Mother with Child

Araceli Dans

About the Piece

Being a mother herself, artist Araceli Dans brings to her impressive armory of technical skills a quality of tenderness, warmth, and maternal devotion. Indeed, the Mother-and-Child theme was a long-favored subject of artists since the Renaissance with their depiction of the Blessed Madonna and the Infant Jesus. Filipino artists, too, have tested their artistic mettle by creating their own personal interpretations of the theme. Moreover, the Filipino art audience has itself been enthusiastically receptive to the Mother-and-Child theme, placing it at the highest level, above the visual hierarchies of landscapes, still lifes, flower paintings, and nudes. Araceli Dans, now renowned for her trademark use of the calado, the native lacework, would enshroud and veil the Mother and Child with this fine
elegant embroidery.

  • Artist/s

    Araceli Dans

  • Date


  • Medium

    Oil on Canvas

  • Dimensions

    17"x24 1/4"

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