Far Eastern University becomes the first university in #Asia to be part of IFC – International Finance Corporation’s Digital for Tertiary Education Program (D4TEP), a global network that helps universities thrive in a digital world. As part of this engagement, IFC will help FEU improve the employability of its graduates through the Vitae program. according to FEU President Michael M. Alba.

“We expect this project to (a) yield operational efficiencies from the extensive automation of back-office processes, (b) improve academic advising through predictive analytics, (c) provide more enriching experiences for both students and faculty with better-managed online platforms, and (d) effect a virtuous spiral of ever more relevant academic programs from data-informed decision making.”

Vitae will work with FEU to improve the employability and career trajectories of graduates by developing employability strategies for and career advising services to our students as well as better aligning academic programs with industry needs through deep and extensive employer engagement.

“Our hope is that these IFC projects will help FEU improve its execution of its quality-education mission, which is to capacitate the FEU student for the life that she or he aspires for.”

To learn more about Vitae, visit http://wrld.bg/iRbl50Js7MW
To learn more about D4TEP, visit http://wrld.bg/KtES50Js7MV