IHSN Dean Dr. John Yason and Alumni Relations Director Celmer Santos during their recent visit to UCLA (Photo from UCLA Nursing website)

Within the realm of academia, the pursuit of knowledge knows no bounds.

Far Eastern University (FEU) and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), two revered institutions sharing a profound commitment to education, are poised to embark on a collaboration that promises mutual enrichment.

Driven by shared educational aspirations, Dr. Michael M. Alba, immediate past president of FEU, and Dr. Lin Zhan, Dean of UCLA School of Nursing, have sealed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), setting the stage for a dynamic exchange of invaluable skills and methodologies.

Dr. John Yason, Dean of the Institute of Health Sciences and Nursing at FEU, and Mr. Celmer Santos, Director of the Alumni Relations Office, earlier embarked on a benchmarking journey to UCLA’s College of Nursing. This pivotal interaction was initiated by an esteemed FEU alumna who holds a pivotal role at UCLA. The productive discourse between the parties yielded a shared vision of a promising partnership, culminating in the swift drafting of the MOU.

By capitalizing on each other’s areas of expertise, both institutions anticipate a harmonious exchange of ideas through reciprocal visits, informal exchanges, and dialogues, with particular emphasis on the realms of education, research, and community outreach. Aspirations of jointly organizing conferences, symposia, and meetings on pertinent topics further underscore the collaboration.

At the heart of this alliance lies a steadfast commitment to excellence. By fostering this partnership, both FEU and UCLA exemplify their shared dedication to elevating the educational experience.