“This year, 2023, FEU Academy was formed and launched to provide the continuing education program and the continuing professional development program trainings and certifications both to external and internal professionals,” said Executive Director Dr. Melinda Torres.

FEU Academy is thriving as key to the career development needs everyone searches for. It offers demand-driven programs which aim to close industry gaps to enrich and empower the professionals in the workplace that are made available to all within and outside of the university premises.

“For seven months, we have been planning, discussing, benchmarking, and researching. Whatever FEU Academy will be offering should be aligned to the vision of the founder, Dr. Nicanor Reyes,” said Dr. Torres.

Behind this superb endeavor, Dr. Torres ensured that their position is anchored on what Dr. Reyes envisioned, which is a school that would promote the teaching of accounting, among others. With this, a bookkeeping workshop was the first event launched by FEU Academy. However, a diverse set of programs await those who wish to acquire the chance to enhance their set of skills.

May it be because of wanting a career change or desiring to be promoted, everyone is welcome in this initiative. FEU Academy generously exists to aid individuals exhibit proficiency and fluency in their quality of work through retooling and upskilling.

There are two types of program offerings, namely Programs for Individual Development which involves training, workshops, certifications as well as Continuing Professional Development under the Professional Regulation Commission. The other is the Programs for Corporate Solutions wherein content will be tailored to the company’s training needs for their employees. A training needs analysis shall be done to properly determine what they need to thrive in their workplace and fulfill their roles with excellence.

Program clusters comprise accountancy, business, and leadership; architecture; health sciences; law; technology, data science and engineering; and tourism, lifestyle, and creatives.

Recognizing that success is met with good partnerships, FEU Academy has discussed joint ventures with some of the world’s top leading groups in their respective industries.

With much excitement and anticipation, FEU Academy looks forward to being part of everyone’s journey of elevating their artistry. You may visit their Facebook page, thefeuacademy or send them an email, feuacademy@feu.edu.ph to inquire, register, and enroll in your event of choice.

Learning knows no ending. In Far Eastern University, every day is an opportunity to combat ambiguity. With FEU Academy’s devotion in boosting talent, it is a chance to grab and certainly not to be missed.