Banking exec mentors IABF student leaders

BA First Year students with Mr. Herminio M. Famatigan J., resource speaker and BA Assistant Program Head, Dr. Marietta C. Israel

BA First Year students with Mr. Herminio M. Famatigan J., resource speaker and BA Assistant Program Head, Dr. Marietta C. Israel

The Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance, Business Administration held a two day Student Leadership and Decision Making Seminar last November 8 and 9, 2018 at University Conference Center with the theme: Empowerment and Transformation. The resource speaker was Mr. Herminio M. Famatigan Jr., former CEO of Maybank. This was participated by students currently enrolled in MGT1101: Leadership and Decision Making.

The event was headed by BA Assistant program head, Dr. Marietta C. Israel, BA Program Head, Ms. Maria Carmen B. Lapuz, Associate Dean, Dr. Joselito P. Tem and IABF Dean, Dr. Alma V. Dela Cruz.

BA students shared their learning experience during the seminar:
Mr. Markus Inigo Cabales – “An essential to success is to “re-invent” yourself continuously.”

Ms. Baby Clarisse Perez – “We should follow our dreams because it will make us happy and satisfied that finally we already pursue our true passion through following our dreams.”

Mr. Jefferson Lacson – “Know your priorities and be able to manage your time for there is nothing wrong with having fun while doing what you love.”

Mr. Steven Manansala – “Always be prepared to share, talk and learn from other people.”

Mr. Adrian Rotarta – “Handling different types of people, tips and techniques during the interview.”

Mr. Bren Francisco – “Continue to expand your knowledge for this will help you broaden your perspectives on different things.”

Ms. Sofia Beatriz Pascual – “People must have a dream and purpose. Pain plus rejection results to progress.

Ms. Monique Adeline De Vera – “The essence of knowing your purpose and knowing what you want and how badly you need it.”

Ms. Fatima C. Payad – “All of you in the room have the same skills and knowledge but the hungriest person always take home the bacon.”

Ms. Kristine Marie Dungan – “There is a difference between your hobby and something that you are really passionate about.”
Ms. Ma. Christine Olino – “His purpose is to provoke us to be the better version of ourselves and knowing your priorities in life.”

Mr. Francis Vizcara – “It is rather important to leverage one’s strength than working on one’s weakness as it is greater to excel in something than be average at everything.”

Mr. Kevin Genova – “No matter how good the incentives and salary a company provides, if the work does not align with your purpose in life, you will grow tired and lay behind in terms of performance.”