B.A. in Communication

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Level IV accredited by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA)

Dr. Cherish Aileen A. Brillon 
Program Head

Ms. Anansa C. Dijan
Assistant Program Head

Vision – Mission
Aimed at being recognized as a leading communication school in the University belt, the Department of Communication seeks to produce graduates to become catalysts of social and moral transformation and contributors to national development.

It seeks to produce successful communicators and communication managers who adhere to the highest ethical standards of the media establishment and who possess intellectual acumen as purveyors of information in the Fourth Estate and creativity as practitioners in the field of broadcasting, print, theater arts, cinema, advertising, and new media.

The four-year B.A. in Communication program has the following objectives:
1. to introduce students to the functions of mass communication in a developing society;
2. to familiarize students with the technical aspect of radio and television and video production;
3. to develop among the students vocal and physical skills for radio and television and theatrical performances;
4. to provide practicum in the actual media environment;
5. to provide students with a set of standards that will guide them in the critical analysis of print and broadcast journalism, radio and television productions, audience communication, advertising and new media messages and film production;
6. to equip students with skills in communication research; and
7. to prepare students for further studies in the graduate level for careers in the academe or in mass media.

Career Path for BA in Communication Graduates

BA in Communication offers careers in the following fields:

  • Advertising
  • Broadcasting
  • Cinema
  • Journalism
  • Online Media
  • Public Relations / Corporate Communications
  • Productions /Event Management
  • Recording
  • Research
  • Theater
  • Training

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Contact Information:

Depcomm email: depcomm.feu@gmail.com
2nd Floor (205), Arts Building
FEU, Nicanor Reyes Sr. Street
Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines