From left to right: Matthew James Gotauco, Ciara Jade Alfaro, Stephanie Joyce Relucio, Executive Director Melinda Torres, Richard Mamuyac, Oliver Requilman, Associate Dean Earl Joseph Borgona, Wincel Ong, Neil Dalanon, abd Patrick Kenneth Culala. Photo by FEU Academy.

In a strategic collaboration aimed at advancing professional development in the field of Human Resource Management (HRM), FEU Academy joined forces with the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) to introduce the Diploma in Human Resource Management program.

To obtain the diploma, participants are required to complete a series of certifications designed to provide them with comprehensive knowledge and skills across various HRM domains. These certifications include: Certificate in Organization Development; Certificate in Labor Relations; Certificate in Compensation Management; Certificate in Human Resource Planning and Acquisition; Certificate in Human Resource Development; and Certificate in Organization Development.

The first module of the diploma program focuses on equipping participants with fundamental principles and skills essential for Organizational Development (OD) Consultants/Practitioners. Led by renowned expert Dr. Oliver C. Requilman, the course integrates lectures, workshops, and case discussions covering topics such as organizational diagnosis, change strategies, interventions, and performance evaluation measures. The course-outline encompasses a broad spectrum of OD concepts, including an overview of Human Resource Management, organizational diagnosis and models, planned change, OD interventions, evaluating the change process, and the role of OD consultants.

The program’s training sessions were conducted both onsite at FEU Makati and online to accommodate the participants’ diverse needs. Scheduled to run from February 3 to March 23,, the eight-week course took place on consecutive Saturdays, providing flexibility for working professionals seeking to enhance their HRM expertise.

The culmination of the Certificate in Organization Development module was marked by a closing ceremony hosted by Executive Director Melinda D. Torres at the FEU Makati Mini-Theater. The ceremony celebrated the achievements of all participants and highlighted the importance of continuous professional development in shaping the future of HRM practices in the country.

The partnership between FEU Academy and PMAP underscores a shared commitment to fostering excellence in HRM education and empowering professionals to thrive in dynamic organizational landscapes. By offering a comprehensive curriculum and expert-led training, the Diploma in Human Resource Management is poised to become a cornerstone for HRM professionals seeking to advance their careers and drive organizational success.