Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago gives the Real Deal in FEU

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago once again delivered her signature “pick-up lines” during a special program dubbed “The Real Deal” at the FEU Auditorium on November 23, 2012.

The event was organized by the FEU Central Student Organization.

The one-liners were a hit among the FEU students, faculty, alumni and media organizations that packed the venue. The popular senator then switched to a more serious tone and did not hold back on her opinions on currently relevant topics including the Reprodutive Health Bill, Anti-Epal Bill, Anti-Political Dynasty Bill and Sin Tax Bill.

Sen. Santiago also reminded the students who are now eligible to vote to carefully scrutinize the candidates who will be running in next year’s elections. She advised that it is best to study the candidate’s background and platform and not to decide based on popularity.

“It is a myth that Filipino voters make rational choices. Often, the uneducated voter is merely expressing support for the system, or merely expressing emotional attachments to certain symbols.”

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