Message from the Founder

In this institution, we have the facilities and the means of imparting thorough university training. Our faculty is strong. Our plant is complete. Our scholarship is of the highest order. Our athletic and recreation facilities are adequate.

But, as you know, all that we can do to help you is only half the process of training you. In the long run, the most important factor in your university education will be how hard you yourselves work for that education.

Our teachers – among the country’s most competent in their respective fields – will be quite helpless if you fail to apply yourselves adequately to your studies.

In any institution of learning, the student gets any what he works for and nothing more. You should decide at the very start to work so hard that you will take every possible advantage of the opportunities offered you here.

After all, the hard-working university student is not only working for high grades; he is at the same time laying down his foundation of knowledge upon which to build all his life long, and acquiring the habit of giving the best in him to the job he undertakes.

A college student who fails to do this two-fold thing fails to acquire for himself the only lasting gift that a university can give.

So let us all work together, keep faith together. And out of our common hardships and out of our common achievements, we shall build greatness and create loyalty for our alma mater.

Dr. Nicanor Reyes
President, FEU
Manila, June 12, 1934