Tatak Tamaraw 2020

Tatak Tamaraw 2020

Welcome, Freshmen!

Your journey starts here.
See orientation guidelines below.

The plenary session serves as the primer of the Tatak Tamaraw 2020 that will introduce FEU core values, history, policies, and the different academic services. This session also features the messages from the University President, Deans, and student leaders as well as a discussion about student services, mental health, and digital wellness amidst the pandemic

Complete the University Orientation (Plenary Session) through Canvas.

  1. Go to the Microsoft 365 Sign-in page. : https://portal.office.com
  2. Enter your FEU Email and password.
  3. In your Office 365 Portal, Click “All Apps” to show All Applications.
  4. Select “FEU Canvas” Icon to open the application.
  5. Click “Courses” and Choose “Tatak Tamaraw 2020”.
  6. Click “Modules”
  7. Complete each item by watching all videos and presentations.
  8. Proceed to Part 2 (Based on your program’s schedule listed below)

Program Orientation is designed to further explain the requirements of the degree program. The presentation of the Program Heads will be streamed through Facebook Live. Each degree program will have a designated schedule for streaming.

Complete the Program Orientation through Facebook and Canvas

  1. Watch the Program Orientation at the Tatak Tamaraw Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/TatakTamaraw

    Schedule of Programs

    Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance

    Accountancy and Internal Auditing

    August 4 / 8:00AM – 9:23AM

    Business Administration

    August 4 / 9:30AM – 10:53AM

    Institute of Arts and Sciences

    Applied Mathematics

    August 4 / 11:00AM – 12:23PM


    August 4 / 12:30PM – 1:53PM


    August 4 / 2:00PM – 3:23PM

    Interdisciplinary Studies

    August 4 / 3:30PM – 4:53PM

    International Studies

    August 5 / 8:00AM – 9:23AM

    Language and Literature Studies

    August 5 / 9:30AM – 10:53AM

    Medical Technology

    August 5 / 11:00AM – 12:23PM

    Political Science

    August 5 / 12:30PM – 1:53PM


    August 5 / 2:00PM – 3:23PM

    Institute of Architecture and Fine Arts


    August 6 / 8:00AM – 9:23AM

    Fine Arts

    August 6 / 9:30AM – 10:53AM

    Institute of Education

    Institute of Education

    August 6 / 11:00AM – 12:23PM

    Institute of Nursing

    Institute of Nursing

    August 6 / 12:30PM – 1:53PM

    Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management

    Hotel and Restaurant Management

    August 6 / 2:00PM – 3:23PM

    Tourism Management

    August 6 / 3:30PM – 4:53PM

  2. Record your Attendance
    1. Take a screenshot while watching the video.

    2. Go to the Microsoft 365 Sign-in page. https://portal.office.com

    3. Enter your FEU Email and password.

    4. In your Office 365 Portal, Click “All Apps” to show All Applications.

    5. Select “FEU Canvas” Icon to open the application.

    6. Click “Assignments” and Choose “Part 2: Program Orientation Attendance”.

    7. Attach your Screenshot

    8. Click “Submit Assignment”

    9. Proceed to Part 3 on August 7.

To complete your Tatak Tamaraw experience and to bring out the students’ creativity and competitiveness, there will be online games and gimmicks that Freshies have to complete in order to pass the Tamaraw Challenge.

Students have to post their entries on either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram with the official challenge hashtag to get a chance to win exciting prizes from FEU Bookstore!

Check out the Tatak Tamaraw Page (www.facebook.com/TatakTamaraw) starting August 7 for the list of challenges!

Tatak Tamaraw is an annual event that welcomes freshmen to the FEU family. It also orients the new cohort of students on university policies, support services, the curriculum, FEU’s rich story, and the vibrant campus life.

Tatak Tamaraw 2020 themed “Digital Wellness” dovetails with the shift from in-school learning to flexible learning modes especially digital/online learning. Aside from tips on how to mentally and physically survive the FEU learning ecosystem, freshman students will be introduced to the best practices in collaboration with their teachers and fellow students aimed at creating and thriving in safe virtual spaces, achieving quality learning, and enhancing empathetic professional relationships.

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