale is the official choral group of Far Eastern University. It continuously trains 25 student-singers who are non-music majors from the different institutes of the University. The group has competed in various choral competitions in the country. The FEU Chorale also organizes the annual Musica FEUropa choral competition in collaboration with the European Union in the Philippines.

The FEU Dance Company ***
The FEU Dance Company (FDC), formerly the FEU Folk Dance Company, aims to provide students a venue where they can express and develop their artistic talents in dancing. It is the first Philippine university-based group to compete and win in Caceres, Spain in 1959 and was invited to perform at the Sarah Bernhard Theater in Paris. They are the only collegiate dance company doing all dance genres namely classical & modern ballet, contemporary and jazz disciplines, folk dance, street dance and dance sport. It is FEU’s official student dance group/varsity.

The FEU Drum & Bugle Corps ***
The FEU Drum and Bugle Corps (DBC) was organized in the 1930s by FEU founder Dr. Nicanor Reyes. Its purpose is to perform for the school during the UAAP Season and to participate in the various area festivals. Members have been consistently recognized for their achievements and have continued to become instructors in other groups and school bands in their respective localities.

The FEU Drummers ***
Formerly the FEU Green Bisons, the group became the FEU Cheering Squad Drummers in 2014. It is composed of students from FEU Manila and the FEU Institute of Technology. They are the official drummers present in the UAAP games and other events to perform and cheer with loud drums.

The FEU Guides ***
The FEU Guides are the University’s front liners in escorting guests and conducting tours of the UNESCO-awarded campus of FEU Manila. Through their tours, they develop and share their being repositories of information on the University and promote the culture and heritage of FEU. They also help instill institutional pride on their guests- whether they be from the FEU Community or outside.

The FEU Theater Guild ***
The FEU Theater Guild (FTG), formerly the FEU Dramatic Guild, was founded in 1934 under the patronage of no less than the FEU founder himself, Dr. Nicanor Reyes Sr and organized by Professor Sarah K. Joaquin, one of the pioneers in the Philippines of school-based theater training and stage productions. FTG is the university’s official student theater group.

United Architects of the Philippines Students Auxiliary (UAPSA)
Embodying the core values of professionalism, excellence and selfless service, UAPSA-FEU is an academic organization that aims to aid students in developing their skills and knowledge about architecture and its profession through various programs and events that are interactive, timely and innovative.

University Peer Counselors (UPC)*
The University Peer Counselors fosters self-awareness and proactive and responsive programs to meet the needs of the FEU adolescent community. The advocacy group aims to disseminate a message of hope and support as advocates of psychological well-being. It helps amplify the voice of the unheard and silenced, the distressed, and those suffering from various mental illnesses.

Youth for Christ (YFC)**
CFC Youth for Christ (YFC) is a family ministry of Couples for Christ (CFC), a Catholic charismatic community and family life movement. It owes its existence, identity, mission and vision to CFC as it exists as a partner in evangelizing the young. As a student organization in Far Eastern University it seeks to provide a point of conversion/reconversion, where a young person can grow as a man or woman of God, and be encouraged to take responsibility and gain leadership as they lead others to God as well. 

Young Educators Society
Young Educators Society, a university based organization from Far Eastern University Institute of Education, envisions itself to be the leading U-belt Manila organization of pre-service educators who are visionary, resilient, versatile, trainable, and passionate. This organization aims to hone educators who will be part of the success of our nation in the future. 

Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA)
Young Women’s Christian Association – FEU Chapter (YWCA-FEU) is an all-female organization that commits to develop women youth through social involvement, cluster transformation, and adherence to God’s grace.

 *Under the Guidance and Counseling

**Under Human Resources Division

***Under the President’s Committee on Culture

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