FEU G&C director appointed as PRC CPD Council member

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Dr. Sheila Marie Hocson, director of Far Eastern University’s Guidance and Counseling (G&C), was appointed as a member of the Professional Regulatory Commission’s (PRC) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Council.

The two-year appointment will task Hocson and fellow Council members to promote, ensure, and implement the continuous improvement of knowledge, skills, and competencies of guidance and counseling professionals in accordance with the national, regional, and international standards of practice. Among other functions, the Council will act on the applications of CPD providers and monitor and evaluate the CPD programs.

Hocson’s new appointment succeeds her presidency of the Philippine Guidance and Counseling Association (PGCA), which recently won the Best Innovative Practice Award conferred by the American Counseling Association National Awards 2018 and sponsored by Capella University in Atlanta, USA. Hocson has also traveled in the country and abroad as a speaker for her advocacy on cyber-bullying, mental health, career, parenting, and managing the millennials, I-Gens, and Alpha Gens.

“The new appointment is a challenge to provide dynamic, responsive, proactive, evidence-based, and advocacy-driven guidance and counseling programs not only for FEU but for other universities in the country. Relevant and regular training for guidance counselors entails better professional practices that help advance the holistic development of students,” said Hocson.

Major upgrade in FEU and Thomson Reuters partnership

Thomson Reuters Manila (TR Manila) has strengthened its industry-academe partnership by supplying computer terminals equipped with its flagship product Eikon to the Far Eastern University (FEU).

Eikon – a set of financial analysis tools – will be used by students of the Institute of Accounts, Business, and Finance (IABF) and will support a more meaningful learning experience by providing them with access to real-time stock market data, analytics, trading and messaging tools for different asset classes.

Michelle Bautista, director of the Placement Office, said: “Our fruitful partnership began in 2016 and spans resource sharing, faculty and student training, internships and job postings”.DSC_9257

Peter Buenaseda, Senior Site Officer and Head of Human Resources at Thomson Reuters added: “Eikon is an extremely useful tool that will help future financial analysts make evidence or market-based decisions. The ability to understand and analyze big data is a critical skill for the job markets of the future and we’d like to develop this highly technical skill among students now”

“More and more IABF curriculums will be powered by input from our industry partners and advisers. This is to ensure the alignment of our students’ training with the demands of the business ecology,” added Alma Dela Cruz, IABF dean.

The ceremony to mark the occasion was held at the FEU in their Interactive Laboratory and ManCom Room – two future-ready facilities that boast of a collaborative space and an intelligent board. Attendees at the event included representatives from Thomson Reuters Manila, led by Peter Buenaseda, Senior Site Officer and Head of Human Resources, while the FEU officials and faculty were led by Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Maria Teresa Trinidad Tinio.


Baccalaureate Mass Address to the Graduating Class of 2018


My dear Class of 2018,

First and foremost, on behalf of the FEU Community I congratulate each and every member of your graduating class for this achievement of a lifetime. Even in this day and age, only a small minority of Filipinos who are 20 years or older have college degrees – 17.1 percent, if you care to put a number, according to data from the October Round of the 2015 Labor Force Survey of the Philippine Statistics Authority. This accomplishment thus ushers you into the elite ranks of our countrymen, priming you to succeed in both the world of work and life – all the more so because you are graduating from one of the top academic institutions of the country.

For this milestone feat, you have yourself to thank for all the hard work that you’ve put in as an FEU student over the last few years. But be mindful as well that you owe debts of gratitude to the people who supported, accompanied, guided, and mentored you in your learning journey: your parents, guardians, and benefactors; your family and friends; and the staff, faculty, administrators, trustees, and even the alumni of FEU. Be thankful to and for your teachers especially. In reference to them may be appropriated the following verse from the Book of Daniel (12:3): “Those who are learned will be as radiant as the sky in all its beauty; those who instruct the people in goodness will shine like the stars for all eternity.” Be appreciative, too, of the generous gift that FEU has bestowed upon you – your college experience in all its dimensions, which will reach its apex when you receive your college diploma next week.

I don’t know if you’ve given it much thought, but what makes your college experience distinctive and unique is that it occurred during one of the most disruptive and tumultuous periods in recent memory for the country, in general, and the Philippine education sector, in particular.

Recall the following events and developments of the last four years:

  • When you came in as freshmen students in June 2014, the country was still reeling from the devastation wrought by Super Typhoon Yolanda.
  • In January 2015, 44 troops of the Philippine National Police Special Action Force were killed in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, in a firefight with the Bangsmoro Islamic Freedom Fighters and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, in the aftermath of a police operation to neutralize Malaysian terrorist and bomb-maker Zulkifli Abdhir (better known by his nom de guerre, Marwan).
  • As a side note, in 2015 FEU won the UAAP Season 78 men’s basketball championship.
  • In 2016 a tsunami wave of populism swept the world, as evidenced by the Brexit vote and election outcomes in different countries. Post-truth politics, which does not value facts and reasoned inquiry and which eschews intellectual rigor, has since become the order of the day.
  • 2016 also saw the emergence of the misuse of social media in shaping public opinion. Misappropriations ranged from the deployment of troll armies to exploiting social-media algorithms to influence the narratives of issues or promote fake news.
  • Since mid-2016, the country has been emotionally wrenched by drug-related extra judicial killings that now number in the thousands.
  • In November 2016, the remains of former President Ferdinand Marcos were transferred to the Libingan ng mga Bayani with full military honors, to widespread protest.
  • Due to the enactment of Republic Act 10533 or the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013, which increased the number of grade levels of basic education, you are the second to the last class that went through the ten-year basic education program of the post-World War II years. As a consequence, in your junior and senior years, FEU had fewer college students than usual, because Grade 10 completers were required to attend senior high school.
  • In your junior year (AY 2016‒2017), FEU shifted its academic calendar, and the school year started in August.
  • In May to October last year, Marawi City in Lanao del Sur was ravaged by armed conflict between the Armed Forces of the Philippines and militants affiliated with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).
  • As a consequence of the Marawi crisis, martial law was declared in Mindanao in May last year and will continue to be in place until at least the end of this year.
  • Eight days ago, a team of scientists reported in the journal Science that 150 million lightyears away, in a pair of colliding galaxies known as Arp 299, an unfortunate star strayed too close to a black hole and was being ripped apart, with half of it being sucked into the black hole and the other half being spit outward in a fiery blaze of energy at one-fourth the speed of light.
  • Two days ago, the Supreme Court affirmed with finality its decision to oust Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno on the basis of the quo warranto plea of Solicitor General Jose Calida.

With all these occurrences forming the backdrop of your time in FEU, I hope that they brought on the realization that you had to take FEU’s curricular and co-curricular offerings more seriously, because your FEU education would empower you to more deeply discern the signs of the times and their consequences for you personally and for our country. Perhaps more importantly, I hope that the aforementioned events were instrumental in instilling in you a deep desire and a lifelong commitment to persistently improve yourself and contribute positively to the state of affairs of our country.


Of course, what is more certain, given that you share it with all other graduating classes of FEU, is that, armed with your FEU education, you are leaving the sheltered life of the university student well prepared to ably navigate the rough seas of your life ahead. You simply need to fully embrace the core values, symbols, exhortations, and emblems of FEU to whom you will be sealed as her alumni in your commencement exercises next week. So always practice our core values of fortitude, excellence, and uprightness. When facing adversities, steel yourself and be brave as our founder earnestly urged. Be a tamaraw, admired by our founder for its intelligence and aggressiveness. Value intellectual pursuits and our nationalist ideals as projected in our university seal, in which a sarimanok heralds with nationalistic pride the academic disciplines of the university, which are represented by an eight-pointed star in the coat of arms. Be respectful of our university motto, Sapientia Regnat, which means Wisdom Rules.

Beyond this, may I suggest that you explore the philosophy of Personalism and consider adopting it as the way of conducting yourself? I myself have just read about it in an op-ed column of David Brooks that was published in the June 14, 2018, issue of the New York Times. Brooks says that personalism is about acknowledging the “infinite uniqueness and depth of each person” – that “there is a depth, complexity, and superabundance to each human personality that gives each person unique, infinite dignity.” In turn, because “infinite worth is inherent in being human, … [e]very encounter is a meeting of equals. [Hence,] [d]oing community service [for example] isn’t about saving the poor; it’s a meeting of absolute equals as both seek to change and grow.”

Brooks goes on to say that to be a personalist is to take on three responsibilities: First, one must “see each … person in his or her full depth” rather than in caricatures or as data points, even “the security guard in your building or the office worker down the hall.” Second, one must be “self-gifting,” an idea drawn from the philosopher Jacques Maritain who wrote that “[t]he reason for life … is ‘self-mastery for the purpose of self-giving.’” Third, one must make oneself available to others; one must give time to give the gift of self to and receive the same from others.

I am making this appeal because, ultimately, we cannot be alone unto ourselves. We are meant for others. We are meant for each other.

Indeed, we are transcendent beings. We are meant for more than this sensible, physical universe, more than the here-and-now. We can aspire for greater things. We can set ourselves to answer to a higher calling. After all, I’m sure that we have each sensed, at certain points in our lives, the stirrings of angels’ wings, which, though unseen and unheard, left their marks nonetheless in the depths of our soul.

Given all the foregoing, as you take leave of your alma mater, my prayer for you is: May your lives be filled with goodness, love, happiness, and fulfillment. Go forth and be brave!


Dr. Michael M. Alba
FEU President






Award-winning FEU short films compete at FACINE 25

Boyet Loves You poster

by Prof. Seymour Sanchez (FEU Department of Communications)

Four student films from Far Eastern University will vie for the Best Short Film at FACINE 25: The 25th Annual Filipino International Cine Festival, considered the largest and longest-running festival of its kind in North America.

Boyet Loves You and Caterwaul, both directed by Josel Fajardo, Pua Iyam by Juan Pablo Pineda III and Touch Move by Frances Louise Giner made it as finalists in the event organized by the Filipino Arts and Cinema International in San Francisco, California. Fajardo, Pineda and Giner are all alumni of the FEU Film Society.

The silver anniversary of the film festival will open with the short film competition on October 18 at the San Francisco Main Library and the SF Philippine Consulate while the main competition will be held from October 19 to 21 at the historic Roxie Theater.

In Boyet Loves You, which is also a short film finalist in the CineFilipino Film Festival 2018 Open category, Gab (Sari Estrada) wants to introduce her best friend Mari (Kat Galang) to Boyet. The problem is, only she can see Boyet. The comedy-horror flick bagged the Best Film, Best Direction, Best Editing, Best Sound and Best Performance awards at Sinepiyu 2017′s Golden Reel category.

One of the memorable scenes in Caterwaul.

One of the memorable scenes in Caterwaul.

Caterwaul is a film where painful secrets are revealed at two girls’ sleepover. While watching an R-rated movie, a girl (Andrei Eunice Osano) shares her first sexual experience and re-enacts it to a friend (Quennie Abuyuan), who does not know that she’s in for a dark revelation. The seven-minute drama won the Gold Prize in the Viddsee Juree Philippines Awards.

In Pua Iyam (Coming Out), a young Filipino-Chinese student (Rowi Du) comes out to his childhood friend (Raphael Cruz). The short film brought home Best Screenplay and Best Actor in a Lead Role at the 9th Largabista Film Festival in Tacloban City, Leyte; a special citation on gender sensitivity from the first Palawan International Film Festival; Best Film, Best Director, Best Performance and Best Poster at Sinepiyu 2017′s Black Reel category; Gold Award for Best Picture, Outstanding Direction, Design Excellence and Technical Excellence awards at CineSB 7: The Main Installment’s Sibol category; Best Cinematography and another special citation from Piling Obrang Vidyo XIV; and Cardinal Bronze Film Award, Best Film Editing and Best Cinematography at CineMapúa 2018′s intercollegiate category.

Touch Move Poster

With characters as chess pieces, Touch Move depicts the difficulty of moving on. The film won Best Screenplay, Best Production Design, Best Sound and Second Prize at Sinepiyu 2017′s Black Reel Category. It also garnered different awards from the Ateneo Video Open, Pelikultura: The CALABARZON Film Festival and 9th Largabista Film Festival.

The short film finalists, which were selected out of 125 submissions to the competition, have a wide range of format, genre, style and subject, all 45 minutes and less in length, both student and professional works, including works by non-Filipino filmmakers with Filipinos as subject. The best short film will be awarded a $100 cash prize and Certificate of Recognition. Special citations will also be awarded in any category upon the discretion of the Jury.

Meanwhile, FACINE relaunches its main competition section with nine full-length films vying for awards in different categories. The finalists are 2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten written by Jason Paul Laxamana and directed by Petersen Vargas, Bomba (The Bomb) by Ralston Jover, Kita Kita (I See You) by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo, Meet Me in St. Gallen by Irene Emma Villamor, Melodrama/Random/Melbourne by Matthew Victor Pastor, Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha (The Family That Never Weeps) by Mes de Guzman, Pauwi Na (Pedicab) by Paolo Villaluna, Tale of the Lost Boys by Joselito Altarejos, and Tu Pug Imatuy (Right to Kill) written by Arnel Mardoquio and directed by Arbi Barbarona.

PUA IYAM poster

FACINE is a nonprofit media arts organization that aims to promote and develop Filipino cinema as a social document of cultural heritage, and as medium of artistic expression. Dedicated to empowering artists and audiences on films that speak about Filipino communities globally, FACINE has organized the festival for the past 25 years and it also hosts film-related events in the SF Bay Area.

HRM students shine in City Garden Grand Hotel competition

Christine Villaroman - 1st Place Food Styling

Bets from the FEU Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management won a number of awards in the recent City Garden Grand Hotel Grand Skills Competition.

Hotel and Restaurant Management student Christine V. Villaroman claimed 1st place in the Food art category with her Gourmet Pinipinig Bico and Sapin Sapin dish. The dish’s taste, presentation and unique flavors were inspired by the Flores De Mayo tradition. She was coached by Prof. Harold Bueno and Chef John Lester Tuason.

Table Setting Competition - 2nd Place 3
HRM students Mharvi Ryusuke Sato, Calvin Kyle Malavi and Roma Alysa Chales Sanchez notched second place in the table set up with centerpiece category with the theme “Grand Filipino Wedding”. They were coached by Chef Rose Corpuz, Chef Tuason, and Prof. Bueno.

The trio’s concept was a fusion of Filipino and Spanish culture with an enchanting story of a Filipina hero marrying a Spanish man. The team used a wide variety of utensils and antique glass wares to accomplish their final set up that was enough to earn the silver.


Meanwhile, Lynchor Dimaculangan won 3rd Place in the Bartending Competition. Lynchor’s cocktail named “Gu-chee” highlighted Filipino flavours, creating a taste of sweetness and sourness of Guyabano and Lychee. It also had a twist of Grand Marnier Liqueur with orange flavor and blended with Bacardi gold rum to produce an intense taste.

Christine Villaroman - 1st Place Food Styling Awarding Table Setting Competition - 2nd Place


FEU Tourism waves PH flag in PATA Annual Summit 2018

pas2 - Dominique Martel Soriano

PATA Philippines FEU Student Chapter represented the Philippines in the PATA Annual Summit 2018 at Lakai Sandpine, Gangwon, South Korea from May 17 to May 20, 2018.

PATA Annual Summit 2018 with the theme ‘Building Bridges, Connecting People: How Collaboration Creates Opportunities’ brought together hundreds of thought leaders, industry movers, and decision makers from Asia Pacific. Delegates were able to expand their network, become aware of international issues the industry is facing today and, at the same time, appreciate the wonders and rich culture of the Republic of Korea.

The PATA Youth Symposium held at Gangneung-Wonju National University kicked off the summit. It focused on how future hospitality professionals are going to access career opportunities as well as how they are going to prepare themselves for the international tourism industry. It was participated by students from different parts of the world including the Philippines, Macao, China, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Canada.

pas3 - Dominique Martel Soriano

During the one – day conference on the second day of PAS 2018 at Lakai Sandpine, delegates heard insights from international tourism leaders about the present and possible trends affecting the Asia Pacific tourism landscape. The conference focused on four topics: harmonizing local interests with global sustainability in tourism development, designing intermodal connectivity for destination competitiveness, bridging the gender gap in the hospitality industry, and the human touch in a digital marketing world.

The highlight of the conference was the arrival and presence of His Excellency Ban Ki-Moon.

The conference was concluded with the announcement of the Philippines as the host country for PATA Annual Summit 2019 that is going to be held at Cebu on May 9 to May 12, 2019.

pas1 - Dominique Martel Soriano

The other event of the one – day conference is the UNWTO/PATA Leaders Debate. The debate centered on overcapacity or resilience and crisis management, which are the biggest challenges of the industry. Sharanjit Leyl, BBC World News presenter and producer, served as the moderator of the debate, which also touched on the recent closure of Boracay Island.

During the final day, the PATA Philippines FEU Student Chapter along with Prof. Dominique Martel Soriano, Program Head of the ITHM Tourism Department, were invited to an exclusive breakfast with Dr. Mario Hardy, the Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Asia Travel Association. The delegates maximized the opportunity by discussing the goals for next year’s local hosting.

pas6 - Dominique Martel Soriano

FEU launches new student excellence awards

Commencement Meds_FINAL

To promote the diverse interests of its learners, Far Eastern University has launched two new outstanding student awards. The additional awards will complement the current Dr. Nicanor Reyes Leadership Award bestowed upon a student who has exhibited excellence in leadership, academics and community involvement. “The award puts emphasis on community service while balancing other school-related responsibilities similar to the social consciousness manifested by the FEU founder,” stressed Lenore Delos Santos, Student Development (SDEV) director. SDEV is in charge of this leadership search.

For student-artists who have excelled in a creative field as a perfomer or advocate of social change through literature, theater, digital media arts, among others, the Dr. Lourdes Reyes Montinola Arts and Culture Award will be conferred. “The Chair Emeritus carries the torch for arts, heritage and culture and naming the award after her inspires others to pursue her advocacy,” said Martin Lopez, director of the President’s Committee on Culture (PCC). Dr. Montinola is a champion of FEU’s vibrant culture and arts program and the University’s recognition by UNESCO for its well-preserved ensemble of Art Deco buildings, the largest of its kind in the Asia-Pacific region. PCC will be screening the award’s nominees.

For student-athletes who have had exemplary sports performance in the national or international level, the Alfredo Reyes Sports Excellence Award will be granted. The awardee, aside from having consistently garnered impressive wins in a specific sports category, ensures that a legacy anchored on the highest degree of sportsmanship is passed on to the university’s next cohort of athletes. “Mr. Alfredo Reyes’ support for a dynamic sports program during his stint as an FEU Physical Education director and vice president befits an award dubbed after him. The initiatives at that time had a long-term impact on FEU’s reputation and performance as one of the strongest sports programs in the country,” remarked Mark Molina, Athletics director. The Athletics Department will spearhead this search.

Only graduating students are eligible to apply or be nominated by their peers. All awards, if any student qualifies, will be given during the Commencement Exercises 2018. Only one awardee per category will be selected annually.

“We believe that learning beyond the classroom creates a more meaningful academic journey. The awards show how FEU supports holistic education. These also emphasize that learning used for a greater cause fulfills one of the aims of liberal education—develop more humane graduates,” said Joeven R. Castro, assistant vice president for Academic Services and main proponent of the new awards.

Details of the awards can be accessed on https://feu-clip.weebly.com/leadership-searches.html


ITHM duo claims silver in Philippine Food Expo meet

Chef Renz Charles Bartonico with Elizabeth Cuevas (Student) Placed 2nd in the Healthy Pasta Competition.

Chef Renz Charles Bartonico with Elizabeth Cuevas (Student) Placed 2nd in the Healthy Pasta Competition.

FEU Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management made a good showing in the Philippine Food Expo 2018′s culinary competition held last April 20- 22, 2018 at the SMX Convention Center Manila. The duo of Chef Renz Charles Bartonico and Hotel and Restaurant Management student Elizabeth Cuevas won the silver in the Healthy Pasta Category competition. The winners prepared Malunggay, Chia seeds pasta with a trio of tomato and grilled vegetables in pesto sauce and balsamic glaze topped with fresh ricotta cheese.

Two FEU teams joined the Food Styling and Photography category. HRM students Alyssa Dela Cruz and Sarah Cabello coached by Chef Aleli Aseremo presented a dish called “Embrace the Filipino Culture”, while ldrin Ragas and Nicole Legaspi coached by Chef JL Tuason named their dish “Sinupsup”.

Under the Mystery Ingredient Category, Elizer John Orlanda teamed with Chef Andrea Criszle Tiu. The duo prepared three course dishes for two servings with sampaloc as the mystery ingredient. These were the products the team prepared, for the appetizer: Pork Floss Pomelo Salad with Sampaloc Vinaigrette; main dish: Grilled Prawns with Lemongrass Coconut Cream Sauce and Sampaloc Reduction and Pineapple Black Rice Pilaf; and for dessert: Banana Pandan Crepe with Sampaloc Caramel and Sampaloc Glaze Nuts.

FEU ITHM continuously trains and develops the culinary skills of students through its different culinary courses and holds different in house competitions between different sections of Cularts, Bakesci and Int’ Cuisine to find deserving talents that can represent the university in major competitions.


3 4


In Photos: TAMVOWS 2018

Last Febuary 28, 2018, 12 couples formally tied the knot during the annual TAMVOWS of the FEU Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management. Now on its 5th year, TAMVOWS is organized by a select ITHM events class, which takes care of all requirements needed to hold a mass wedding including venue, food, ceremony, legal documents, logistics support and sponsors.

This is also part of FEU’s social responsibility program as it sponsors the wedding of couples who cannot afford a formal wedding. Couples from the maintenance department, security and adopted communities have been the primary participants.


256 7

Comm students top Elev8 Media competition


FEU Bachelor of Arts in Communication juniors Ronnel “Thirdy” Rivera III, Paul Jerald Muñoz and Andrew Kyle Aquino (not in the photos) took home First Place in the recent Elev8 Media Brand Slogan Contest 2018. The group’s entry “Spaces that Sell” earned the nod of the judges in the contest that carried the theme “WTF!: Witty Trendy on-Fleek, Evolving Culture, Elevating Ideas”.

The group was trained by Department of Communication faculty Anansa Consumido, Rommel Marvin Rio, and Mari Jina Andaya.

They received 10,000 pesos cash prize, medals, and a round trip ticket plus accommodation to Cebu (originally Boracay). Their winning campaign will be displayed all over Metro Manila. FEU will also get a chance to advertise with EMI’s Pedestrian Overpass Billboard (POB) along C5 or Lightboxes along EDSA valued at Php100,000.