“Sorry Sir, naiwan ko po ang ID ko eh….” – a student asks

And so goes the long list of reasons of students that result in community service because of university policy infractions. All our fair share of those moments when we were students.

“Community Service…ah ok… ano gagawin ko?” – a student asked again.

The Academic Affairs Office together with the Academic Services came up with the idea of promoting a “welcoming culture” for students currently serving community service hours (CSH) here at the university.

TALES (Tamaraw Advocacies Learning Experiences and Service), a product of creative effort of these departments, was created to respond and assist when dealing with the community service. The program favors a formative approach instead of a punitive one.

TALES offers a 1 is to 10 (1:10) credit hour policy to fast-track the process. This was warmly accepted by student participants and graduates who still need to serve. The program offers a series of seminar workshops and films focusing on life lessons and amendatory approaches. These were made possible by the members of the academic community who shared their expertise in this reformation


In a span of 21 days, the program served 1,920 students who completed a total number of 57,600 community service hours. This semester, the TALES program is going to be reinforced with reading sessions through the help of the university library. This is in support of the university’s aim to promote a culture of reading.