FEU Outstanding Alumnus launches epic poetry book set

Edwin Cordevilla Ten Thousand Lines ProjectMANILA, Philippines – “It is wine for the soul,” were the words used by the author to describe his latest work, the non-traditional epic, Ten Thousand Lines Project For World Peace, set to be launched by Philippine Center of International PEN (Poets, Playwrights, Essayists, Novelists) this month at Solidaridad Bookshop in Manila.

It took two years and two months for its writer Edwin M. Cordevilla to complete the literary masterpiece. The first epic and longest poem ever written so far for global peace in the shortest timeframe, it covers and approximates ideas and experiences known to man, as well as touching on ancient history, current history, hyper-history and even poeticizes a vision of the near future.

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Edwin Cordevilla

Edwin Cordevilla poses with some of his books with an avid reader. (Photo from Edwin Cordevilla’s Facebook page).