Institute of Nursing

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The Institute of Nursing offers programs leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and a Master of Arts degree in Nursing. The curriculum, which is based on the 3 frameworks: competency, community, and evidence, is the core of IN’s success in producing world class Nurses.

Institute Dean: Dr. Ma. Belinda G. Buenafe
Program Head for Undergraduate Program: Ms. Julie C. Danofrata
Assistant Program Head for Undergraduate Program: Dr. Frida Quizzagan
Assistant Program Head for Graduate Program: Dr. Nemencio Santos

Institute of NursingCourse offerings evolve from a philosophical belief that the goal of nursing is to assist consumers of care to reach their health goals. The nurse uses caring behaviors and the science of nursing to achieve these goals.

The product then, of the Institute of Nursing, is a nursing leader or a nurse with a potential for leadership who is value driven, a critical thinker, technologically proficient, committed to the profession and who cares very deeply about providing safe, quality, and humane care. This mission is accomplished through modeling behavior, mentoring, and motivating by faculty members.

With the VINES Laboratory (Virtual Integrated Nursing Education Simulation) in full operation, IN aims to teach nursing skills iteratively and sequentially without harming patients. It seeks to become the Center for Excellence in Nursing Simulation in the Philippines and Asia.

The Institute of Nursing aims to develop graduates who are value-driven, critical thinkers, technologically proficient, research-oriented with leadership abilities who are committed to the profession to provide safe, quality and human care.


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