Stephen Krashen has over 486 publications and 123,000+ Google Scholar citations.

At least 1,000 people from all over the Philippines and beyond joined the virtual talk of world-renowned linguist and language acquisition expert Stephen Krashen hosted by Far Eastern University last March 28, 2023. The featured speaker of the talk entitled “Language Acquisition: Trends, Issues, and Prospects” has over 486 publications and 123,000+ Google Scholar citations.

Krashen, who is a Professor Emeritus at the University of Southern California, discussed the latest developments and research in the field of language acquisition, including new technologies and methodologies for language learning. He also touched on the challenges and opportunities in teaching and learning languages in today’s globalized world.

Krashen is well-known for his influential theories on language acquisition, including the “Input Hypothesis” and the “Affective Filter Hypothesis,” which have been widely cited and debated in the field of linguistics.

FEU students, faculty members and different professionals in the field of education all over the Philippines had the great opportunity to engage with Krashen during a Q&A session after his talk. He shared his insights and advice on language learning strategies and techniques.

Krashen’s talk at FEU was part of the Series of Experts Talks (SET) organized by the Institute of Education-Graduate Studies and Transnational Education headed by Dr. Romualdo A. Mabuan, which aimed to provide FEU graduate and undergraduate students and faculty members, as well as external participants with valuable insights and knowledge from field experts to enhance their professional skills and expertise.

by Tiffany Ann Esguerra, IE Faculty & Teaching Assistant