FEU Psychology leads healing program for female inmates


“Out of clay moldings and drawings, pent-up emotions have found a way to be expressed”, said Dr. Hector Perez, Psychology program head and one of the facilitators of the “The Art of Emotional Healing”, this year’s most Outstanding Community Extension Project of Far Eastern University.

The Art of Emotional healing is a six-month-long program of the Institute of Arts and Science-Psychology Department for the detainees of the Manila City Jail, located in Sta. Cruz, Manila.

“There is a dearth of Philippine studies that tackle the plight of prisoners and their psychological well-being, most especially when it comes to incarcerated women. This is one of the reasons why our department initiated different programs to address the psychological needs of female detainees,” said Perez.

James Andrew Grasparil, Psychology assistant program and one of the facilitators, said the program is a six-session psycho-therapeutic intervention designed to uncover the emotional trauma of the women through the use of creative arts with the goal of alleviating human suffering.

Healing sessions came in two phases: ‘Seminar on the Art of Emotional Healing’ and ‘Art Therapy Sessions’. It covered six growth theme sessions: Catharsis through clay molding with Remembering my childhood; Open Heart Surgery with “What I feel in my heart’; My Royal Strengths with Self esteem and self worth; My wounds first aid kit with Self healing; and Transformational self art therapy with Personal transformation.


Grasparil said, “Expressing these emotions through colors, forms, shapes and textures, enable women to have self clearing, paving the way for healing to begin.”

Perez attributed the success of the program to the faculty line-up particularly Dr. Ana Nelia L. Jumamil, assistant program head and Prof. Luzelle Ormita and Dr. Marilou Cao, Director of the Office of Community Extension Service, who all committed their time, expertise and support.

Ramon Magsaysay Awards cites FEU alumna for art crusade in South

Ligaya Fernando

Her parents had strong reservations about her marriage to a Muslim datu, but it eventually led Ligaya Fernando-Amilbangsa to a lifetime crusade that earned her this year a Ramon Magsaysay Award, often regarded as Asia’s equivalent of the Nobel Prize.

The 72-year-old widow was cited for her “single-minded crusade in preserving the endangered artistic heritage of southern Philippines, and in creatively propagating a dance form that celebrates and deepens the sense of shared cultural identity among Asians.”

The award foundation named after popular Philippine President Ramon Magsaysay also announced on Wednesday the other 2015 RM Awardees. They included India’s Sanjiv Chaturvedi, 40, who won the award for emergent leadership for his “exemplary integrity, courage and tenacity” in exposing government corruption in his capacity as a forest service officer in 2005.

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Beyond the profession: FEU Bookstore’s Jose Cabaltera

A spinal injury cost Jose Cabaltera the use of his legs but it did stop him from moving on with a fruitful life.

A spinal injury cost Jose Cabaltera the use of his legs but it did not stop him from moving on with a productive life.

By Riza Camille F. Talan

 The manager

Instead of the typical white-collar getup of business suits and attaché cases, Jose Cabaltera, Bookstore Manager, wore a casual unassuming outfit, sat on his wheelchair, and had only a pen to doodle with. Students who have had the privilege to meet him attest that he is a very modest man—not any of the mental images we concoct in our heads when the word ‘manager’ is brought up.

Jose Cabaltera studied Foreign Languages and Literature at San Francisco State University. He has been working with FEU since 2011, and has since opened five bookstores—two in FEU Manila, and one in each of the three other campuses.
“I feel that I’m very stubborn.” Cabaltera mirthfully smiles when asked what drives him to work despite being differently abled.

At the young age of 18, Cabaltera got into an accident that brought him spinal injury. “It was nerve damage, and there was no way to cure it… I didn’t want to stop my life. I mean, when you’re 18 [years old], and that happens to you, you don’t know what to do anymore—you have to reinvent your whole self-image,” he shares. So, nine months after his accident, he moved out of his parents’ home without telling them.

“My mother was very doting, and my father wanted to do everything for me,” he wistfully recalled. His stubbornness was apparent in how he moved out despite the hardships his wish for independence would entail, “That was very much me being stubborn. I didn’t want people doing things like that for me.”

Eventually, this stubbornness pushed him to make it independently in the Philippines, “I’m in a third world country where the norm for a disabled person is to stay at home… I make it to work. And I do it every single day. I do work that I’m really proud of.”

The job
Cabaltera shares that he encountered a few hitches along the way establishing a convenience that students enjoy today. A far cry from the long queue of students waiting for their turn to enter the Tams Bookstore, he invited students into the bookstore when they were just beginning. When students became aware of the in-campus bookstore, Cabaltera was taken aback by the fast-paced operations he was not used to: “I can sell 500 Filipino textbooks in one day. It shocked me and I wasn’t ready.”

Fast-forward to 2015, Cabaltera is now managing five bookstores for the University. “I only thought I was going to start one bookstore for the single university of FEU [Manila]. The other campuses saw what I had done and they all wanted one,” he shares.

The staff of the FEU Bookstore.

The staff of the FEU Bookstore.

Now, the bookstores he established in the four campuses readily sell official textbooks to the students who no longer have to scour through bookstores or Recto for their required reading materials. Even graduates of the university who will be hurdling board and bar exams can enjoy the convenience of finding necessary materials for their review, thanks to the newly opened bookstore at the Main Building (formerly Technology Building) of FEU-Manila.

The plans
The successful establishment of the five bookstores by Cabaltera and his reliable team does not stop him from seeking more ways to serve his ‘family’. CNN recently reported that millions of pesos worth of textbooks do not reach Filipino students on time, causing inconveniences and delay in their education, “When I read that, two things came up in my mind: A, I’m not doing such a bad job after all, and B, I better take this very seriously,” he muses.

Cabaltera, obviously someone very service-oriented, initiated meetings with other FEU campus administrators to think of new ways to improve their services. The most important question was—“How can we serve our students? How do we serve our families better?” He wanted to avoid delays in the distribution of books and suggested a schedule for the next academic year, where concerned administrators could choose books to include in the official textbook lists ahead of time.

The bookstore has also started offering a wider range of merchandise, including books from FEU Publications, and some new titles by various Filipino authors. Being a graduate of Literature, it is only natural for Cabaltera to dream of providing students with books that they can read for leisure.

“Seeing something grow and thrive, that is the most rewarding thing,” he says. Cabaltera’s stint as FEU’s bookstore manager—only four years long as of this writing—has already established a legacy. Differently abled people are often dismissed for their immobility and for the stasis we assume they are stuck in. However, Cabaltera’s stubbornness and his will to get to the top, along with the drive to provide FEU students with a convenience, pushes him to hurdle great feats—taking with him the Green and Gold community.

Interfaith Prayers unite FEU students of different religions

FEU students put their signatures in support of the Declaration of Peace.

FEU students put their signatures in support of the Declaration for Peace.

The FEU Peace T.A.Y.O. Officers and members (AY 2015-2016) held its annual Interfaith Prayers last 22nd July 2015 at FEU SB 101. The event is held every year to provide Catholic and non-Catholic students, faculty and employees an avenue for praying together to welcome the new school year.

FEU Peace T.A.Y.O. Aubrey Fabian delivered the welcome remarks while the invocation was given by Mitos Penaverde, vice President of Tamaraw Volunteers. As in previous Interfaith Prayers, the Offering of Cosmic Symbols preceded the Litany of Prayers for Peace. Ms Bernalyn Penit from Student Development together with Mr Frandy Suarez, security personnel, Kent Mercado of Peace T.A.Y.O. and Professor Cecilia Ycong made the offerings.

Seven students representing various faiths – Catholic, Born Again, Islam, Seventh Day Adventist, Protestant, Methodist and Iglesia Ni Cristo let the audience with for the Litany of Peace. Mr. Hurjae Lubag, Auditor of the FEU Central Student Organization let the closing prayer -
Lord, come into our lives and our churches with your peace. Lead us to be bearers of your shalom to our neighbors and to the world. Fill us with trust and hope so that we may live truth and be love in your name Amen.

Unlike in previous years, an Interfaith Student Dialogue with the theme Faith Bullying followed the Interfaith Prayers. Sharing their experiences on Faith Bullying were Ms Julia Cortez of the Seventh Day Adventist; Ms Alissa Neri, Born Again who share her present experience of Faith cyber bullying; from the Iglesia ni Cristo, Ms Ronah Directo who is a staunch follower of her faith and representing our brothers and sisters Ms Hanni Abbas.

Mr Ian Romeo de Felipe, Program Coordinator of the Angel C. Palanca Peace Program Foundation challenged everyone to make a difference by respecting each other’s difference. The Call to Action was led by Mr. Jade dela Cruz, President of the FEU Central Student Organization and encouraged all present to sign with him the Student Declaration of Peace.

Professor Marco Gutang of the ACP3 Foundation Inc. delivered the closing remarks and urged future action through dialogues expressing that this interfaith dialogue was a revelation.

Chairing this year’s event is Ms Micah Indiola, Vice President of FEU Peace T.A.Y.O. together with team members Bianca Alejandro, Allan Alcasid, Laurenz Peralta, Thea Norcio, Kent Mercado under the overall coordination of Aubrey Fabian, FEU Peace T.A.Y.O. President.


Student Declaration for Peace

I am a supporter of peace and freedom.
I promote good will among all nations and cultures.
I am a fighter against bullying and oppression.
I support equal rights and equal opportunities.
I respect people regardless of race, gender, background, or religion, and other differences.
I believe in the walk for equality.
I practice what I preach and I live with honor and dignity.
I believe in peace among all faiths and love in spite of all our differences.
I am a supporter of peace and freedom.
I promote good will among all nations and cultures.
I am a fighter against bullying and oppression.
I support equal rights and equal opportunities.
I respect people regardless of race, gender, background, or religion, and other differences.
I believe in the walk for equality.
I practice what I preach and I live with honor and dignity.
I believe in peace among all faiths and love in spite of all our differences.

FEU Guidance head leads charge against campus bullying

Shake Hocson“I have witnessed and counseled a number of bullying cases from physical, verbal, relational to cyber-bullying which prompted me to take a more proactive role in addressing and educating not only the children but also the adults on the psychological effects of bullying,” said Dr. Sheila Marie Hocson, Far Eastern University Guidance and Counseling director.

Dr. Shake, as she is fondly called, goes on a bimonthly campus tours to promote the “No to Bullying” information campaign initiated by PediaPharma Foundation (PPF), and authored a handbook to help communicate the negative effects of bullying.

Michelle Zaldarriaga, PPF managing director said, “Dr. Shake was chosen for her expertise in the fields of child psychology, guidance and counseling and on bullying, which are major concerns of the foundation. She can bring to the attention of teachers, pupils, parents and school administrators the very pressing issue of bullying in schools.”

A certified specialist in Counseling Psychology and Assessment Psychology, Dr. Shake believes that schools should take a proactive stance in the prevention of bullying. “As social structures and personal values continue to change, we must persevere in formulating relevant programs and services,” she says.

“One of the biggest problems in our society is bullying. That is why I want to collaborate with various school stakeholders in creating comprehensive anti-bullying programs that can lessen these rampant cases.”

“At FEU, I share this advocacy with my licensed counselors and student-volunteers. In fact, we have established the Anti- Bullying Program Core Group that assists in spreading information to combat bullying. Luckily, limited cases have been reported,” adds Dr. Hocson.

PPF sponsors “No to Bullying” lectures to impart awareness on the implementing rules and regulations of Republic Act 10267, also known as The Anti-Bullying Act of 2013. It disseminates various anti-bullying communication materials.

No to Bullying

PoLSci faculty inspired to bring research program to new level


Fresh from a two week intensive training, senior faculty members of the Institute of Arts and Sciences (IAS) Political Science (Polsci) Department revealed their research plans for the new academic year.

“With great appreciation of both quantitative and qualitative approaches, the department will look into topics and issues on local government using approaches such as LGUs’ fiscal policy, political platforms of political leaders in the local government unit set-up, and political manifestos of selected ethnic or tribal leaders in our community,” said Ildefonso R. Fulgar, III, Polsci program head.

Prof. Fulgar, along with Professor Melquiades A. Acomular, Jr. and former Polsci program head Reynold D. Agnes attended the 4th Annual International Political Science Association – National University of Singapore Summer School for Social Science Research Methods in Singapore.

“The 10-day training was both rigid and tedious, yet rewarding and fulfilling,” said Prof. Acomular, Jr., who attended the training session on Applied Data Analysis under the mentorship of Prof. Tobias Hofmann of University of Utah.

2“Our sessions in quantitative method included current ideas and information that can be applied in teaching Political Science. Truly, the best practices of other universities in the world should be adopted to further strengthen the quality of education in FEU,” he added.

Prof. Agnes, who chose “The Case Analysis Study Method” session handled by Prof. Cameron Thies of Arizona University, shared his own research, “Political Strategies of Competing Clans in Metro Manila: Sustainability of Political Dynasties”. His proposal was appreciated by both the mentor and participants from other universities.

Inspired by the research drill, both Fulgar and Agnes said faculty members will benefit from the extensive courses for purposes of enhancing the research capabilities and interest, and shall recommend these be introduced in the Philippines through Far Eastern University.

FEU Booters to play in World University Football Cup in China

The UAAP Men's Football title completes FEU's "Double Treble".

The UAAP Men’s Football title completes FEU’s “Double Treble”.

MANILA, Philippines – “Excited kami kase once-in a lifetime opportunity ito,” says FEU Tamaraw Paolo Bugas.

The midfielder, the only FEU player with a full senior international cap for the Philippines, has experienced the most glorious highs ever conceivable for a Pinoy collegiate footballer. He and his fellow Tams have lifted the UAAP Season 76 and Season 77 football trophies. But in August they step up to a whole new level.

The Tams will represent the Philippines in the World University Football Cup in Xiamen, China, where university sides from other 11 other nations await.

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FEU Biology students make fruitful visit to Taylor’s U


A group of students and faculty under Far Eastern University’s Biological Sciences Department visited Taylor’s University in Malaysia as part of a student mobility program between the two schools. The FEU contingent had very positive things to say about the trip as they took advantage of learning in a different and sophisticated environment that helped expand their knowledge on biology.

“It was an academic, cultural and social experience all rolled into one. I enjoyed every single day and I was excited to go to class and was so eager to learn. I am very thankful for the molecular techniques that the faculty imparted to us,” said student Arianne Salvador.

During the two-week long course the FEU group studied in-depth molecular biology, cell lines cultures, tissue culture, infectious diseases, advance human physiology and DNA sequencing. They also learned actual techniques used in mushroom culture and latest developments in molecular biotechnology.

The students also participated in the school’s Eco-campaign competition in which they made proposals on how to save the environment. Salvador and fellow student Patricia Bueno won third place.

Meanwhile, two Master of Science in Biology students attended a series of molecular workshops on anti quorum sensing and presented their research studies in a recent graduate forum.


“Meeting the students of Taylor’s University, for me, was the best part of the experience. They welcomed us with no hesitation and every group activity we joined was truly a fun experience. The new friendships that I made in Malaysia will always give me happy memories. I would like to thank the administrators of the program for giving me such a wonderful experience, sharing with me the opportunity to encounter new cultures and people,” shared Bueno.

FEU ITHM makes THE-ICE International Accreditation


A solid curriculum, dynamic faculty and top-notch facilities were the reasons why Far Eastern University’s Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management was named Associate of the International Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education (THE-ICE). ITHM courses Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) and Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management (TM) are now pre-accredited by THE-ICE for a three-year period (2015-2018).

THE-ICE (International Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education) is a not-for-profit international accreditation agency, is now a global network of leading quality TH&E (tourism, hospitality and events) institutions.

During the above period, FEU ITHM can apply for full accreditation of its programs in order to become fully accredited and a Full Member of THE-ICE.

In its list of commendations, THE-ICE praised FEU ITHM for being well-organized and well-governed under the guidance of its Dean, Dr Melinda Torres. It declared FEU ITHM programs as “well thought out and graduate outcomes are clearly stated and achievable.”

The international accreditation body was pleased with the ITHM’s dedication to research and its membership in several national and international organizations and extensive links in Thailand, Malaysia and the USA. The auditors were also impressed with the institute’s community extension programs, which include the education of street food vendors regarding proper hygiene and having baking classes.