Student Discipline

Core Process of the Student Discipline

  1. Development, Monitoring, and Improvement of Policies and Processes
    • Student Discipline Manual
  2. Development and Dissemination of the Students’ Code of Conduct
    • Review and Enhancement of Students’ Conduct of Conduct
      • General
      • International Students
      • Student with Disabilities
      • Relevant Laws Affecting Students
    • Dissemination of approved Students’ Code of Conduct
      • Orientation of Freshmen Students
      • Conduct of Training Programs on Students’ Code of Conduct and Laws Affecting Students
  3. Implementation of Approved Students’ Code of Conduct
    • Monitoring of Students’ Conduct
      • Referral
      • Walk-in Complaint
      • Caught in the Act
    • Securing of Students’ Statements
    • Conduct of Investigation (Discipline Officer and/or Ad Hoc Committee)
    • Conduct of Parents’ Conference
    • Resolution of Cases and Recommendations in Coordination with Guidance and Counseling and Health Services
    • Provision of Case Report to the Institute for Information and/or Implementation
    • Monitoring of institute Implementation of Student Discipline Resolutions and Recommendations
  4. Management of Students’ Desk
    • Lost and Found
    • Uniform Exemption
    • Request for ID
    • Student Complaints
    • Handling and Disposal of Confiscated Items
    • Handling of Incident Reports
    • Viewing of CCTV
  5. Student Discipline Records Management
    • Maintenance of Student Discipline Case Records
    • Database Management of Students’ Violations
    • Blocking/Unblocking of Students
    • Issuance of Student Clearance
    • Issuance of Certificate of Good Moral Character
  6. Clearance of Transfer Students
    • Conduct of Interview
    • Background Checking
  7. Preparation of Management Report
  8. Conduct of Research-based Evaluation

Student Discipline Complaint Form


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