FEU Makati – Business Administration Department


Guided by the core values of a true- blooded Tamaraw; fortitude, excellence and uprightness, the Accountancy Program of FEU- IABF, Makati envisions itself as a Center of Excellence in Business Education.

It commits to develop future responsible accounting professionals through holistic accountancy curriculum, extensive and innovative delivery of instruction, competent and highly qualified faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, industry and community- based researches, practical- based student apprenticeship program and extensive community involvement.

In fulfillment with the vision to be the center of excellence in business education, we will produce business specialist in the field of Business Administration guided by the University’s core values of Fortitude, Excellence and Uprightness.

To achieve this we are committed to:

  • Brand competent young and proactive business executives;
  • Utilize the endowed talents and skills of our students to its full potential;
  • Strengthen the entrepreneurial skills of the graduates;
  • Implement a comprehensive Student Apprenticeship Program;
  • Nourish a sense of corporate social responsibility and good governance in all business facets;
  • Establish linkages with government and business industries in the local and global setting;
  • Serve as a source of principled and competent business graduates; and
  • Support the development of  graduates to the best of our ability

Specifically, the Business Administration Program aims to achieve the following:

  1. To produce highly qualified graduates who will become relevant business entrepreneurs;
  1. To develop future business professionals who will serve as agents of societal changes.
  1. To hone future business professionals to be globally competitive.  


This four-year program prepares graduates for management and administrative responsibilities in any functional area in various enterprise settings, from small businesses to large entities, local or multinational regardless of organizational structure.  The first two years focus on theoretical and foundations of management’s major functional areas.  The students will be led by experienced professors through intensive discussions, case studies and research on the latest developments in management theory & practice.

Specialization courses in the third and fourth years of studies give the student maximum flexibility of electives to match prevailing industry opportunities, and his or her professional interest and career plan. The electives are available and will be taught by industry experts and practitioners, engaging the students in the most innovative and effective teaching strategies, designed to enhance the competencies of the student in his or her chosen field of specialization.

The terminal semester will be devoted to a 5-month on-the-job training with FEU’s prestigious industry partners, consisting of leading companies in virtually all sectors of the economy. This actual work experience could eventually lead to a job offer even before graduation. Upon graduation, the BSBA BM graduate is ready to work efficiently and effectively on Day One in any enterprise setting or functional responsibility.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Achieve proficiency in financial, business analysis and reporting;
  • Demonstrate analytical and critical thinking skills in problem solving and decision making;
  • Keep abreast with the technological advancements and their influence in the society;
  • Be equipped with skills needed to carry out smart business solutions;
  • Develop abilities of using theories, concepts and frameworks in real life situations;
  • Exemplify a sense of professionalism and ethics in making sound decisions during deviations and turnarounds.
  • Develop enabling attributes to become future accounting professionals who will serve as agents of societal change.

Career Opportunities:

Entry Level positions:

Marketing – Marketing Assistant, Marketing Associate, Junior Marketing Executive, Investment Consultant.

Sales – Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Sales Support, Sales Representative, Account Manager, Leads Management.

Human Resources – HR Assistant, Junior Recruiter.

Administration – Assistant store manager, General administrative jobs.

Finance – Junior Financial Advisor, Junior Finance Analyst.

Accounting – Payroll Assistant, Accounting Staff, Accounting Assistant.

Middle level positions:

Marketing – Senior Marketing Executive, Marketing Officer, Marketing Manager, VP of Marketing.

Sales – Senior Account Manager, Area Sales Manager, Sales Manager, VP of Sales.

Management – Retail Operations Manager, Branch Manager, Assistant Branch Manager, Area Manager.

Business Development – Business Development Executive, Business Development Manager, Analytics Officer.

Human Resources – HR Consultant, HR Officer, Senior Recruiter, HR Director, HR Analyst.

Finance – Senior Financial Advisor, Senior Finance Analyst, Budget Analyst.

Accounting – Payroll Officer, Payroll Specialist, Bookkeeper, Cost Controller.

Other positions that BSBA graduates can apply to:

Customer Service representative – provides technical support for outsourced client queries regarding various products.

Freelancer working online – outsourcing work from home through various skills, such as data entry, article writing, SEO, customer support, administrative support etc.

Receptionist – represent a business or individual by communicating with customers while taking charge of multiple office tasks and equipment.

Secretary/Office Administration