Transferees are students who have enrolled or taken college or vocational units in other colleges, universities or vocational schools. Even applicants who apply as freshmen will still be considered transferees for as long as they have officially enrolled in any degree or certificate program in any school after high school.

Policies for Transferee Admission

  1. Transferees need to take and pass the FEU-CAT prior to evaluation as a requirement for admission. They also need to ensure that they pass the cut-off scores of the degree programs they are applying for. These can be verified at the Admissions office during their evaluation.

Online Registration for First-time Applicants:

Register and apply in the online admission application through the website via

1. Fill out the Admission form.

2. Select Exam Schedule.

3. Print the confirmation letter.

4. Pay Php 512.00 for the exam fee.

*Note: Each successful transaction in Student Central will be confirmed with an email notification sent to the registered email account.

*For bank transaction, kindly email us a scanned copy of your machine validated deposit slip.

Students for re-admission:

Readmission is the process in which a returning-transferee student has to go through. Applicant must be evaluated by the program head of the concerned department to determine re-admission.

Online Procedure:

        Visit the FEU website, and follow the steps below:

  1. Log-in to Student Central.

    password: last 4 digits of your student number followed by the last 4 characters of your family name, ALL CAPS.

  2. Slide cursor over to “Make Request” tab.
  3. Select and apply for “Re-Admission”.
  4. Submit requirements to the Admissions and Financial Assistance Office for endorsement to concerned department.
  5. Wait for the approval of your Re-Admission request. Status can be checked under “View Request” tab.
  6. Once approved, go to ”Admission tab” select “Admission Form” then “Fill-out Admission Form”. Then, wait for further instruction for the enrollment period.

Former FEU students are not required to take the FEU-College Admission Test.

  1. Applicant transferees are required to submit the following to the Admissions & Financial Assistance office after receiving the entrance exam result notification letter for initial evaluation.
    • Official Transcript of Records (TOR)/Scholastic Records/True Copy of Grades
    • Certificate of Good Moral Character
    • Certificate of Transfer/ Honorable Dismissal/ Transfer Credentials
    • Course Description of courses taken and passed
    • Photocopy of the NSO Birth Certificate
  2. Admission of transferees is determined by three offices. A transferee needs a positive recommendation from all three offices to be admitted to the university.


      • Determines whether the transferee qualifies for a specific degree program.
      • Checks completeness and correctness of the documents submitted for evaluation.


      • Evaluates the Certificate of Good Moral Character submitted by the applicant.
      • Conducts profiling of the applicant (below 18 years old should be accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian)
      • Provides short orientation on conduct and discipline policies of the university.


      • Conducts Academic Program Credit Evaluation (APCE).
      • Provides final approval for admission
  1. The following are policies for Academic Program Credit Evaluation (APCE).
    1. Only General Education/ Minor courses will be credited.
    2. Major courses will not be credited.
    3. A maximum of 25% of the total number of units of a specific degree program can be credited for the transferee.
    4. Courses with grades of at least 2.0 or (C) will be credited. In the event of an excess in the maximum number of credits that can be transferred, the transferee shall be given the option to choose as to which grades/courses shall be given credit.
    5. PE and NSTP need only a passing grade to be considered for credit.
    6. Applicant’s admission will depend on the result of both the FEU-CAT result and interview.

Specific Admissions Policies for Transferees

  1. The following degree programs require transferees to get an above average percentile rating from the FEU-CAT to be considered for admission:
    1. BS Business Administration in Internal Auditing
    2. BS Architecture
    3. BS Medical Technology
    4. BS Nursing
    5. BS Psychology

Business Administration

  1. Average FEU-CAT rating will be required for all transferees intending to be admitted in BSBA in Business Management.
  2. No failing grades in any major course
  3. General education and other subjects shall be credited in accordance with existing university policies on crediting of courses.

BS Architecture and Fine Arts

  • Transferees need to pass an aptitude test prior to admission to Architecture or Fine Arts.
  • No major courses offered during the second semester for both BS Architecture and BFA Advertising Arts.

 BS Medical Technology

  • They must have a general weighted average (GWA) of at least 2.0 or a C with no grades in core subjects (General and Inorganic Chemistry, Qualitative/ Quantitative Chemistry, Integrated Human Anatomy and Physiology, Introduction to Medical Technology with STS, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, and General Biology) lower than 2.5 or C+.
  • Transfer credits will determine the year of the student. Year level of the student will be explained by the program head during APCE evaluation based on the credits earned.
  • Major subjects previously taken from other schools will not be credited.
  • Applicant must be cleared of illness to be qualified for admission.

BS Nursing

  • The highest entry level is first year.
  • BS Nursing will not admit second coursers.
  • There will be no transferees for BS Nursing for 2nd semester.

BS Psychology

•      Transfer credits will determine the year of the student. Year level of the student will be explained by the program head during APCE evaluation based on the credits earned.


For additional information, you may use the following contact information to get in touch with our office.

Trunkline : (02)7777-338 or (02)849-4000 to 30, local 273
Direct Line               : (02) 736-0036


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