The GE Reading Club is an open invitation for students to discuss, dissect, and deconstruct selected readings on topics in popular culture. This aims to promote critical analysis among students by allowing them to interpret, probe, and synthesize ideas from the reading material using different lenses.

The first session of the GE reading Club was held last March 24, 2023, with Ms. Ameerah D. Milano, faculty from the FEU Institute of Arts and Sciences. The discussion of the reading material A ‘real’ fantasy: hybridity, Korean drama, and pop cosmopolitans focused on the impact of Korean Wave or Hallyu Wave across the world. Ms. Milano discussed how the success of Hallyu Wave was linked to the policies by Korean Government that strongly support the promotion of their culture globally.

On the other hand, the second GE Reading Club was facilitated by Ms. Faith Jovellanos, faculty member from the Department of Language and Literature from FEU Institute of Arts and Sciences. The reading material Living in a Moment: Impact of TikTok on Influencing Younger Generation into Micro-Fame was discussed with the students. The discussion revolved on the Pros and Cons of using Tiktok for Gen Z, reasons why people cannot stop using Tiktok, and perspective of parents on the child’s use of the application. Ms. Jovellanos concluded the reading club by inviting a Tiktok influencer and an FEU student, Ms. Angela Balagtas, to share her experiences and challenges encountered as an influencer.