Campus Life

The FEU campus teems with various student activities. There are 56 active student organizations in FEU, under the supervision of the Office of the Student Affairs and the FEU Central Student Council or FEUCSO, that fill the school year with numerous co-curricula projects. In this aspect, FEU is different from other universities since full management support is given to relevant student initiated programs.

Aside from the traditional activities such as general assemblies and team building activities, student organizations initiate other student-centered activities such as fairs, concerts, weekly performances, symposia on current and relevant issues, seminars, workshops, contests, and other projects in support of university-wide events.

Amid the fun and excitement generated by these programs, student organizations do not forget to support community outreach programs that benefit less and privileged mebers of society. This among other initiatives, makes for a complete and dynamic student experience throught co-curricular activities.