Seize the opportune moment

46477022_10157059447285288_6209020339045793792_oIn a stunning turn of events, the FEU Tamaraws were presented with an opportunity to rise above the adversities of games past. And, in the last game of the second round, the last of the season, we beat the Falcons of Adamson in a most resounding manner, 82-56. We took advantage of the fact that their top two scorers were unable to play, but we deserved the win by playing high-intensity near-flawless basketball for four quarters, not one but four.

It was a dominant display of tenacious basketball on both ends of the court – shooting a high 55% percentage, and in the first half alone converting 7 of 11 three pointers; guarding fiercely, rebounding and boxing out consistently without giving the Falcons room to fly nor breathe. From a 10-0 start which led to a 46-22 half-time score to 70-40 in the third frame, FEU gave no quarters. The off-the-bench players supported our starting five resulting in a rare feat of fifteen players all scoring in a balanced attack. Every single member of the team contributed on the court, cheered from the bench as well as gave quiet encouragement in the dugout.


Another Step Forward to Turn Things Around
But winning this game only moves us another step forward; we still have not achieved what we set out to do when we began the arduous task of turning things around. Next comes the playoff for the last final four slot. We play the LaSalle Green Archers whom we beat in our very first game, and who in turn beat us in the second round. This time there are no tomorrows, no second chances; there is this time, and that is it!

We are prepared for this game: tactically, physically and mentally. As we have done in the past, we just focus on one game – the game against the Green Archers the day after tomorrow, Wednesday. In this way, we hope and will prevail.


Fight Back, Tamaraws!
Three things, among others, have propelled us in our comeback, better still, our fightback:
• We are moved, motivated and will sustain our momentum;
• We are stronger after having won some, lost some; we have played with our backs against the wall in the past three must-win games, and we have recognized our limitations in defense and our shortcomings in rebounding. Now we are determined to make mid-course corrections and not give up – not at this time.
• We will strengthen our will to win, now that our destiny is in our hands. Together as a team capable of playing with and for each other, our confidence grows and our will to win is stronger more than at any other time.

A Call to the Tamaraw Nation
In this playoff game, there is one factor that is crucial. In the 2015 championship run, there was a decisive actor who played a critical role: the Tamaraw Nation. We call on the students, teachers, officials and alumni of FEU to support the team and become our sixth man on the floor. To the schoolmates, fans and friends of our Tamaraws’ Team: come, and join us. Be Brave!

Ed Garcia, 19 November 2018