FEU researchers bag 5 Best Presenter Awards at SIMPI 2018

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Five Far Eastern University (FEU) researchers bagged the best presenter awards at the 4th International Conference of Sustainability Initiatives: Case Studies in Malaysia, Philippines & Indonesia (SIMPI 2018) held last December 11 & 12, 2018 at the Everly Hotel, Putrajaya, Malaysia.

With the theme, “Towards Sustainable Communities”, the five FEU of the 11 best presenters were Dr. Elisa S. Mañalac, Dean of Institute of Education (IE), Harold John Culala, faculty of IE, Rocel Apolonio, faculty of Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance (IABF) –Makati, Marie Grace Patadlas, program head of Institute of Architecture and Fine arts (IARFA), and Rutcher Lacaza, faculty of IABF-Makati.

The 21 FEU delegation was headed by Dr. Alma Emerita V. Dela Cruz, former dean of IABF now Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs of Roosevelt College Inc., who delivered the keynote presentation, “Unlimited Approach to Inspire Language Study in the 21st Century”.

Dr. Victor T. Tabuzo, Director for Center for Teaching and Continuing Learning (CTCL) and SIMPI Regional Director for Philippine Delegations, and Dr. Sandra Yap, Director, University Research Center both chaired the parallel sessions.

Presenters for the Sustainable Asset Infrastructure tract were Israel Joseph Soberano, faculty of Institute of Arts and Sciences (IAS) with a paper entitled, When Two Opposing Poles Meet: A Favorable Relationship Between Anthropocentrism and Animal Treatment, Raquel Baquiran, OIC Dean of IARFA, presented Sustainable Flood Mitigation and Management through Manila City’s Colonial Plazas and Open Spaces’ Multiple Bubble Loop, Marie Grace Patadlas, program head of IARFA discussed the Urban Home Dwellers’ Response to Unbearable Summer Heat.

Gregoria Mercado, faculty of IARFA, presented the paper, “The Challenges of Promoting A Sustainable Ecotourism Site in the Philippines: The Case of the Pamitinan Protected Landscape,” Melba Paual, faculty of IARFA, worked on “Proposed Initiatives and Programs for Sustainable Waste Management of a Private Transport Company”, and Melodia Sampan, also faculty of IARFA, tackled “Sustainability: Greening the Manufacturing of cosmetics and Personal Care Products.”

For Track 2, Sustainable Educational and Social, Dr. Elisa Mañalac, dean of IE, presented “Sustaining the 21st Century Teacher Education Program: A Critical Analysis of the Domains on the Developed National Competency-Based Teacher Standards in Relation to pre-Service Teaching Curriculum,” Percival Paras, faculty of IE, had a paper entitled, ‘Multiculturalism and the Politics of recognition in Philippine Education,” Harold Culala, faculty of IE, spoke on “Educating Generation Alpha: Teaching and Learning for Sustainable Education”, and John Angelo De Leon, faculty of IAS discussed a paper he co-authored, “Issues on Sustainable Education in the Philippines: The K-12 Basic Education Curriculum Conundrum.”

Rocel Apolonio, faculty of IABF-Makati, talked about “Auditing Food Waste in Select Public Schools in the Philippines, Jeremy Pedregosa, faculty of IE, presented “Exploring the University Life of Student-Athletes: An Implication for Understanding,” and Joseph Jintalan, faculty of IE, discussed a paper he co-authored, “Socio-Ideological Reproduction in Filipino Workers Exportation.”

For the third track, Sustainable Estate and Business and Economy, Rutcher Lacaza presented a paper he co-authored, “An Investigation of the Fisher Effect in the Case of the Philippines,” Ryan Christian Mercado, faculty of IABF, talked on “Professional Readiness of SAP Interns in the Selected Partner Companies of FEU-IABF: An analysis,” Eric Jayson Asuncion, also of IABF, tackled “Evaluation of Destination Image of Pasig City Using Multisensory Marketing Model in the Light of the Residents and non-residents,” and Benita Meneses, faculty of IABF, discussed “The Consumers’ Sensitivity on Retail Commodities through Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) as an effective Marketing Strategy.”

Banking exec mentors IABF student leaders

BA First Year students with Mr. Herminio M. Famatigan J., resource speaker and BA Assistant Program Head, Dr. Marietta C. Israel

BA First Year students with Mr. Herminio M. Famatigan J., resource speaker and BA Assistant Program Head, Dr. Marietta C. Israel

The Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance, Business Administration held a two day Student Leadership and Decision Making Seminar last November 8 and 9, 2018 at University Conference Center with the theme: Empowerment and Transformation. The resource speaker was Mr. Herminio M. Famatigan Jr., former CEO of Maybank. This was participated by students currently enrolled in MGT1101: Leadership and Decision Making.

The event was headed by BA Assistant program head, Dr. Marietta C. Israel, BA Program Head, Ms. Maria Carmen B. Lapuz, Associate Dean, Dr. Joselito P. Tem and IABF Dean, Dr. Alma V. Dela Cruz.

BA students shared their learning experience during the seminar:
Mr. Markus Inigo Cabales – “An essential to success is to “re-invent” yourself continuously.”

Ms. Baby Clarisse Perez – “We should follow our dreams because it will make us happy and satisfied that finally we already pursue our true passion through following our dreams.”

Mr. Jefferson Lacson – “Know your priorities and be able to manage your time for there is nothing wrong with having fun while doing what you love.”

Mr. Steven Manansala – “Always be prepared to share, talk and learn from other people.”

Mr. Adrian Rotarta – “Handling different types of people, tips and techniques during the interview.”

Mr. Bren Francisco – “Continue to expand your knowledge for this will help you broaden your perspectives on different things.”

Ms. Sofia Beatriz Pascual – “People must have a dream and purpose. Pain plus rejection results to progress.

Ms. Monique Adeline De Vera – “The essence of knowing your purpose and knowing what you want and how badly you need it.”

Ms. Fatima C. Payad – “All of you in the room have the same skills and knowledge but the hungriest person always take home the bacon.”

Ms. Kristine Marie Dungan – “There is a difference between your hobby and something that you are really passionate about.”
Ms. Ma. Christine Olino – “His purpose is to provoke us to be the better version of ourselves and knowing your priorities in life.”

Mr. Francis Vizcara – “It is rather important to leverage one’s strength than working on one’s weakness as it is greater to excel in something than be average at everything.”

Mr. Kevin Genova – “No matter how good the incentives and salary a company provides, if the work does not align with your purpose in life, you will grow tired and lay behind in terms of performance.”


IABF learns from Business Research guru


The Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance Business Administration and Accountancy held its Faculty and Staff Research Seminar 2018 last October 26, 2018 at Admissions Bldg. 207B.

This was participated by faculty members from different discipline and staff. The resource speaker was Dr. Benito L. Teehankee, Full Professor in the Management and Organization Department Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business, De La Salle University.

The outcomes of the seminar that the participants would like to achieve:

  1. 1. Identify a Research Topic they can start writing; 
  2. 2. Be able to write a review of related literature (proper way of doing it); 
  3. 3. Identify the most appropriate theoretical/conceptual framework for the research problem/topic; 
  4. 4. Identify the appropriate research methodology/statistical tools to analyze collected data; 
  5. 5. Write an appropriate survey questionnaire and how to validate;
  6. 6. Know the appropriate/acceptable research format; 
  7. 7. Understand the dynamics of publishing (and also the format);and 
  8.  8. Appropriate target journals:  both local and International (Scopus, ISI).



PRC accredits FEU – Institute of Education as CPD Provider


Far Eastern University (FEU) Institute of Education (IE) in coordination with the Center for Teaching, Learning & Continuing Education successfully held the Enrichment Program for 21st Century Teachers, a seminar-workshop for professional teachers, equivalent to 14 CPD units held last September 2018.

FEU IE, a CHED Center of Excellence in Teacher Education, is one of the few universities certified by the Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC) to offer special Continuing Professional Development Programs. It has lined up a series of training on Managing the 21st Century Classrooms, Stress Management for Teachers and the Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers.

“FEU IE is committed to providing more relevant topics for the continuous development of teachers, educational managers, and practitioners in the evolving education landscape,” said Dr. Elisa Manalac, Dean of FEU IE.

Dean Manalac added PRC pushes for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as a mandatory requirement in the renewal of a professional license under Section 10 of R.A. 10912, otherwise known as the CPD Law of 2016.

FEU IE has PACUCOA Level IV Accredited Status for all its undergraduate programs while PACUCOA Level II for its graduate programs.


5th IABF BA faculty research colloquium builds on culture of research and innovative minds

In Photo (from left to right): Dr. Marietta Israel (Asst. Program Head-BA), Dr. Maria Corazon Abella, Dr. Edita Bunuan, Mr. Moises Cariaso, Dr. Josielyn Mendoza, Dr. Gina Suarez, Dr. Romano Lavilla, Dr. Ronaldo Poblete, Dr.Sandra Yap(URC Director), Dr. Joselito Tem (IABF Assoc. Dean)

In Photo (from left to right): Dr. Marietta Israel (Asst. Program Head-BA), Dr. Maria Corazon Abella, Dr. Edita Bunuan, Mr. Moises Cariaso, Dr. Josielyn Mendoza, Dr. Gina Suarez, Dr. Romano Lavilla, Dr. Ronaldo Poblete, Dr.Sandra Yap(URC Director), Dr. Joselito Tem (IABF Assoc. Dean)

The Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance Business Administration held its 5th Faculty Business Research Colloquium 2018 last October 3, 2018 at Case Study Room with the theme: Building Innovative Ideas Towards Excellence in Business Research.

The objectives of the research colloquium, 2018 are to encourage and/or inspire other IABF faculty members, academic managers and staff to undertake their own researches; to allow researchers to present their research outputs, in local and international conferences and competitive research events and to build a pool of research outputs that are publishable in hard copy and or electronic form.

The following are the research presenters:

Dr. Baniline Jone V. Abantao,  presented her paper entitled “Employment Attitude and Work Engagement of Hotel Industry Training for Work Scholarship Program Beneficiaries of TESDA”.

The results from the conducted research may be used in a module for standardized evaluation of employee productivity, job satisfaction and commitment.

Mr. Jacque Bon-Isaac C. Aboy, presented his research paper entitled “ Interaction of Macroeconomic Variables and Stock Prices: Evidence from the Philippines “.

He discussed how macroeconomic variables and stock prices do not possess a long-run equilibrium relationship. Moreover, results reveal that macroeconomic variables are deemed to be insubstantial to contribute prediction to stock prices. Overall, the results of his study imply that there should be consideration of other possible covariates of stock market that will help investors forecast their investment returns.

Dr. Edita S. Bunuan,  presented her research paper entitled “ The Behavioral Competency of IABF On the Job Training (OJT) Students: A Basis for Crafting the IABF OJT Handbook.”

This study will be helpful for the IABF to update or review the current Performance Evaluation Form used as measurement tool to be more responsive to needs of the industries. It can also be a good basis for OJT Manual updating. Likewise future researches should give premium to the inclusion of determining the desirable traits needed by the said companies.

Mr. Moises J. Cariaso,  presented his research entitled “Customer Satisfaction on Marketing Strategies of Metered Taxis in the National Capital Region”.

Dominantly, there were no significant differences in terms of the level of customer satisfaction on the marketing strategies of metered taxis when grouped by profile in terms of civil status, gender, educational attainment in terms of service quality and price, frequency of riding, time preference, number of years as passenger in terms of service quality, physical/product attributes, price, people and process. However, there are significant differences in the level of customer satisfaction on marketing strategies of metered taxis when grouped by profile in terms of age, educational attainment specifically on physical/product attributes, promotion, place of distribution, people and process. There was also significant difference on the number of years specifically on promotion and place of distribution and employment status.

Dr. Romano G. Lavilla, , presented his paper entitled “ Social Responsibility, Practices and its Effect on Employees’ Commitment, Business Growth and Company Image.”

The researcher analyzed effectiveness of CSR on employee’s commitment, business growth and company image for closed type corporations and contribute to the ongoing discussion on the idea that corporate social responsibility is not just an additional expense for the business; nevertheless, it is an investment that will yield future economic benefits. The researcher believes that for the business to grow and succeed it needs to be responsible for the welfare of all its stakeholders starting from its own employees, customers, owners, stockholders, suppliers, community, competitors and the country.

Dr. Ronaldo A. Poblete, presented his study entitled “The Performance of the Multi-Purpose Cooperatives in the National Capital Region.”

The main objective of the study was to assess the performance of Multi-Purpose Cooperatives in NCR using the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria. Recommendations were highlighted in the strict implementation and monitoring of the rules and regulations of the agency and providing incentives to the deserving cooperatives while in the business sector and the academic community they must also do their share of CSR and to educate the community as to the importance of cooperative in the community building respective.

Dr. Josielyn Mendoza and Dr. Gina Suarez were in the panel of reactors who gave their comments, reactions and suggestions for possible improvements of the research presented.

The event was headed by research committee chairman and BA Assistant program head, Dr. Marietta C. Israel, BA Program Head, Ms. Maria Carmen B. Lapuz, and IABF Associate Dean, Dr. Joselito P. Tem.


FEU- Indonesian universities explore collaboration

Indonesian delegates with President Michael Alba and FEU Academic Managers

Indonesian delegates with President Michael Alba and FEU Academic Managers

Far Eastern University welcomed to its Manila campus, the international delegates of the Asia Pacific Consortium of Researchers and Educators (APCORE), and the Academic International Consortium of Indonesia last August 8, 2018.

Twenty four rectors/presidents from various Indonesian universities and colleges forged a strong international network and collaboration with FEU pushing for diverse programs and projects that would benefit the institutional members and its community.

“FEU’s membership to APCORE intensifies our expansive plan to network with other institutions for research, academic exchange and other scholarly pursuits”, said Dr. Myrna Quinto, Vice President for Academic Development.

APCORE, with over 1000 members, is an international organization committed to and focused on the development of research, knowledge and academic values in the Asia Pacific region.

A welcome lunch was attended by FEU Academic directors led by Dr. Michael M. Alba, FEU President and Dr. Maria Teresa Trinidad Tinio, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs.


FEU students experience “Chinese on the Go”


Far Eastern University (FEU) Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance (IABF) Manila and IABF Training And Management Services (IABF-TAMS) and the National Sun Yat Sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Taiwan Education Center (TEC) Philippines for “Chinese on the Go” jointly held the “Free Business Mandarin Language Training” held last July 2 to 13, 2018 for selected business and finance students.

The 10 day- 30 hour training were participated in by 42 IABF students from different year levels. It included the Mandarin language course, a Cultural course on the introduction of different Chinese teas, Calligraphy, and Learning Chinese by singing.

“By learning the Mandarin language, our students will be able to understand the Chinese culture and equip themselves with correct pronunciation, vocabulary, and sentence structures so they can confidently communicate, interact, and do business with Chinese nationals,” Dr. Joey P. Tem, Associate Dean of IABF said

The objectives of this training program are to enrich IABF’s international linkages; equip business students with the basics of Mandarin language and to familiarize them with Chinese culture.

From left to right of front row: Minister James Chiu, Deputy Representative of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office  (TECO) in the Philippines, Mr. Jerry Chuang , Press Division Director, Mr. Arthur Yang, Coastguard Attache,  Mr. Lorenzo Ramos , Executive Assistant, Mr. Richmond Huang, Manager, Taiwan Education Center, Ms. Shih Yuan (second row left),  Mandarin Teacher, National  Sun Yat Sen University, Dr. Myrna Quinto, VPAD,  Dr. Alma Vicentina V. Dela Cruz, Dean, IABF,  Ms. Leah  Ballares, Academic Development Coordinator, Linkages and Student Mobility,  Dr. Joey P. Tem, Associate Dean, IABF

From left to right of front row: Minister James Chiu, Deputy Representative of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in the Philippines, Mr. Jerry Chuang , Press Division Director, Mr. Arthur Yang, Coastguard Attache, Mr. Lorenzo Ramos , Executive Assistant, Mr. Richmond Huang, Manager, Taiwan Education Center, Ms. Shih Yuan (second row left), Mandarin Teacher, National Sun Yat Sen University, Dr. Myrna Quinto, VPAD, Dr. Alma Vicentina V. Dela Cruz, Dean, IABF, Ms. Leah Ballares, Academic Development Coordinator, Linkages and Student Mobility, Dr. Joey P. Tem, Associate Dean, IABF

FEU- IABF is committed to producing quality graduates possessing skills that meet the needs of the industry. The Institute helps graduates to be successful in their chosen fields through exposure and opportunity to learn different languages and cultures that are believed to be essential in the workplace.

FEU faculty holds workshop for Navoteño HS students

Seminar-workshop on digital filmmaking3

Advocacy filmmaker and film educator Seymour Sanchez recently conducted a seminar-workshop on digital filmmaking and mentoring sessions for junior high school students and teachers at the Pangisdaan Hall, 4th Floor Navotas City Hall, in connection with the 3rd Navoteño Film Festival to be held on June 23.

Sanchez teaches cinema, scriptwriting and journalism at the Far Eastern University (FEU) Department of Communication. He is a graduate of the 14th Ricky Lee scriptwriting workshop and the first Brillante Mendoza directing class.

His short film “Caretaker” won second prize in the short fiction category of the sixth CAM International Festival for Short Films in Cairo, Egypt, as well as the Golden Philippine Eagle Festival Director’s Choice and Best Actor award for Rolando Inocencio at the third Singkuwento International Film Festival, Audience Choice prize at the Active Vista Human Rights Film Festival, among others. He also won the grand prize for “Hiwaga” in the screenplay category of the 59th Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature.

Sanchez discussed development, pre-production, production, post-production and distribution, and talked about scriptwriting, cinematography and lighting, production design, sound, music, editing and directing. His wife, Eloisa, imparted her knowledge in production management and producing films for Red Room Media Productions while FEU’s resident actor and short film editor Rowi Du shared some tips and advice in his fields of expertise.

Seminar-workshop on digital filmmaking13

The annual project, which is facilitated by PIO head Irish Cubillan, is open to all junior high school students from the city. Competing this year are Kaunlaran High School, La Naval Academy, Navotas National HS, Navotas National Science HS, San Jose Academy, San Rafael Technological and Vocational HS, San Roque National HS, Tangos National HS and Tanza National HS.

The film festival, which has tourism as its theme this year, serves as a platform for the city’s future filmmakers to develop and harness their craft and showcase their works, as well as a means to discover young and talented Navoteños for the city’s art scholarship program.

Scientists name new tree species after FEU founder









Originally published in the The Philippine Star on May 24, 2018

Rainier Allan Ronda

MANILA, Philippines — Three Filipino scientists who discovered a new plant species in Argao, Cebu have named it after the founder and first president of Far Eastern University (FEU), Dr. Nicanor Reyes Sr.

The taxonomy research team composed of Grecebio Jonathan Alejandro, Axel Arriola and Marcos Valdez Jr. discovered the discospermum reyesii in an effort to update Philippine flora specifically those belonging to the rubiaceae (coffee) family.

“As an alumni of the FEU, it’s a way of giving back and to honor the founder and first president of the university,” Arriola, BS Biology graduate in 2000, told The STAR.

The scientists said Reyes made several innovations in the cultural and educational sector in the early 20th century, and helped make tertiary education affordable to many underprivileged Filipinos. FEU, upon its founding in 1928, was the country’s first institution to offer an accountancy course.

FEU is celebrating this year its 90th founding anniversary.

The principal investigator of the taxonomy effort is Alejandro, BS Biology graduate of FEU with a doctorate in Natural Sciences, magna cum laude, from the Universitat Bayreuth in Germany. Alejandro is also 2006 Outstanding Young Scientist Awardee of the National Academy of Science and Technology-Department of Science and Technology in Biological Sciences.Valdez, on the other hand, is currently an FEU Research Fellow teaching at the Graduate School. He has an agricultural science doctorate from Nagoya University and was named 2012 Outstanding Young Scientist Awardee in Animal Sciences of the NAST-DOST. He finished BS Biology major in Genetics at UP Los Baños.

Discospermum cebuense. A and C) Flowering Branch; B) Fruit

Discospermum cebuense. A and C) Flowering Branch; B) Fruit

Valdez said their taxonomy effort was led by Alejandro, the country’s leading authority on the rubiaceae family.

Arriola said that the Philippines’ diverse flora presents a challenge for taxonomists to study its rich biological resources.

“Most of the names of the species here are outdated with respect to new evidence using morphological and molecular data. We’re trying to update those species that were recognized already,” Arriola said.

“We conduct botanical explorations and herbarium visits to recollect and update these ‘undertreated’ species,” he said. “It’s the work of Filipino taxonomists or botanists to look for them and assess based on new classifications, new circumscriptions, new taxonomic evidence.”

Valdez said that they are likely to discover new plant species as they pursue their taxonomic effort. “Our biological resources here are underexplored,” he said.

The discospermum reyesii is the third such recognized species in the Philippines after the discospermum whitfordii and discospermum philippinensis, the latter of which was also discovered by Alejandro and Arriola in 2013.

The scientists have published their latest discovery in the Annales Botanici Fennici, an international science journal.

“In giving names, you need to conform with the rules of the ICN or International Code of Nomenclature for Plants, Algae and Fungi,” Arriola said. “So that your new species will be recognized.”


FEU IABF faculty members present formidable research agenda


Eight faculty members and academic managers of Far Eastern University (FEU) – Institute of Accounts, Business, and Finance, Business Administration (IABF) presented their research findings at the International Conference on Business and Economy with the theme, “Creating, Managing, and Distributing Wealth: Leading the Innovation Challenge” . This was held in Waterfront, Lahug Cebu City and organized by University of San Carlos School of Business and Economy last February 15 to 16, 2018.

Eric Jayson V. Asuncion of FEU-Makati discussed “Social Commerce Continuance Participation Intention Among Business Administration Students of Jose Rizal University” where he shared that in today’s digital era, social commerce platforms are the new battleground for companies to offer and market their products and services. For consumers, it spelled convenience in terms of time and effort as well as the support they got from the online community as well as its members.

Maria Carmen Lapuz shared her findings in “Performance Evaluation of Mergers Using the CAMEL Parameters: The Case of Selected Banks in the Philippines” which looked into how Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas(BSP) continues to offer incentives for weaker banks to consolidate and merge to further strengthen the banking system and minimize bank closures.

Research Collaborators, Benita A, Meneses and Dr. Marietta C. Israel, in their study, “The Generational Diversity Work Values and Beliefs in the Workplace in the Philippines”, found out that the workplace today is not as simple as that of the traditional because the modern worker’s job requires decision-making, problem-solving, trouble-shooting, and managing that may require a prioritizing of options to select the best, considering the circumstances.

Ryan Christian C. Mercado, in his study, “Employee Engagement as a Strategic Tool for Improving Productivity in the Employees BPO in Cubao, Quezon City: An Analysis” established that the current challenge of the human resources department and respective business unit managers to keep their employees motivated and highly engaged. The war for talent today has become heightened, with companies willing to be creative in attracting potential candidates to be part of their organization.


Dr. Roland M. Simbre and Rhodora D. Tabal, presented their study “Impact of High-Performance Work Practices System on Human Resource Outcomes and Organizational Performance in the Philippine Government Banks”. This showed that it is increasingly apparent that one of the keys to successful organizational performance is people within the organization and the management system that harnesses their talents and capabilities. Human resources are a primary source of competitive advantage which is difficult to imitate.

Madonna Tejada’s study, “Conglomerate Strategy, Firm Efficiency and Performance: An Analysis of Southeast Asian Conglomerates” described the level of efficiency and corporate performance of companies that belong to conglomerates in Southeast Asia.