Placement Office

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placement1 PLUS (Placement Learning and Understanding Session)An individualized program per industry that provides an alternative learning avenue for working and graduating students on diverse topics such as but not limited to placement, workplace challenges, and career opportunities and a chance to introduce industry partner’s company to graduating students.
placement2 EOR (Exclusive Onsite Recruitment)A program that offers graduates opportunity to find employment through on-site campus recruitment.  The industry partner is given opportunity to conduct assessment such as paper-and-pencil test, online examination and interviews within the FEU premises. More than just submitting resumes, applicants are subjected to evaluation for near-hires or spot hiring.
placement3 EOR+ (Exclusive Onsite Recruitment + Internship)The EOR program is a one-day event  where employment opportunities and internship are offered for students,  graduating students and alumni held  inside the FEU campus thru onsite submission of resume and at the same time, assessment and onsite hiring may be conducted to ensure conversion from applicant to employment/internship. The program is initiated by FEU Placement Office whose industry partner is interested to offer employment opportunities as well as on-the-job training which is handled by the different institutes.
ACCESS (Allied Campus to Corporate Experience for Senior Students)The program opens opportunity for select graduating students to have an actual exposure to industry partner’s operations and workplace. This provides access to students to observe actual workplace settings and interact with company representatives.
IMP (Industry Mentorship Program)A program designed for graduating student leaders endorsed by their Institute to selected industry partners that offer management training programs or a similar initiative, upon graduation.
placement4 Job PostingPlacement and Industry Office provides graduating students an additional channel to find career opportunities thru job postings done variedly thru the managed social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and on FEU Website. This may also be posted thru the University Job Board both in FEU Manila and Makati campuses.
placement5 FEU FIRST (F1)A campus engagement day held at the beginning of the academic year with the industry partners to acquaint them with the university activities, placement fairs and conferences. This encourages opportunities for employers to exchange ideas and build partnerships with students and faculty. The activity opens with a coffee session followed by a talk from esteemed industry expert, ceremonial moa with new industry partners and ends with the initial presentation of the industry insight survey result.
placement6 BANQUETAn annual appreciation for industry partners spearheaded by the Placement and Industry Office to recognize partnership and provide avenue for an academe-industry exchange
placement7 ALUMNI PLACEMENT EXPO (APEX)A career fair held annually at the FEU Manila and Makati campuses that provide opportunities for FEU graduating students to find employment from reputable organizations.
LUNCH AND LEARNAn event to bring together graduates and industry partners as an opportunity to engage graduates thru luncheon where they could learn and network.