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1.      FEU English Proficiency Examination

The FEU English Proficiency Examination (EPE) is a standardized test that determines an individual’s level of proficiency in the English language. International students who do not have a valid TOEFL or IELTS certificate are required to take the EPE before admission to the University.

The EPE may also be taken by Filipino students who need a language proficiency certification.

Registration Procedure for the EPE

To schedule your examination, please follow this procedure: 

1.     Register through the form below.

2.     Pay the testing fee* through the options given in the following link. Please select from options 4, 5, or 6.

*Testing fee only. Bank fees and taxes, if any, should be paid separately by the applicant.  

3.     Send your proof of payment to and using the subject line EPT Fee. 

4.     Wait for a confirmation email from LLC within 24-48 hours. 

Note: International students may opt to take the EPE before taking the FEU College Admission Test or Graduate Level Test.

 2.      Intensive English Language Course (INTELAC)

The Intensive English Language Course (INTELAC) is designed to provide English proficiency training for international students who are users of other languages. The course develops learners’ speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills for use in their academic tasks. The program has the following tracks: General and Academic.

  • INTELAC General—It is designed to help beginners develop their competencies in the four macro skills for basic communication.
  • INTELAC Academic—This track prepares international students for language skills required for studying in higher education institutions.

The course may be taken independently or as part of a cycle in 30, 60, 90, or 120 hours.

Enrollment in the INTELAC is a requirement for FEU students who need to meet the required proficiency in English, based on FEU English Proficiency Examination results.

Note: Fees are available upon request.

Enrollment Procedure for the INTELAC

  1. Report to the LLC office for enrollment.
  2. Pay the INTELAC fee at the Cashier, FEU Administration Building.
  3. Photocopy the official receipt and the information page of your passport. Submit to LLC the photocopy of the receipt, passport and visa/special study permit, together with two copies of 1 x 1 photo for the official INTELAC ID and for the student information sheet.
  4. Fill out the student information sheet.
  5. Claim your Certificate of INTELAC Enrollment and schedule of classes from the LLC Office.

3.         Conversational English

Designed for learners of English as a second language, the course develops learners’ ability and confidence in using English in real-life social situations by improving their skills in listening, pronunciation, and idea-organization.

Enrollment Procedure for Conversational English

  1. Report to the LLC office for enrollment.
  2. Pay the course fee at the Cashier, FEU Administration Building.
  3. Photocopy the official receipt. Submit to LLC the photocopy of the receipt. For foreign students, submit a copy of your student visa or special study permit together with the official receipt.
  4. Fill out the student information sheet.
  5. Claim your Certificate of Enrollment and schedule of classes from the LLC Office.

 4.         The Writing Laboratory

The Writing Laboratory is a workshop designed to help enhance students’ ability to read critically, discuss effectively, and present ideas correctly, coherently, and effectively in writing critiques and analytical essays on the performing arts.  The course also aims to cultivate awareness of the rhetorical conventions of academic English and to train the students to apply culturally appropriate strategies for maintaining academic discourse through appropriate reading texts.

Other Services

1.      Thesis and Dissertation Editing

The LLC editors’ guild provides standardized thesis and dissertation editing services to graduate and undergraduate students of Far Eastern University-Manila. The editors, professionals from various fields, are selected through a qualifying examination and continual editors’ training.

Procedure for Availing Editing Services

  1. Students submit the manuscripts to their respective department/institute. The department, through a faculty representative or staff, coordinates with the LLC to set dates and deadlines of submissions.
  2. The requesting department accomplishes the editing monitoring form (see attached page) to be submitted together with the student manuscripts.
  3. The LLC receives and records manuscripts delivered by the requesting institute.
  4. The LLC Coordinator assigns editors to every manuscript.
  5. Editors are given a lead time of 10 working days to edit a manuscript.
  6. The editors submit edited papers to the LLC.
  7. The requesting institute picks up the edited manuscripts from the LLC.

  2.      Seminar-Workshop on Proper Citation and Documentation

A part of the academe’s campaign to uphold academic integrity, the seminar-workshop is given to students referred by Student Discipline. It orients students to the implications of plagiarism and how all types of plagiarism can be avoided. It reintroduces students to documentation formats, paraphrasing, summarizing, and quoting from various sources. The seminar-workshop culminates with an exercise that applies citation and documentation skills.


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