International Linkages

In support the University’s aspiration to achieve regulatory, adaptive and matched excellence, the Academic Development Office has been constantly working with its international partners to achieve the following objectives:

  • Pursue academic excellence by sharing and learning from the expertise, experiences, and best practices of people and professionals from the different parts of the globe.
  • Expose both students and faculty members to the understanding of other cultures, communities, and languages to foster harmonious relationships in the pursuit of mutual and consequently global advancement.
  • Expose students to the dimension of multicultural integration and adaptation while obtaining skills necessary for work-life.
  • Be a part of creating inventive resolutions to challenges, build worldwide networks, and be emissaries for FEU and the Philippines.
  • Commit to building relationships that create resilient academic communities, independent societies, and a world where countries are prepared to work together to solve issues that concern the majority.


At present the university has ten active and comprehensive international partnerships and is currently working on completing partnerships and commencing meaningful academic and scholarly collaborations with its ASEAN university neighbors and also with universities in the US and in Europe.



Far East University Korea

Active exchange of students since 2010 until the present.Have been sending their students to FEU for Intensive English Language Course (INTELAC), a 60 to 120-hour English Language Program aimed at developing the foreign students’ communicative competence since 2010 also.

Taylor’s University  Malaysia

With the most active collaborations with the Biology Department in the areas of short-term student exchange; joint research projects; and delivery of lectures, workshop, and symposia related to Biosciences topics.

National Institute of Education (NIE) Singapore

February 7, 2015Dr. Goh Chor Boon, the Vice Dean of the National Institute of Education held the 1st Lecture Series on” Leading Schools in The 21st Century.” Attended by over 130 Public and Private High school Administrators and representativesOctober 19-23, 2015Joint Teacher Training facilitated by Vice Dean Goh Chor Boon and Associate Professor Agustine Tuck Lee from NIE was held in FEU. Attended by 40 Senior HS Teachers from Private Metro Manila schools.

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)

Annual Joint Conference between UTM and FEU.February 2015The first FEU-UTM Joint Symposium entitled “Fostering Pro-Environmental Behavior towards a Culture of Sustainability” was held in FEU where more than 200 students and more than 20 faculty members attended the symposium.May 15-16, 2015Six delegates from FEU acted as committee members in First Joint International Conference to be held UTM Johor Bahru Campus with the theme “1st Sustainability Initiatives: Case of Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia.” Selected best papers from the conference will be published in the special issue of Jurnal Teknologi, a Scopus indexed journal.Another joint conference will be held on February 2016.
 UNPAD University of Padjajaran, Indonesia Three Business Faculty Members from the University of Padjajaran will be hosted by FEU in February 2016 for English language Training, immersion and observation of FEU’s best practices.


 index Universitas Bung Hatta Indonesia FEU signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Universitas BungHatta, the 3rd University involved in the Sustainability Initiatives: Case Studies in Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia (SIMPI) during the 2nd SIMPI on May 4, 2016.