Far Eastern University Institute of Education Graduate Studies and Transnational Education (IE-GSTE) recently hosted the Semestral IE-GSTE Research Colloquia (SIRC) for the 2nd semester of SY 2023-2024, featuring over 50 research outputs of its graduate students.

                Held last April 27 and May 11, this event took place at the University Conference Center (UCC) and the FEUture Center Audio Visual Room, respectively, and was marked by a series of activities aimed at strengthening the research culture within the institution.

                The session last April 27, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the UCC, was a bustling hub of academic activity. The session featured a blend of lectures, workshops, and discussions designed to foster a collaborative research environment. The lecture series showcased the research efforts of graduate students:

                Avelino Ignacio Jr. presented “Achievement Goals, Emotions, and Failure Tolerance: Path Model of Students’ Mathematics Motivation,” highlighting the intricate relationship between students’ emotional responses and their academic motivations;

                Jake Boy Carbonquillo discussed “Harayo na pero Harayo pa: Built Principles of Multigrade Teachers in Promoting Student-Centered Learning,” examining the unique strategies employed by multigrade teachers;               

                Lovelyn Blanco introduced “ICanRead: A Needs-Based Reading Intervention Program for Grade 3 Pupils,” focusing on practical interventions to improve literacy among young learners; and   

                Neilbrein Pamo covered “Panangallucoy ti Masakbayan: Transforming Education with Instructional Leadership and Parental Involvement,” emphasizing the role of leadership and community in educational transformation.

                A workshop on “Item Analysis for Likert Scale Questionnaires” was conducted by Dr. Rommel L. Bunuan, an FEU University Research Fellow, who provided insights into the effective design and analysis of Likert scale questionnaires, enhancing participants’ understanding of survey methodologies.

                Various mentors facilitated in-depth discussions across different educational fields, allowing for specialized feedback and fostering a deeper understanding of complex topics:

Photo from FEU Institute of Education Graduate Studies and Transnational Education

                Language and Literature Studies (English and Filipino): Dr. Percival Paras; Educational Linguistics: Dr. Rosarito Suatengco and Dr. Romualdo Mabuan; Mathematics and Science Education, Social Studies, and Assessment: Dr. Cristy Samarita & Dr. Marc Lancer Santos; Special Needs and Inclusive Education; School Guidance and Counseling: Dr. Nestor Santos, Jr;  Curriculum Studies: Dr. Jeremy Floyd Pedregosa; Educational Administration and Management Studies: Dr. Arnel Bravo; Physical Education: Dr. Heildenberg Dimarucot; and Educational Technology: Dr. Hyunkyung Lee.

                Participants, including Jale Ann Pearl Yecla, Roy Discutido, Miguel Cedrickh Ona, Reniel De Chavez, Ryan Roi Domingo, and Dr. Marc Lancer Santos, shared their reflections on the colloquia, discussing its impact on their research progress and academic development.

                The session was hosted by Bai Allessah Mayasa and Monlouie Sorzano, both PhD in Educational Linguistics students

                The second session, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. last May 11 at the FEUture Center AVR, built on the momentum of the first, featuring a lineup of workshops, presentations, and discussions that furthered the academic engagement of participants.             

                MaxQDA Workshop: Led by Dr. Princess Zarla Raguindin, this workshop provided participants with advanced training in qualitative data analysis using MaxQDA software, equipping them with valuable skills for their research projects.              

                Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) Workshop: Conducted by Dr. Hyunkyung Lee, the SEM workshop offered a comprehensive introduction to this statistical technique, demonstrating its applications in educational research and data analysis.

Photo from FEU Institute of Education Graduate Studies and Transnational Education

                The poster session was a highlight, with 50 posters presented by graduate students. This transformed the venue into a marketplace of ideas, where students and faculty engaged in exchanges about their research findings. The turnout underscored the growing research output and collaborative spirit within the FEU community.

                Dr. Suatengco, IE dean, delivered a plenary talk on “Invigorating Teacher Education in Private Higher Education Institutions in the Philippines.” Drawing on insights from her recent participation in the Teacher Education Council Secretariat’s Consultation Workshop, she discussed strategies for enhancing teacher education and professional development.

The roundtable session featured presentations from four graduate students in the thesis-dissertation phase, offering a platform for them to receive feedback from panel members and peers: Steve Embang: “Developing a Framework for Parental Involvement in Inclusive Education in the Philippines: A Grounded Theory,” advised by Dr. Nestor Santos, Jr.; Jiaxin Chen: “The Lived Experiences of Teachers in Improving Chinese Learners’ Mastery of English Vocabulary in Foreign Languages: Strategies and Challenges,” advised by Dr. Suatengco; Camille Nadine Magsalin: “Assessing the Viability of Social Media-based Microlearning in Teacher Education,” advised by Dr. Emmanuel Gonzales; and Jizelle Naval: “The Development of a Supplementary Website to Enhance Reading Comprehension and Narrative Writing Skills of Grade 10 Learners,” advised by Dr. Dennis Pulido.

                Certificates of recognition were awarded to students who published their research in scholarly peer-reviewed journals, acknowledging their contribution to academic discourse. Additionally, outstanding research poster presenters were recognized for their work: Ronelyn Cano (MAED-ETOL); Reniel De Chavez (MAED-AME); Jake Boy D. Carbonquillo (PHD-CS); Monlouie Sorzano (PHD-EDLING); and Pedro P. Raymunde Jr. (EDD-CS).

Photo from FEU Institute of Education Graduate Studies and Transnational Education

                Six students provided insights on the colloquia, underscoring the event’s impact on their research work: Tatiana Kamille Jasmin Penuliar (MAED-CS); Pedro Raymunde Jr. (EDD-CS); Sharmaine Corpuz (MLT-ENG); Lorenzo Ortiz (MAED-MED); Alyssa Denisse Buenaventura (MAED-ETOL); and Gerald Martos (PHD-SE).

                In her closing remarks, Dr. Suatengco emphasized the importance of in-person academic events like SIRC, which facilitate knowledge sharing and production, thereby fostering a robust research culture within the institution.

                The session was hosted by Roy Discutido and Ryan Roi Domingo, both PhD students in Educational Linguistics, who ensured the event’s smooth flow and engaging atmosphere.