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Far Eastern University has long been regarded as one of the top universities in the Philippines and aims to be a university of choice in Asia. FEU graduates are globally competitive and exhibit the core values of fortitude, excellence, and uprightness. Take your first step to becoming a full-fledged FEU Tamaraw.

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Online learning has been an integral part of how we teach in FEU, as we have been using the Canvas learning management system (LMS) since SY 2016-2017. This First Semester SY 2020-2021, college classes will be quite different from what you are used to. We offer you flexible learning modalities that will allow you to experience FEU education based on your learning capability and accessibility.

The three modes of learning we have developed with careful consideration to the limitations brought by the pandemic and adhering to safety measures are called Mixed Online Learning (MOL), Asynchronous Online Leaning (AOL) and Total Analogue Learning (TAL).

FEU has always taken great pride in providing a memorable campus experience for its students. Our campus is a living art museum with many dynamic student organizations and top-notch faculty.

While the current situation will temporarily keep us from enjoying all these added features, FEU is confident it will still be able to provide quality education.

To the new members of our community, FEU Freshmen, we present our PRIMER containing everything you need to know about these modes.

Amidst the challenges and uncertainties, FEU will keep charging ahead and bravely deliver a novel school experience.

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Be Brave, Tams!

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Future-Ready Learning

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