Far Eastern University’s Institute of Education (IE) has launched its institutional lesson plan.

The IE team, composed of Dr. Jayson Cruz, Maria Talitha Estrella Borines, Vida Luz Villegas, Paulyn Datu, Joelash Rey Honra, Gilbert Baybayon, Jocelyn Azarcon, Janine Jocson, and Karl Malaban, has produced “Focus, Engage, Utilizing prior knowledge, Teach, Elicit performance, Assessment, Connection, and Heads-up” or FEU-TEACH. They ensured that the lesson plan answered these questions: (1) What should be taught? (2) How should it be taught? (3) How should learning be assessed?

They also made sure that FEU-TEACH conformed to the lesson plan components stipulated in  Department of Education Memorandum 42, s. 2016, or the “ Policy Guidelines on Daily Lesson Preparation for the K-12 Basic Education Program.”

The FEU-TEACH lesson plan is designed to reflect the FEU brand of student-centered teaching and learning where students take an active role in their learning experience inside the classroom. It will be used for all professional education courses.

It was presented to all IE students and faculty last October 24. After the launch, the institutional lesson plan was signed by IE Dean Rosarito Suatengco and Department Chair Mariz Autor.