The Office of the University Registrar (O.U.R.) is located at the Ground Floor of the Admissions Building. It is open from Monday to Friday (8:00 am to 5:00 pm) and Saturday (8:00 am to 4:00 pm). All employees of the O.U.R. are required to wear the FEU identification card at all times while in the office.

The identification card must be visible particularly when dealing with students, parents, guardians, and other authorized representatives of students and graduates.

Students and graduates should deal only with employees with visible IDs. The University does not tolerate fixers and middlemen.

Document tracking for on-campus/window applicants can be made by getting in touch with Office of the University Registrar verifiers assigned to specific institutes.

Academic Policies and Services

  1. Policies and Guidelines for Grading and Assessment
  2. Policies on Attendance
  3. Policies on Enrollment
  4. Policies on Shifters
  5. Policy for Returning Students
  6. Policies on Retention
  7. Crediting of Courses for Transferees
  8. Computation of Grade Point Average (GPA)
  9. Office of the University Registrar (OUR) Services
  10. Procedures in Securing Documents from the Office of the University Registrar
  11. Application for Student Visa Extension/Renewal
  12. Grade Descriptions
  13. Dean’s List (Semestral Honors)
  14. Latin Honors

Common Questions

The student may log on to student central. Please note that only students with confirmed enrollment will be allowed to generate COR. This means that minimum down payment is already settled or promissory note is already approved. Historical COR can also be generated by setting Academic Year and Academic Term, then click Print.

If the student is currently enrolled, the student must present the original PSA Birth Certificate for verification. If the applicant is not enrolled or has already graduated in FEU, they must submit the original copy of PSA Birth Certificate, personal affidavit and joint affidavit of two disinterested parties to the Office of the University Registrar.

  • Go to the FEU website (
  • Choose the tab named “Academics”
  • Click on “Apply for Student Records” under “Registrar Services” or click this link: Academic Records Online Request Hub

The amounts vary depending on the document requested. Corresponding fees are included in the Academic Records Online Request Hub. Once the request is verified, you will receive an e-mail with the corresponding fees or payment methods.

How do you verify that the person applying online is indeed the FEU alumnus? The applicant just needs to complete the information required in the online application form. The information given will then be verified against the records at the OUR.

The applicant must submit a clear photocopy of the original diploma to the OUR.


For those students enrolled in 2001 and earlier, the OUR processes a certified true copy of the transcript of records since we only maintain a hardcopy of the original records in our files. The original copy is photocopied in security paper. In contrast, the transcript of records of our students whose enrollment starts in AY 2002-2003 onwards are automatically cleared and maintained in our computer system such that these are printed as original copied in security paper.

Yes. Prepare a letter of request for verification of academic information, stating the complete name used while studying in college and full middle initial; Attachment of the photocopy/scanned copy of transcript of records or diploma that has been submitted in your office and; An authorization to release records signed from the FEU alumnus or former student and a copy of their valid ID should be emailed to

An alumnus or former student can apply from a remote province or from abroad. The courier charges vary depending on the place of destination.

It depends. For an alumnus or former student who entered FEU in 2002 or later, it will take less time because the records are automatically printed if no accountabilities are registered in the computer system. The applicant may check the status of the application within 10 working days.

Processing period is fifteen (15) working days.

Yes, there is, just present to OUR a proof of urgency such as plane ticket, job contract, job order, or anything that will certify that you need to speed up the process.