Freshmen/Applicants’ FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

FEU-CAT Related

When is the FEU College Admissions Test (FEU-CAT)?
Answer: The FEU-Cat is scheduled every Saturday, 8:00 a.m. & 1:00 p.m.

How much is the testing fee?
Answer: The testing fee is P450.

How do I apply for the FEU-CAT?
Answer: For application procedures, click HERE for more details.

I have already taken the FEU-CAT last year. Do I still need to take it when I enroll?
Answer: No. Your test result is valid for three years.

I did not do well during the first time I took the FEU-CAT. Can I retake it?
Answer: No. We have a no retake policy. We will always use your first result as basis for admission.

I encountered computer problems during the test. Can I restart the test?
Answer: Yes. The proctor of the test will check and reset your test.

Can I change the schedule of my FEU-CAT?
Answer: Yes. Just call the Admissions Office  for rescheduling and make sure you do not lose your Official Receipt.

I did not receive a notification letter regarding my test result. How do I know the result?
Answer: Test results can be accessed through the website.

How many semesters do you have per school year?
Answer: We have 2 semesters per school year.

How much is your tuition and other school fees?
Answer: For more information on tuition and other fees, click HERE for more details.

Enrollment Related

Where do I get information on enrollment procedures and schedules?
Answer: Enrollment information are included in your notification letter and in your test results in the website.

What is the Admission Control Number?
Answer: This is the number you will use for your first enrollment in FEU. It is printed in your notification letter and in your test results in the website.

Do I need to be accompanied by my parents during enrollment?
Answer: If you are below 18 years of age, you will need to be accompanied by a parent or a guardian of legal age.

Can I still avail of the 5% discount if I pay the remaining balance in full?
Answer: You can still avail the 5% discount if you pay the remainder of the balance within 10 days of the start of classes.

Can I still change my schedule/ block section?
Answer: No. Once enrolled, you are not allowed to change your schedule/ block section anymore.

I lost my Certificate of Registration (COR), can I still have it replaced?
Answer: Yes. You would need to pay at the Cashier for a reprint. The Registrar’s Office will print you a new copy.

First Week of Classes

I still do not have a uniform. Can I go to class in civilian attire?
Answer: Yes. You are given three (3) weeks from the start of classes to secure uniforms. While in civilian attire, you are still required to wear your ID and bring your COR.

Where do I purchase PE uniforms?
Answer: PE uniforms are also available at the Cooperative Store.

Where do I report if I have problems with the uniforms I ordered?
Answer: You may report this at the Office of Student Discipline.

If I don’t have a class and I go to FEU, can I be in civilian attire?
Answer: It is advisable to be in uniform inside the campus whether you have a class or not.

When is the freshmen orientation?
Answer: The schedules will be posted in your institute bulletin boards.

Where do I purchase textbooks?
Answer: Textbooks are available at the TAMS Bookstore, near Gate 2.

 Will I be allowed to take the prelims or the midterms if I do not pay my remaining balance?
Answer: FEU has a promissory note system. The Treasurer’s Office will post schedules for application and submission. If your promissory note is approved, you will be allowed to take the exams.

Where can I find information on academic policies?
Answer: You can find all information in the Student Handbook. All freshmen will be given a Student Handbook. Distribution will be announced during the semester.

Where can I purchase FEU souvenir items such as jackets, t-shirts and ID laces?
Answer: You can purchase these in the TAMS Bookstore, near Gate 2.

What if I want to change my password in the Student Portal? What do I do?
Answer: The facility to change password is available at Office of Student Development and Leadership or at the Electronic Library, Nicanor Reyes Hall.

Where do I request for a prospectus of my degree program?
Answer: You may request the prospectus at your Institute Secretariats.