Far Eastern University (FEU) has recently accredited the Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA), which is a student-led university-wide organization that allows democratized gender expression and fights against any form of abuse or discrimination against it.

FEU-SAGA aims to strengthen the diversity of gender and sexuality in the FEU community. It seeks to conduct activities and events that will further raise awareness and compassion towards FEU students regardless of their differences.

“We envision a community wherein student leaders are empowered and engaged in advocacies that promote equality and human rights,” said Angelo Base, president of FEU-SAGA.

Base said he was a victim of bullying because of his gender preference, and this led him to initiate an organization with a mission to empower and cater the needs of his LGBT fellows.

“Stigma affects the well-being of a student and FEU being a nurturing learning community wants to provide—through SAGA—a safe environment and provide support system for all LGBT groups in the university,” said Lenore Delos Santos, Director of Student Development.

The newly accredited organization also serves as FEU’s arm in promoting HIV awareness. FEU, known for its strong inclusive welfare programs, has been openly supportive of LGBT groups and has allowed cross-dressing among male and female transgenders on campus since August of 2016.