FEU Student Development Director Ron Gascon receives a Certificate of Appreciation from the COMELEC for the school’s participation in the Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan voter education program.
(Photo from the COMELEC Education and Information Department)

“Far Eastern University, in its 95 long years of fortitude, excellence, and uprightness has been advocating the importance of exercising our right to vote. As the future leaders in our respective fields, it is our collective duty to understand and acknowledge the history and struggles that our country faced in order to secure this invaluable right, the freedom to choose our leaders particularly this year, the Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan,” said FEU Student Development Director, Rondell Gascon as he commenced the voter education seminar held last Oct. 18.

Pioneered by the Commission on Elections Education and Information Development together with FEU’s Student Development, Tamaraw leaders were equipped with vital knowledge as this year’s election day approaches.

“It is in the barangay where citizens first feel the presence of the government,” said Mark Christopher Ramirez, Information Officer of COMELEC in Filipino.

Ramirez also detailed how it serves as the forum wherein collective views of the people may be expressed, crystalized, and considered. Moreover, it is an avenue where disputes among the citizens may be settled. Not only do barangay officials hold the power to implement policies, plans, programs, and projects, but they also carry the responsibility to be the peacemakers.

An interactive activity was utilized by Ramirez to identify and elaborate the various expectations from the barangay. Some of the terms discussed were beautification, ordinances, health center, and violence against women desk.

The barangay is the basic administrative unit of the government, which serves as a cosmic platform to maintain peace and order across the country. From enhancing the environment, extending care to the sick, to protecting women from force, the barangay plays a crucial part in preserving and promoting tranquility to construct an atmosphere where the constituents will not only feel, but live at ease.

With these duties that await the officials, the seminar aims to encourage the young generation whose voice is as valuable as the others, to be active participants in the electoral process and elect those who are capable and suitable in meeting the demands of such positions.

“Through elections, we hold our leaders accountable. Together, we can create the future that reflects our values and aspirations,” said Gascon.

Electing qualified candidates is part of the progression Filipinos aspire for, but a greater portion of the desired success is shared by all citizens. Trustworthy and reliable leadership is fundamental along with the people’s unwavering participation.

With a shared obligation to make the republic a finer state, FEU finds itself responsible in preparing its students for the anticipated election. Working conjointly may just be the key to making the community flourish.