The people behind the successful partnership of FEU Academy with AU Awards during the introduction of leaders and trainers last January 24, 2024. From left to right: Rey Parcon, Liana Barro, Ramel Sangalang (Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning, Quality, and Innovation Adviser, Australia Awards) Dir. Melinda Torres (FEU Academy), Mr. Enrique Lozari (Dean, IABF), Milalin Javellana (Program Director, Australia Awards), VP Rowena Capulong Reyes, Rollie Dela Cruz (Portfolio Manager, Australian Embassy), Miguel Borromeo (Australian Embassy), Mark Kilner (Tertiary Education Adviser, Australia Awards), Mark Ysla, Merwin Portugal, Ryan Christian Mercado, Diego Jose Abad (Dean, IAS) Photo by FEU Academy

Last Jan. 23, at the FEU Makati Mini-Theater, the FEU Institute of Accounts, Business, and Finance, the FEU Institute of Arts and Sciences, and the FEU Academy, in collaboration with the Australia Awards and Alumni Engagement Program Philippines (AAAEP-P), introduced the four-month Coaching Course and the five-week Monitoring and Evaluation course.

Dr. Enrique Lozari, dean of the FEU IABF, led the group in discussing how the five-week training and four-month coaching Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) program was carefully planned to give participants the fundamental M&E abilities they needed to succeed in their chosen industries.

The occasion featured deep understanding and painstaking summaries propelled by scholarly excellence and a cooperative attitude.

Dean Lozari’s approach to curriculum and training design, post-evaluation, and assessments revolves around anchoring them on the competency assessment framework, tailored to meet the specific requirements of AU Awards. The content development and delivery of evaluations aim at enhancing participants’ capacities in monitoring and evaluations, which comprises the following three phases:

Phase 1: Lectures and Classroom Sessions with Four modules delivered over four weeks.

Phase 2: Mentoring participants in developing action plans for AU Awards, guiding them through the requirements and plan development.

Phase 3: Coaching participants in implementing their plans, emphasizing the application of monitoring and evaluation techniques learned during the program.

To gauge the effectiveness of learning, baseline assessments are conducted by the institution, aligned with AU Awards criteria. Identified competency gaps are addressed through a variety of interventions offered by AU Awards including but not limited to in-country programs, short courses offerings, and the design of monitoring and evaluation courses.

Distinguished speakers at the M&E Course Launch included Dr. Enrique Castro, Vice President of FEU Corporate Affairs; Milalin Javellana, Program Director of the Australia Awards; and Rollie Dela Cruz, Portfolio Manager of the Australian Embassy.

Building bridges while measuring impact: Collaborative management and evaluation program across partner agencies led by Dean Ricky Lozari. Photo by FEU Academy

The M&E course is offered to Philippine government agency officials by FEU Institute of Accounts, Business, and Finance, FEU Academy, and FEU Institute of Arts and Sciences in collaboration with AAAEP-P.

The Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance’s Department Chair, Rey Parcon, spoke on the Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods for Monitoring and Evaluation in Room 302 of last Feb. 7 in FEU Makati. Last Feb. 14 in FEU Makati, Liana M. Barro, tenured full-time faculty of the Institute of Arts and Sciences, talked about Communication for Development and Disseminating M&E Findings.

Partner organizations such as the Civil Service Commission, Philippine Competition Commission, Department of Budget and Management, Department of Trade and Industry, Department of the Interior and Local Government, National Economic Development Authority, and the Department of Transportation collaborate in implementing these initiatives, ensuring a comprehensive approach to capacity building and competency enhancement.

Collaboration is a cornerstone of progress and according to Dean Melinda Torres of the FEU Academy, this partnership with the AU Awards marks a significant milestone for the institution. Not only does this collaboration bolster FEU’s accreditation efforts, particularly on international settings, but it also serves as a testament to the expertise of the university’s home-grown faculty and elevates the institution’s profile globally.  The involvement of the triumvirate comprising the IABF, FEU Academy, and IAS underscores the unity and collective effort of the entire university.

“As we embark on this journey with AU Awards, it also marks as a major salvo for the FEU Academy, heralding a new era of collaboration innovation and global recognition,” said Dean Torres.

The pursuit of excellence is not merely a goal but a guiding principle that transcends boundaries.

“We aim not only to delight participants but to immerse them in the entirety of the FEU experience, nurturing sustainable partnerships that resonate far beyond the confines of our campus. This collaboration serves as a beacon, illuminating the path for FEU to be recognized and esteemed worldwide,” said Torres.