Community Extension Services

Community Extension Services (CES), which is under the Academic Development Office, takes the lead in implementing research-based community extension programs of the University. It also serves to coordinate, monitor, and evaluate the extension services rendered by the various institutes/programs in the adopted communities of the University.

CES focuses on biodiversity and sustainability, urban studies and renewal, and cultural preservation and dissemination, all in line with FEU’s Aspiration 2020. Its key program areas include people empowerment, socio-economic upliftment, environmental education, and cultural heritage conservation. People empowerment covers the health-related services,

Health related services (1) - Luzelle Ormita


Health related services (2) - Luzelle Ormita


as well as the psycho-educational,

Psycho-educational (3) - Luzelle Ormita

media, and literacy programs.

Literacy Programs (4) - Luzelle Ormita

Socio-economic upliftment can be achieved through small scale business seminars,

Small scale business (5) - Luzelle Ormita

entrepreneurship trainings, and livelihood programs. Environmental education includes programs on urban renewal, food hygiene,

Food Hygiene (6) - Luzelle Ormita

and sanitation trainings.

Cultural heritage conservation

Heritage Conservation (7) - Luzelle Ormita

consists of activities on preservation of cultural heritage sites and promotion of Filipino customs.

CES programs have their origins in community-based researches and are carried out, principally, by the faculty. Programs inspired by research findings are administered by various university stakeholders – staff, students, alumni, and other faculty. CES key programs also facilitate a more holistic approach towards helping each adopted community achieve sustainable development reflected in the improved lives of its constituents.