“King Tamaraw” Dr. Ramon Ang launches scholarship program with FEU

From L-R FEU Assistant Vice President for Academic Services Joeven R. Castro, FEU Institute of Technology Executive Director Benson Tan, FEU President Dr. Michael M. Alba, FEU Chairman Aurelio R. Montinola, SMC President and COO Dr. Ramon S. Ang, FEU Chair Emeritus Lourdes R. Montinola, FEU Chief Financial Officer Juan Miguel R. Montinola, SMC VP for Corporate Affairs Maria Raquel Paula G. Lichauco, FEU Admissions and Financial Assistance Director Dr. Michelle Acomular and SMC Corporate Human Resources Vice President Casiano B. Cabalan.

From L-R FEU Assistant Vice President for Academic Services Joeven R. Castro, FEU Institute of Technology Executive Director Benson Tan, FEU President Dr. Michael M. Alba, FEU Chairman Aurelio R. Montinola, SMC President and COO Dr. Ramon S. Ang, FEU Chair Emeritus Lourdes R. Montinola, FEU Chief Financial Officer Juan Miguel R. Montinola, SMC VP for Corporate Affairs Maria Raquel Paula G. Lichauco, FEU Admissions and Financial Assistance Director Dr. Michelle Acomular and SMC Corporate Human Resources Vice President Casiano B. Cabalan.

Far Eastern University Outstanding Alumnus Dr. Ramon S. Ang credited his tremendous success in business to his time as a working student in FEU and now wants to extend the same opportunity for deserving but less-privileged students.

FEU and Dr. Ang, San Miguel Corporation’s (SMC) President and Chief Operating Officer, reached an agreement on November 27, 2018 at the San Miguel Corporation Head Office on financial aid for students. This will be open for students in board programs such as Medical Technology, Architecture, Psychology, Accountancy, Education and Nursing under FEU Manila and Engineering at the FEU Institute of Technology.

Dr. Ang’s first of many donations will go to the OneFEUFund campaign.

“Thank You, Ramon and San Miguel, for helping us successfully launch a OneFEUFund campaign on the occasion of our 90th Founding Anniversary this year, and our dream of raising Php100 million over the next ten years from our faithful and supportive Alumni. In one super generous manner, through your efforts, we have taken a major step towards achieving our target even before our December 8, 2018 Grand Alumni Homecoming in Morayta, Mabuhay, our King Tamaraw!” according to FEU Chairman Aurelio R. Montinola III.

Around 300 students will benefit from the scholarship program that will run for the next 10 years to coincide with FEU’s 100th Founding Anniversary in 2028.


Dr. Ang graduated in 1980 with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He was conferred with the degree of Doctor of Business Engineering Honoris Causa during the 90th General Commencement Exercises last June 27, 2018 at the Philippine International Convention Center.

“FEU has taught me well. FEU made me what I am today. Looking back, being a working student helped me become more equipped to deal with people from all walks of life. One of the reasons for my accomplishments is because of my ability to read people and situations. I am able to adapt. I make tough decisions based on gut instinct,” he said during his commencement address.

Café Alfredo is SSEAYP’s benchmark on campus-based student entrepreneurship


The Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Program (SSEAYP) and the National Youth Commission (NYC) visited Far Eastern University, Manila to learn about the operations of Café Alfredo, a campus-based coffee shop managed by Hotel Restaurant Management (HRM) students and resident chefs of the Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (ITHM). The institutional visit was held on November 18.

Thirty (30) youth ambassadors of goodwill who are students and guests from Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan had an educational exposure to the operations of Café Alfredo. The beverages and pastries sold at café are prepared by HRM students under the supervision of its faculty chefs Aleli Aseremo and Andrea Tiu and café manager John Malonzo.

HRM students and resident chefs also showcased their culinary talent and FEU’s brand of hospitality by serving halal-friendly lunch.

The delegates also attended a tour of the UNESCO-awarded campus for its largest ensemble of well-preserved Art Deco Architecture in the Philippines. The tour was run by the FEU Guides composed mostly of Tourism students.

“It was a great experience for both our students and the international youth delegates to socialize and interact with each other. We are excited to host similar events in the future and we look forward to a sustainable and fruitful partnership with NYC,” said Joy Sheelah Baraero-Era, ITHM dean.

SSEAYP, now on its 45th leg, is an annual cultural exchange program among the youth from Southeast Asia and Japan. The partnership with NYC was made possible by Academic Services, Student Development, and ITHM.


Banking exec mentors IABF student leaders

BA First Year students with Mr. Herminio M. Famatigan J., resource speaker and BA Assistant Program Head, Dr. Marietta C. Israel

BA First Year students with Mr. Herminio M. Famatigan J., resource speaker and BA Assistant Program Head, Dr. Marietta C. Israel

The Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance, Business Administration held a two day Student Leadership and Decision Making Seminar last November 8 and 9, 2018 at University Conference Center with the theme: Empowerment and Transformation. The resource speaker was Mr. Herminio M. Famatigan Jr., former CEO of Maybank. This was participated by students currently enrolled in MGT1101: Leadership and Decision Making.

The event was headed by BA Assistant program head, Dr. Marietta C. Israel, BA Program Head, Ms. Maria Carmen B. Lapuz, Associate Dean, Dr. Joselito P. Tem and IABF Dean, Dr. Alma V. Dela Cruz.

BA students shared their learning experience during the seminar:
Mr. Markus Inigo Cabales – “An essential to success is to “re-invent” yourself continuously.”

Ms. Baby Clarisse Perez – “We should follow our dreams because it will make us happy and satisfied that finally we already pursue our true passion through following our dreams.”

Mr. Jefferson Lacson – “Know your priorities and be able to manage your time for there is nothing wrong with having fun while doing what you love.”

Mr. Steven Manansala – “Always be prepared to share, talk and learn from other people.”

Mr. Adrian Rotarta – “Handling different types of people, tips and techniques during the interview.”

Mr. Bren Francisco – “Continue to expand your knowledge for this will help you broaden your perspectives on different things.”

Ms. Sofia Beatriz Pascual – “People must have a dream and purpose. Pain plus rejection results to progress.

Ms. Monique Adeline De Vera – “The essence of knowing your purpose and knowing what you want and how badly you need it.”

Ms. Fatima C. Payad – “All of you in the room have the same skills and knowledge but the hungriest person always take home the bacon.”

Ms. Kristine Marie Dungan – “There is a difference between your hobby and something that you are really passionate about.”
Ms. Ma. Christine Olino – “His purpose is to provoke us to be the better version of ourselves and knowing your priorities in life.”

Mr. Francis Vizcara – “It is rather important to leverage one’s strength than working on one’s weakness as it is greater to excel in something than be average at everything.”

Mr. Kevin Genova – “No matter how good the incentives and salary a company provides, if the work does not align with your purpose in life, you will grow tired and lay behind in terms of performance.”


Game 16: No Excuses! Tams Bowed to a Better Team but Bravely Battled in Season-Ending Game


We survived four must-win games in the homestretch to enter the final four for a sixth consecutive year but was denied entry to the finals for the third straight year in a row by the Ateneo Blue Eagles. 

From the first minutes of the game, Ateneo attacked with eight straight points and never looked back.  They stymied our vaunted outside scoring, limiting us to only four out of twenty-six shots from three-point country and outrebounded us fifty to forty-three.  We were outscored in the first three quarters, but put up a gallant stand in the fourth making the school proud even in a losing effort.


Some Lessons from the Season

In the dug-out, lessons were drawn from this season:

Consistency.  We had a roller-coaster of a season.  We played some great games, but let ourselves down in at least four games.  We played solidly against teams in contention, but let our guards down against lower-ranked teams, thus consigning ourselves to a difficult situation where we had to fight hard for a place in the final four.

Each Game/Practice Session Counts.  In the final analysis, there are no easy nor hard games; each game is important since each game counts.  We approach each game with the same dedication, just as we approach each practice session seriously.  How we play on the court depends on what we are able to accomplish in practice.

Every Player Must Step Up.  We have a 16-man rotation, and each one is important though at times we play back-up or show support from the bench or in the Diliman quarters.  Team chemistry, cohesion and companionship took work to achieve, and even in off-season best maintained.

Thanks to the Graduating Players

While we deserve our break as the season ends, let us keep in mind to improve our conditioning as athletes: stamina, strength and speed; and, to improve our standing as students: serious study to maintain our scholarship. Finally, to remember that the formation of character is an important objective of sports.


To the Graduating Players, Thanks.  To captain Richard, to Arvin, to JR, RJ, Axel and Prince: you have served your school well and made us all proud.  You have had your difficult stretches (a new baby, injury, slumps and suspensions) as well as given us memorable moments that will become part of FEU folklore.  You have overcome the adversities of a challenging year, and our prayer is for you to strive and thrive in the years ahead.

Be Brave, Tamaraws!   Ed Garcia, 26 November 2018

IE student to represent PH in Bahasa Language meet in Indonesia

Indon - Copy

Dominique Jeanne Claire Indon of the FEU Institute of Education emerged as Champion for Oral Category in the Bahasa Language Competition last November 24, 2018 at the Indonesian Embassy. Indon won an all expenses paid trip to Indonesia and will compete as Philippine representative against other winners from different countries.

She will attend the Indonesian Independence Day Ceremony at the President’s Palace and learn more about Indonesia Language and Culture.

Indon together with Nilo Jayuma Castulo, who joined the Essay Writing Category, are products of the Bahasa Language Program of the FEU Academic Development Office.

Game of “Be Brave” moments


The FEU Tamaraws did it again, the hard way! With our backs against the wall, we played a fourth must-win game, and beat LaSalle in the dying seconds to earn a sixth consecutive trip to the UAAP final four.

The thriller was a “game for the books” best described by the cool shot-maker Arvin Tolentino who right away deflected credit by saying that his three-point shot with three seconds to go though more dramatic was as important as any shot made by his teammates in the game as in Prince Orizu’s lone foul throw which indeed was just one point but one was our margin of victory in the 71-70 battle.



He added that It was Ken Tuffin’s step-back jumper seconds earlier that gave us a fighting chance; it was Jasper Parker’s key assists that set the stage for the final comeback. And, it was Barkley Ebona whose 16 rebounds (10 of them offensive boards) against the “triple towers” of LaSalle who displayed the meaning of our “Be Brave” mantra as Coach O put it. In brief, it was a team effort by all on the court, off or on the bench.

Courage, Belief and Focus
In our team-building sessions, we have always discussed three elements in our team’s quest:

  • Adversity Quotient: Our teammates have experienced adversity in life as in the circumstances of our diverse personal and family backgrounds. What makes our team strong has been our capacity to rise above these setbacks and move on. We do not come from comfortable circumstances, but have battled back from adversity. This is the meaning of the adversity quotient (AQ). Our team has a high AQ. This is the reason why we are one brave team.


  • Self/Team Belief: When the Oxford medical student Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile more than six decades ago, people had warned him that it was a barrier no runner could break. But he strove, trained hard, and broke the mile-record. When asked how he did it, his answer was terse: self-belief. This is the same self-belief that the Tamaraws are attempting to cultivate individually and as team. We battled back from four straight defeats, and we played with and for one another, one game at a time. This is the bedrock of our comeback.


  • One Step at a Time: In the story of Edmund Hilary’s pioneering climb to Mount Everest, the quest began one step at a time. Though there were difficulties and detours, the summit was reached though it took time. In the dugout, Coach O begins our sessions with a moment of mindfulness; to refocus and remind ourselves that the challenge in the game requires great effort and energy one possession at a time. Patience, resilience and relentless courage.


We play Ateneo in the final four, the third time we play the defending champion Blue Eagles at this stage of the season. We have beaten them before, and we can do so again. We need all hands on deck, all the effort we can muster, our trust in each other, and our readiness to lay our lives on the line. This is what “Be Brave” means: to play with passion because we care, because we play for each other, because we play for our school and for the Tamaraw Nation.

Ed Garcia

IABF learns from Business Research guru


The Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance Business Administration and Accountancy held its Faculty and Staff Research Seminar 2018 last October 26, 2018 at Admissions Bldg. 207B.

This was participated by faculty members from different discipline and staff. The resource speaker was Dr. Benito L. Teehankee, Full Professor in the Management and Organization Department Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business, De La Salle University.

The outcomes of the seminar that the participants would like to achieve:

  1. 1. Identify a Research Topic they can start writing; 
  2. 2. Be able to write a review of related literature (proper way of doing it); 
  3. 3. Identify the most appropriate theoretical/conceptual framework for the research problem/topic; 
  4. 4. Identify the appropriate research methodology/statistical tools to analyze collected data; 
  5. 5. Write an appropriate survey questionnaire and how to validate;
  6. 6. Know the appropriate/acceptable research format; 
  7. 7. Understand the dynamics of publishing (and also the format);and 
  8.  8. Appropriate target journals:  both local and International (Scopus, ISI).



Seize the opportune moment

46477022_10157059447285288_6209020339045793792_oIn a stunning turn of events, the FEU Tamaraws were presented with an opportunity to rise above the adversities of games past. And, in the last game of the second round, the last of the season, we beat the Falcons of Adamson in a most resounding manner, 82-56. We took advantage of the fact that their top two scorers were unable to play, but we deserved the win by playing high-intensity near-flawless basketball for four quarters, not one but four.

It was a dominant display of tenacious basketball on both ends of the court – shooting a high 55% percentage, and in the first half alone converting 7 of 11 three pointers; guarding fiercely, rebounding and boxing out consistently without giving the Falcons room to fly nor breathe. From a 10-0 start which led to a 46-22 half-time score to 70-40 in the third frame, FEU gave no quarters. The off-the-bench players supported our starting five resulting in a rare feat of fifteen players all scoring in a balanced attack. Every single member of the team contributed on the court, cheered from the bench as well as gave quiet encouragement in the dugout.


Another Step Forward to Turn Things Around
But winning this game only moves us another step forward; we still have not achieved what we set out to do when we began the arduous task of turning things around. Next comes the playoff for the last final four slot. We play the LaSalle Green Archers whom we beat in our very first game, and who in turn beat us in the second round. This time there are no tomorrows, no second chances; there is this time, and that is it!

We are prepared for this game: tactically, physically and mentally. As we have done in the past, we just focus on one game – the game against the Green Archers the day after tomorrow, Wednesday. In this way, we hope and will prevail.


Fight Back, Tamaraws!
Three things, among others, have propelled us in our comeback, better still, our fightback:
• We are moved, motivated and will sustain our momentum;
• We are stronger after having won some, lost some; we have played with our backs against the wall in the past three must-win games, and we have recognized our limitations in defense and our shortcomings in rebounding. Now we are determined to make mid-course corrections and not give up – not at this time.
• We will strengthen our will to win, now that our destiny is in our hands. Together as a team capable of playing with and for each other, our confidence grows and our will to win is stronger more than at any other time.

A Call to the Tamaraw Nation
In this playoff game, there is one factor that is crucial. In the 2015 championship run, there was a decisive actor who played a critical role: the Tamaraw Nation. We call on the students, teachers, officials and alumni of FEU to support the team and become our sixth man on the floor. To the schoolmates, fans and friends of our Tamaraws’ Team: come, and join us. Be Brave!

Ed Garcia, 19 November 2018

Mangahas leads FEU winners in 51st Shell Art Comp

Patricia Mangahas bagged the grandprize in the digital category of the 51st Shell National Students Art Competition.

Patricia Mangahas bagged the grandprize in the digital category of the 51st Shell National Students Art Competition.

Far Eastern University made a strong showing in the 51st Shell National Students Art Competition, which carried the theme “Perspective”. The awarding ceremony was held last November 12, 2018 at the Ayala Museum, Makati City.

Patricia M. Mangahas was the big winner among the bets from the FEU Institute of Architecture and Fine Arts as she copped First Place in the Digital Fine Arts Category. She was mentored by Prof. Dexter Sy.

Below are the other top performers from FEU:

Isabella Wesly Bautizado
Mentor: Archie Jacinto

Rusell P. Moaje
Mentor: Archie Jacinto

Christian M. Casimiro
Mentor: Dexter Sy

Loralie Gale Lao
Mentor: Archie Jacinto

Jean Lawrance Punzalan
Mentor: Alex Dalit

Isaiah James Supe
Mentor: Jerry Macatuno

Romell Tingzon
Mentor: Jerry Macatuno

Venus Camille Torres
Mentor: Dexter Sy

Luke Socrates Desales
Mentor: Alex Dalit

The students were assisted by Fine Arts Competition Coordinators
Prof. Manuel Billoso and Prof. Jerry Macatuno.

The FEU student contingent at the 51st Shell National Students Art Competition.

The FEU student contingent at the 51st Shell National Students Art Competition.