John Cenon Barrieta from the Institute of Accounts, Business, and Finance, Department of Business Administration and Kenz Regino from the Institute of Architecture and Fine Arts, Department of Fine Arts represented Far Eastern University in the recently concluded Ming Chi University (MCUT) Language and Culture Summer Camp 2023.

Representing the Philippines, FEU was amongst several international partners invited to participate in the 10-day summer camp in New Taipei, Taiwan which was held from July 7-12, 2023. Other participating countries are Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, India, and Spain.

The Summer Camp is composed of Mandarin classes and cultural experiences. Participants were also able to visit prominent attractions in New Taipei such as Farmosa Plastic Group Museum, Organic Electronics Research Center, Plasma and Thin Film Technologies, National Center for Traditional Arts, International Children’s Folklore, and Hsu’s Handmade Noodles Co.

FEU’s participation was made possible through an international partnership initiated by the International Relations Office and was supported by the Student Development Office and Academic Affairs Office.