FEU alumnus turns heads in Tokyo Fashion Week

Renz Edward Reyes graduated with degree in BFA Major in Advertising Arts in 2011.

Renz Edward Reyes graduated with a degree in BFA Major in Advertising Arts in 2010.

Far Eastern University alumnus Renz Edward Reyes made a statement in the recent Tokyo Fashion Week where his horror-movie themed creations were cited as the “strongest of the lot” by vogue.com writer Monica Kim.

Kim stated that the techniques of this Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Advertising Arts graduate was “effectively cross utility with craft.”

Reyes was able to land a spot in the Japan show after being selected as one of the three winners of the Bench Design Awards in September.

Renz’s passion for fashion design started in the middle of his college years at FEU. He shared that taking up Fine Arts was an easy choice because since he was a kid he always liked to draw.

“I enjoyed drawing clothes and so when it came to picking my thesis topic, I chose textile and fashion.”

Renz said it was important to find a creative avenue to be passionate about. He credited this thinking to how FEU Fine Arts fused traditional and digital arts in its curriculum.

“In FEU we were taught about art from past to the present and as well as different movements.  It gave me the understanding and open-mindedness to certain subjects that people may find polarizing. It allowed me to be more of a forward thinker.”

Renz shared he fondly looks back at the mini fashion shows he and his classmates staged in and outside of the campus and appreciates how far they have “improved” over the years.


Renz's creations showcased in Tokyo Fashion Week featured in Inquirer Too be You.

Renz’s creations showcased in Tokyo Fashion Week featured in Inquirer Too be You.

Renz offers these several tips for fine arts students in whatever medium they choose.

“Learn as much as you can while still in school. Every bit of knowledge and skill you gain will only aide you in your future pursuits. Try to absorb as much culture as you can. Be it art, film, music and even society itself. It will only enrich your creativity. You have to know what you want and take steps towards that goal and keep hammering away. There is no substitute for hard work and it will pay off eventually. Lastly, just believe in yourself and don’t give up.”