FEU Publications

The Publications Office is the arm of the University responsible for the production and dissemination of the significant results of scholarship, instructional, research, and creative outputs of the FEU community.

It is an attestation to the institution’s academic excellence — both a tool and proof of the university’s educational standard, reflecting the institution’s academic bearing. It also serves medium to disseminate academic ideals not only to students within its own educational system but also to a broader public.  It is under the Office of the Vice President for Corporate Affairs.

The Office aims to:

  • Publish quality and relevant trade books and produce cost-effective printed materials
  • Provide shorter turnaround time by implementing online forms to facilitate task requests and schedule of delivery date
  • Shorten document process cycle from creation to delivery,

What We Do

We are responsible for publishing the key institutional publications, academic and non-academic materials and trade books to help advance and promote the University’s goals, achievements, and activities to our internal and external stakeholders.  Consistent with the University’s Aspirations 2020, we are likewise aligned with the institution’s marketing and communication strategies to deliver a consistent message and cohesive design that reflect the University’s image and branding through quality, relevant, and cost-effective printed materials.

Our Key Services

  1. Publication of trade books
  2. Design and printing of non-books such as brochures, catalogs among others
  3. Creative Design for academic, instructional or institutional materials that support specific purposes of requesting institutes and departments of the university


Key Institutional Materials and University Publications

  • Annual Report
  • President’s Report

Tambuli is the University’s official publication which features the university’s accomplishments and achievements. Published biannually, the full-colored magazine reflects the stories behind the individual success as well as the community’s growth. It also focuses on the insights from experts and resource persons who help share the knowledge and promote best practices both in the academe and in the industries.

Check out the Online Version


Publications of Trade Books

1.The Publications Office accepts manuscripts from both internal and external authors.

2.Materials submitted to us are assumed to be original works by the author.

3.Submitted manuscripts are evaluated by in-house and external experts.

4.When submitting manuscripts, authors are required to submit a hard copy or PDF copy of their work.

5.Upon evaluation, Publications Office will advise authors whether it is considering to publish the book in its original form with editing; needs to be further developed but is publishable or cannot be published because of certain criteria, considerations or priorities.


Providing Creative Designs

Aside from publishing books, academic journals, the Office is also tasked to conceptualize, design, and print various institutional materials of the University that support their information, events, marketing and accreditation requirements. The FEU Brand Manual serves as the reference and basis in establishing a visual identity and ensure consistency across all publication materials produced by the Office.

Requests for texts and graphic designs are addressed and completed by the Publications Office following task requests from the different institutes and non-academic departments considered as “cost centers”. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Manuals, brochures, handbooks
  • Alumni Relations and Placement Services (ARPS) Collaterals, etc.
  • Accreditation Materials
  • Posters
  • Invites/cards
  • Programs
  • Tickets
  • Certificates of attendance for seminars and workshops



While institutional or university publications are produced and printed by the Publications Office, it is the responsibility of the department to provide the content and review the information for accuracy before final printing.

For materials that represent the university and produced for the external audience, content and design should be cleared with the Marketing and Communications Office or the Corporate Affairs Office before final printing.  Approval of the VP for Corporate Affairs is required.

Use of Third-party Materials

The Publications Office adheres to the FEU Brand Manual in the use of all the University’s logos for the design of print and non-print materials.  However, the Office shall not be held responsible for all third-party materials or contents (text, images or logos) submitted to us by requesting departments or Institutes for use in the design of their respective creative material.   It is the requesting unit’s responsibility to properly secure the copyright, trademark, publicity, privacy, other releases or permissions in the use and distribution of the final print or electronic material designed by the Publications Office.

The Publications Office will not be held liable for damages, liabilities, costs, losses or expenses arising out of any claim, demand, or action by a third party arising out of requesting unit’s failure to obtain above-mentioned permissions.

Data Privacy Consent

The Publications Office adheres to Republic Act No. 10173 or the Data Privacy Act and recognizes the rights of the individuals concerning their personal information, how these are shared, processed and stored.

By signing on the form, the Data Subject agrees to the collection and processing of his or her personal data for purposes of journalistic and informational materials published by FEU Publications. These shall primarily consist of personal information or any sensitive personal information willingly shared by the data subject sourced through an interview or researched materials.