Maria Gia Guinoo-Gamolo, Ed.D.
University Librarian


To be a leading academic information resource center and to be a dynamic partner in the University’s vision to develop responsible and well-informed professionals who can contribute to the advancement of the global society.


To provide a wide range of information resources, services and communication technology that enhance the teaching, learning and research programs of the FEU community.


A. Library Users

The following may use the Library’s resources subject to rules and regulations governing their access and upon fulfilling these requirements:

  • an enrolled student of FEU or a cross registrant from another college or university who presents a valid student ID and/or Certificate of Registration;
  • a faculty member, employee, administrator, member of the Board of Trustees,  university official who presents a valid FEU ID;
  • a visiting scholar at FEU who presents valid university appointment papers;
  • an alumnus or alumna who has a valid FEU alumni card;
  • a student, faculty member, employee, administrator, member of the Board of Trustees, or official of another FEU campus with a valid ID issued by that campus; and
  • during Fridays, a graduate or undergraduate student or researcher of another higher-education institution who presents valid ID and referral letter from his or her chief librarian, and who pays the P60.00 research fee. The research fee does not include services such as printing and photocopying or the use of the Electronic Library.

The Library does not allow access to grade school and high school students.

B. Identification (ID) Card

A valid FEU ID is the permit that allows entry to and use of the FEU Library.

The ID must be worn when entering or egressing the Library’s premises, and ought not to be left in the Library. The ID is non-transferable. A patron who uses a fake ID or the ID of another person shall have his or her borrowing privileges suspended. A patron who has no or has lost his/her ID must present a Certificate of Registration, but must also secure a new ID as soon as possible.

C. Security

Users are subject to belongings inspection before entering and egressing the Library’s premises. The Safety and Security Office maintains the safety of and secures an orderly environment for all library users.

D. Food and Drinks

Foods (e.g. candies, nuts, chocolates, chewing gums) and beverages (e.g. water) are not allowed in the Library. Even unopened packs of food and beverages are not allowed inside the Library.

E. Attire

Students are required to wear prescribed uniforms. Persons (visiting researchers included) who wear the following will be denied entry: walking shorts, cargo pants, sleeveless blouses, plunging necklines, sandos, rubber slippers, or any similar attire

F. Cellular Phones and Other Mobile Devices

To avoid disturbing other patrons, library users must turn off their cellular phones and other mobile or electronic devices or set them in silent or vibrate mode. Conversations using these devices are not allowed inside the Library.

G. Elevator

An elevator is installed in the Library for the exclusive use of library users with disabilities (persons with disabilities/PWD) and for the transport of library materials, furniture and equipment.

H. Decorum and Breach of Discipline

Noise in the Library should be kept to a minimum at all times. Patrons who show disorderly conduct (e.g. drunken behavior; breach of peace; cause disorder, tumult, or serious disturbance; or exhibit gross and deliberate discourtesy), are found to be in possession of prohibited drugs, display disruptive behavior (e.g. emitting excessive noise, conducting loud discussions, engaging in scandalous acts), or demonstrate improper behavior (e.g. smoking; eating; defacing or mutilating or stealing library materials, furniture, or equipment; or playing cards) within library premises shall be indicted. Ignorance of library rules and regulations cannot be used as an excuse for infractions and violations. Penalties that may be levied include suspension of library privileges for an entire semester.

  • Nicanor Reyes Street, Sampaloc, Manila
  • Tel No: +63 (2)-87777-338 (trunkline)

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