Before making a name in FM radio, AB Mass Communication alumna Jasmin Basar was a student achiever in FEU. DJ Jasmin passed away at the age of 35 last July 29, 2019 due to kidney failure.

She rose to fame after becoming a disc jockey in ABS-CBN’s flagship radio station MOR 101.9 and hosted love advice shows “Dear Jasmin,” and later “Dear MOR”.

In her student years, Basar honed her public speaking skills in the FEU Oratorical and Debate Council (ORADEC). According to Assistant Vice President for Academic Services Joeven Castro, who then served as ORADEC adviser, Basar was a versatile speaker who bagged all the gold medals of competitions she participated in particularly in the elocution category.

“She was a witty, humorous speaker and writer. I admired her professionalism and passion for excellence in that she regularly trained even if she knew she was already an outstanding performer.”

Institute of Arts and Sciences Associate Dean Mark Ysla said being in ORADEC was not complete without Jasmin’s loud presence as she was definitely a great public speaker.


Prof. Karen Lee Viudez-Panela from the FEU Department of Communication shared that Jasmin was a bubbly and intelligent student. “She mounted one of the most engaging drama productions I saw when I was teaching their drama class.”  

Basar still maintained a solid relationship with FEU after graduating. She hosted various student events and served as resource speaker in different career talks. 

DJ Jasmin revealed her battle against chronic kidney disease during a broadcast in February 2018. The illness caused her to miss time on her daily radio show but she still managed to go on air via phone patch from her home.

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